Wife K – L

The Marriage listings below display the maiden name of the wife, birth year, marriage year and place together with the name of the husband and his birth year and the Tree Code. This should help find the marriage information for B__GOOD wives married to unknown husbands. Details of all these marriages have been published on TribalPages and World Connect.

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For those entries with Tree codes e.g.(T001) go to Trees to link to the corresponding page where there is additional information including the Root Name, B__GOOD, Description, and Places.

Marriages (Wife’s Given Names beginning with K – L):

Kami Lawanda BEDGOOD, b.1960 and Joel BRITT, b.1955 m. (T024)
Karen BEDGOOD, b.1955 and Living THAMES, b.1955 m. (T018)
Karen Jean BIDGOOD, b. and Philip WHITE, b. m.1981 Emmanuel, Plymouth, Devon, England (U)
Karen Marie BIDGOOD, b.1980 and Phillip David RINGER, b.1978 m. (U)
Kate BIDGOOD, b.1870 and Evard MEADE, b.1870 m. (U)
Kate Bausor BIDGOOD, b.1896 and Charles W.J. JEPSON, b.1890 m.1919 (T021)
Kate Elizabeth BIDGOOD, b.1897 and Charles VOTE, b.1895 m.1919 (T021)
Katherine BIDGOOD, b.1890 and Harlow Augustus DAVIN, b.1884 m. (U)
Katherine Rose BEDGGOOD, b.1958 and Michael LANGHAM, b.1955 m. (T003)
Kathertine Marlene, BIDGOOD, b. and Robert John, HOYLE, b. m.1964 Rice, Minnesota, USA (U)
Kathleen BIDGOOD, b.1906 and Charles GREGORY, b.1905 m.1930 Glamorgan, S Wales (T001)
Kathleen BIDGOOD, b.1970 and Jerome CORCORAN, b.1970 m. (T006)
Kathleen BIDGOOD, b.1950 and Derrell STRICKLAND, b.1950 m. (U)
Kathleen Olive BIDGOOD, b.1906 and Henry James KENT, b.1906 m.1936 Cornwall, England (T001)
Kathryn Ann BIDGOOD, b.1969 and Geoffrey Robert NEEDS, b.1965 m.1992 Paris (T012)
Kellie BEDGGOOD, b.1982 and Chris HOLE, b. m. (T003)
Kellie BIDGOOD, b.1960 and Kevin GRACE, b.1960 m. (U)
Keryn Thelma BIDGOOD, b.1951 and Vyvyan DANCE, b.1950 m. Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Kimberley Kay BIDGOOD, b.1972 and Don Heath DUCK, b.1965 m. (T024)
Kimberley Kay BIDGOOD, b.1972 and Shane CALDWELL, b.1965 m. (T024)
Kirstie Anne BIDGOOD, b.1973 and Neill John TABENER, b.1970 m.1993 Fielding, New Zealand (T009)
Kristen Noel BEDGGOOD, b.1963 and Craig Ronald CLANCY, b.1964 m.1992 Stratford, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Kym Leanne BIDGOOD, b.1966 and Gavin WIMBERLEY, b.1966 m. (T004)
Laura BIDGOOD, b.1890 and Benjamin Warren ALLEN, b.1884 m.1915 (U)
Laura Ellen BEDGOOD, b.1854 and Thomas E. SALOMON, b.1850 m.1889 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA (T008)
Laura M. BIDGOOD, b.1880 and Benjamin ALLEN, b.1875 m. (T005)
Laurielei BIDGOOD, b.1955 and Mark RUDDY, b.1950 m. (T072)
Laverne BEDGOOD, b.1924 and John Thomas MERCER, b.1924 m.1945 Georgia, USA (T018)
Laverne BEDGOOD, b.1927 and Boyer Elkins BEAIRD, b.1912 m.1948 Delhi, Richland, Lousiana, USA (T024)
Leanne Vera BEDGGOOD, b.1971 and Samuel PICKERING, b.1970 m. (T003)
Leanora BIDGOOD, b.1880 and Arthur John CAUSLEY, b.1875 m.1901 Devon, England (T001)
Lee Una or Leeuner BEDGOOD, b.1933 and George Allen ABELS, b.1924 m. (T024)
Leila Dorothy BEDGGOOD, b.1909 and Leo Ernest RILEY, b.1910 m. (T003)
Leila Dorothy BEDGGOOD, b.1909 and George JOLLIFFE, b.1910 m. (T003)
Lena Jane BITGOOD, b.1877 and Charles Aaron BARBER, b.1872 m.1898 (T005)
Lenore BIDGOOD, b.1950 and James NORTON, b.1946 m. (T009)
Leone Elsie BIDGOOD, b.1939 and Trevor Colin KENWORTHY, b.1937 m.1951 Point England, Auckland, New Zealand (T009)
Lesley Elizabeth BIDGOOD, b.1961 and Andrew BURROWS, b.1964 m. (T007)
Leslie Kathleen BIDGOOD, b.1973 and Jason POSTLE, b. m. (T004)
Lesly BIDGOOD, b.1950 and David KERSHAW, b.1945 m.1973 (T022)
Lidia BIDGOOD, b. and Samuel BLACKMORE, b.1642 m.1667 Whimple, Devon, England (U)
Lilian BIDGOOD, b. and James SMITH, b. m.1946 St Luke Lyncombe, Wellsway, Bath, Somersetshire, England (U)
Lilian Alice BIDGOOD, b. and Robert James MCCORMICK, b. m. (U)
Lilian Irene BIDGOOD, b.1907 and Percy ANDREWS, b.1925 m.1926 Camborne, Cornwall, England (T010)
Lilian M. BIDGOOD, b.1918 and George C. MITCHELL, b.1906 m. (T001)
Lilias May BIDGOOD, b.1901 and Tom Fitch BONNETT, b.1895 m.1923 Hartley Wintney, N Hampshire, England (T001)
Lillian BIDGOOD, b.1901 and Rudolph BURGER, b.1896 m.1922 Brooklyn, New York, USA (U)
Lillian Alice BEDGOOD, b.1877 and Andrew Mungall PARKIN, b.1875 m.1905 Register Office, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (T002)
Lillian Betty BEDGGOOD, b.1919 and John Henley DURRANT, b.1919 m.1941 Darwin Northern Territory Australia (T003)
Lillian C. BIDGOOD, b.1878 and Wellington H. MANCHESTER, b.1876 m.1899 Rhode Island, USA (T005)
Lillian Corene BEDGOOD, b.1897 and Unknown GREEN, b.1891 m.1915 Texas, USA (T018)
Lillian Corene BEDGOOD, b.1897 and Lee Scott HETHCOCK, b.1895 m.1915 Texas, USA (T018)
Lillian Gladys BEDGGOOD, b.1910 and Leonard Charles CARTLIDGE, b.1910 m.1932 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Lillian Love BIDGOOD, b.1905 and Arthur HOLMES, b.1905 m. (T005)
Lillie Belle BEDGOOD, b.1885 and William Robert CLEMENTS, b.1885 m.1916 Brewton, Alabama, USA (T016)
Lily Rebecca BIDGOOD, b. and Charles BLACKMORE, b. m.1902 Victoria, Australia (U)
Lily Rosina Esther BIDGOOD, b.1877 and Albert Berthold GUYER OR GEIER, b.1875 m. (T012)
Lina Ruth Gaddy BEDGOOD, b.1882 and Theodore Gilmore BILBO, b.1877 m.1903 (U)
Linda BEDGOOD, b.1879 and Thodore G. BILBO, b.1878 m.1903 Pearl River, Mississippi, USA (U)
Linda BIDGOOD, b.1952 and Eddie ?, b.1950 m. (T007)
Linda Etho M. BIDGOOD, b.1912 and Hubert Leslie SLATTERY, b.1910 m.1934 Registry Office, Plymouth, Devon, England (T048)
Linda Marguerite BEDGGOOD, b.1948 and Robert SADLER, b.1945 m. (T003)
Lisa Ann BEDGOOD, b.1963 and Abel ERIVES, b.1960 m.1963 Jefferson, Texas, USA (U)
Lisa Maree BIDGOOD, b.1970 and Gregg DAVEY, b.1970 m. (T004)
LIVING BEDGOOD, b.1935 and Glen FERGUSON, b.1935 m. (T008)
LIVING BEDGOOD, b.1940 and William Allen DENNY, b.1936 m. (T008)
LIVING BEDGOOD, b.1940 and Laurence Denning CROSKEY, b.1940 m. (T008)
LIVING BEDGOOD, b.1930 and Robert James HAMILL, b.1921 m. (T008)
Lizzie BEDGOOD, b.1894 and Joseph SITLAND, b.1888 m.1914 Halifax, C of E, Halifax Co., Nova Scotia, Canada (U)
Lizzie BEDGOOD, b.1884 and Joseph DUKEMAN, b.1883 m.1907 (U)
Loella Frances BITGOOD, b.1858 and George Frederic RANDALL, b.1855 m.1876 Rhode Island, USA (T005)
Lois Irene BEDGOOD, b.1906 and William Robert WINKS, b.1905 m.1929 Queensland, Australia (T002)
Lois Rozelle BEDGGOOD, b.1944 and Peter BAILEY, b.1940 m.1968 Hampstead, England (T003)
Loretta Fay BIDGOOD, b.1963 and Glenn Charles VOLL, b.1961 m.1984 (T004)
Lorine Evelyn, BIDGOOD, b. and Nicholas Jerome, MENZHUBER, b. m.2006 Hennepin, Minnesota, USA (U)
Lorna Frances BITGOOD, b.1940 and Darwin Alfred DORR, b.1940 m. (T005)
Lorna Margaret Alice BIDGOOD, b. and Harold KRAATZ, b. m. (T004)
Lorna May BIDGOOD, b.1915 and Charles Roy MCMAHON, b.1913 m.1937 St John’s Church, East Malvern, Victoria, Australia (T007)
Lorraine BEDGGOOD, b.1941 and Murray Dene ORPIN, b.1938 m.1960 New Zealand (T003)
Lorraine BEDGGOOD, b.1941 and John OXLEY, b.1940 m.1960 New Zealand (T003)
Lorraine Gay BIDGOOD, b.1952 and Richard BOYER, b.1949 m.1982 (T012)
Lottie Florence BIDGOOD, b.1883 and John HOOPER, b.1883 m.1910 Cullompton, Devon, England (T042)
Louisa BEDGGOOD, b.1851 and Joshua Tilt WILLINGTON, b.1849 m.1872 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (U)
Louisa BIDGOOD, b.1869 and Edward Charles MACKISOC, b.1862 m.1894 St Luke’s, Chelsea, London, England (T001)
Louisa BIDGOOD, b.1850 and Angus MACRAE, b.1849 m.1873 Queensland, Australia (T004)
Louisa BIDGOOD, b.1844 and Edward TAMPLIN, b. m.1866 Parish Church, Godstone, Surrey, England (U)
Louisa BIDGOOD, b. and Angus SCHIERNING, b. m. (U)
Louisa BIDGOOD, b.1837 and James DREW, b.1836 m.1856 Tiverton, Devon, England (U)
Louisa Beatrice BIDGOOD, b.1877 and Ernest JOB, b. m.1896 All Saints, Plymouth, Devon, England (T010)
Louise or Louisa BIDGOOD, b.1865 and William DANIELL, b.1862 m.1890 New Zealand (U)
Lucile Virginia BEDGOOD, b.1907 and Frank Corry PAYNE, b.1902 m.1927 Crittenden, Arkansass, USA (T008)
Lucile Virginia BEDGOOD, b.1921 and Oren MCCLEMORE, b.1905 m. (T018)
Lucille BEDGOOD, b.1921 and Britt PHILLIPS, b.1920 m. (T030)
Lucille Daisy BITGOOD, b.1912 and Donald Alfonso CARSON, b.1896 m.1935 (T005)
Lucille Daisy BITGOOD, b.1912 and Samuel Power TIPTON, b.1919 m.1935 (T005)
Lucille Daisy BITGOOD, b.1912 and John Huyler ROBERTS, b.1919 m.1935 (T005)
Lucille Daisy BITGOOD, b.1912 and Gale Winton ENGLE, b.1909 m.1935 (T005)
Lucille Daisy BITGOOD, b.1912 and William MAGILL, b.1919 m.1935 (T005)
Lucina Rowe BEDGGOOD, b. and Joseph Alfred WILMOTH, b.1845 m.1867 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Lucinda Ann BIDGOOD, b.1952 and Michael James LAMERE, b.1915 m.1975 Hennepin, Minnesota, USA (U)
Lucy BEDGGOOD, b.1887 and Albert JEEVES, b.1880 m.1912 Edmonton, England (T003)
Lucy BEDGOOD, b.1897 and Richard JOLLY, b.1893 m. (U)
Lucy BIDGOOD, b.1869 and Harry SEARLE, b.1871 m.1892 Devon, England (T001)
Lucy BIDGOOD, b.1805 and Joseph THOMAS, b.1807 m.1847 Kenton, Devon, England (T001)
Lucy BIDGOOD, b.1830 and Thomas BRYANT, b.1833 m.1855 Exeter, Devon, England (T001)
Lucy BIDGOOD, b.1854 and Arthur WICKINGS, b.1859 m.1883 Kenton, Devon, England (T001)
Lucy BIDGOOD, b.1856 and George JONES, b.1855 m.1876 Eglwsilan, Glamorgan, Wales (T002)
Lucy BIDGOOD, b.1879 and John William MOORBY, b.1880 m.1902 Richmond, Surrey, England (T050)
Lucy (BEDGOOD) BEDGGOOD, b.1840 and Joseph MOTT, b. m.1868 Bath, Somerset, England (T003)
Lucy Ann BIDGOOD, b.1880 and Albert Edward BEST, b.1879 m.1904 Kenton, Devon, England (T001)
Lucy Ann BITGOOD, b.1825 and Luther FENNER, b.1816 m.1845 (T005)
Lucy Elizabeth BIDGOOD, b.1842 and William GILLIBRAND, b.1846 m.1868 Chorley, N Lancashire, England (T009)
Lucy Emma BIDGOOD, b.1975 and Ian John MCGEACHY, b.1960 m.1998 (T020)
Lucy Ethel BIDGOOD, b.1879 and William KNIGHT, b.1879 m.1902 Queensland, Australia (T004)
Lucy Hilda BIDGOOD, b.1905 and Johann Friedrich LOWIEN, b.1901 m.1926 (T004)
Lucy Louisa BIDGOOD, b.1818 and Edward Miller GULLY OR GULLEY, b.1812 m.1837 Paignton, Devon, England (T001)
Luella Annie BEDGGOOD, b.1882 and William DUNN, b.1873 m.1906 West Nissouri, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada (T003)
Lura BEDGOOD, b.1859 and David H. ZEIGLER, b.1855 m. (T018)
Lura or Lury BITGOOD, b.1791 and Asa SMITH, b.1788 m.1808 Shelburne, Chittenden Co., Vermont, USA (T005)
Lydia BEDGOOD, b. and George HAYLER, b. m.1864 Bath, Somerset, England (U)
Lydia BEDGOOD, b.1809 and Alfred ROYAL, b.1797 m.1828 Georgia, USA (U)
Lydia BIDGOOD, b.1824 and Jacob PYKE OR PIKE, b.1820 m.1844 Uffculme, Devon, England (T007)
Lydia BIDGOOD, b.1820 and John BIDGOOD, b.1820 m.1843 Cullompton, Devon, England (T010)
Lydia BIDGOOD, b.1775 and John Hole DUFFEL OR DUFIELD, b.1776 m.1794 Saint Mary Arches, Exeter, Devon, England (T080)
Lydia BIDGOOD, b. and John BIDGOOD, b. m.1843 Tiverton, Devon, England (U)
Lydia BITGOOD, b.1800 and Henry SAUNDERS, b.1795 m.1822 Voluntown, Windham Co., Connecticut, USA (T005)
Lydia A. BEDGOOD, b.1868 and James Franklin CHAMPION, b.1866 m.1890 Georgia, USA (T030)
Lydia Ann BITGOOD, b.1849 and James F. HALL, b.1846 m.1865 (T005)
Lydia E. BITGOOD, b.1838 and Augustus FORD, b.1835 m.1859 New York?, USA (T005)
Lylian or Lilian BIDGOOD, b.1880 and Albert STEPHENS, b.1880 m.1901 Albury, New South Wales, Australia (T001)
Lyn Hamilton BIDGOOD, b.1937 and Donald Peter LUND, b.1937 m.1963 Bala, Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, USA (T009)
Lynelle BIDGOOD, b.1949 and Michael BLAKE, b.1940 m. Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Lynette BEDGGOOD, b.1949 and Colin MUSGROVE, b.1947 m. (T003)
Lynne BEDGGOOD, b.1949 and Peter RAU, b.1950 m. (T003)
Lynne BEDGGOOD, b.1949 and Martin BURKE, b.1947 m. (T003)


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