Wife N – R

The Marriage listings below display the maiden name of the wife, birth year, marriage year and place together with the name of the husband and his birth year and the Tree Code. This should help find the marriage information for B__GOOD wives married to unknown  husbands. Details of all these marriages have been published on TribalPages and World Connect.

Scroll down the list below to find your name or use Search in the box to the right.

For those entries with Tree codes e.g.(T001) go to Trees to link to the corresponding page where there is additional information including the Root Name, B__GOOD, Description, and Places.

Marriages (Wife’s Given Names beginning with N – R):

Nancy BEDGGOOD, b.1930 and William Ian DUNCAN, b.1930 m. (U)
Nancy BEDGOOD, b.1950 and Douglas STURGEON, b.1950 m. (T014)
Nancy BEDGOOD, b.1860 and Hughes ?, b.1860 m. (T018)
Nancy BEDGOOD, b.1894 and Unknown MADDOX, b.1890 m. (T018)
Nancy BEDGOOD, b.1825 and Isaac G. SANFORD, b.1820 m. (T018)
Nancy BEDGOOD, b.1825 and Jesse GLOVER, b.1820 m. (T018)
Nancy BEDGOOD, b.1849 and Hezekiah BRANTLEY, b.1852 m.1874 Washington Co., Georgia, USA (U)
Nancy BIDGOOD, b.1852 and William SMITH, b.1850 m.1874 Westminster, London, England (T001)
Nancy E. BEDGOOD, b.1885 and William Riley QUARLES, b.1890 m. (T024)
Natasha BIDGOOD, b.1955 and David ?, b.1955 m. (T021)
Nelda Ann BIDGOOD, b.1942 and Willis H. FRANKS, b.1930 m. (T024)
Nellie BEDGOOD, b.1880 and Eugene TAYLOR, b.1880 m. (U)
Nellie BIDGOOD, b.1880 and George DALLEY, b.1880 m. (U)
Nellie BIDGOOD, b.1897 and Enoch BOYES, b. m.1917 St Mark, Plymouth, Devon, England (U)
Nellie BITGOOD, b.1886 and Percy Herbert HERRICK, b.1880 m.1911 (T005)
Nellie Craig BIDGOOD, b.1890 and Alfred SHUM, b.1882 m.1917 Queensland, Australia (T004)
Nellie Pearl BEDGOOD, b.1882 and William H. ADAMS, b.1875 m.1906 Jackson Co., Missouri, USA (T008)
Nellie Pearl BITGOOD, b.1902 and Russell James HEALEY, b.1896 m.1929 Grant, Newaygo Co., Michigan, USA (T005)
Nesta BIDGOOD, b.1928 and Billy CLODE, b.1928 m.1951 Newton Abbot, Devon, England (T010)
Nicole BIDGOOD, b.1968 and Russell Steven SHERBOURNE, b.1965 m.1989 Hamilton, New Zealand (T009)
Nina BIDGOOD, b.1962 and Graeme BORSBERRY, b.1960 m.1965 (T021)
Nina BIDGOOD, b.1962 and John MOORE, b.1932 m.1965 (T021)
Noeline Joy BEDGGOOD, b.1956 and Laurence Anthony HILLIER, b.1946 m.1979 Waimate North, New Zealand (T003)
Noella Ruth BEDGGOOD, b.1938 and Colin Charles CRIBB, b.1930 m.1961 (T003)
Nola Maude BEDGGOOD, b.1920 and Kenneth Roscrow HALES, b.1916 m.1942 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Nora BIDGOOD, b.1928 and Czeslaw ROGUSKI, b.1910 m.1952 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England (T002)
Nora Ellen BEDGOOD, b.1915 and Donald STEVENS, b.1910 m. (T008)
Nora Ethel BEDGOOD, b.1917 and Curtis HAMMOND, b.1915 m. (T016)
Nora R. BEDGOOD, b.1953 and Tom A. GARNEY, b.1953 m.1992 Brazos, Texas, USA (U)
Norma Jean BEDGOOD, b.1925 and Hartwell Chame ELKINS, b.1925 m.1944 Texas, USA (T018)
Olive BITGOOD, b.1798 and Joseph Blackman TANNER, b.1794 m.1817 Voluntown, Windham Co., Connecticut, USA (T005)
Olive Bessie BIDGOOD, b.1883 and William Robert HEESEM, b.1878 m.1903 St Paul, Stonehouse, Devon, England (T009)
Olive Doreen BIDGOOD, b.1929 and Elwood Ivan ESSON, b.1921 m.1950 Keene United Church, Keene, Ontario, Canada (T015)
Olive Evelyn BEDGGOOD, b.1894 and Alexander Robert DAVIES, b.1889 m.1913 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Olive Florence BIDGOOD, b. and Frank RUDOLPH, b. m. (U)
Olive Genevieve BIDGOOD, b.1895 and Lawrence M. FROST, b.1884 m.1895 Illinois, USA (U)
Olive I. BEDGOOD, b. and Richard SAUNDERS, b. m.1911 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (U)
Olive May BIDGOOD, b.1901 and William Llandell WHITFIELD, b.1896 m.1921 Registry Office, Exeter, Devon, England (T026)
Olive Muriel BIDGOOD, b.1901 and Edwin Henry BONSTOW, b. m.1925 All Saints, Plymouth, Devon, England (T023)
Olivia BEDGOOD, b. and Jordan SMALLPIECE, b. m.1880 Washington, Georgia, USA (U)
Olivia Annabella BEDGGOOD, b.1950 and David HILL, b.1945 m. (T003)
Ozie Leon BEDGOOD, b.1914 and Luler THOMPSON, b.1919 m.1935 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Pamela BIDGOOD, b. and William Garth BEER, b. m.1965 St Mary the Virgin, Laira, Plymouth, Devon, England (U)
Pamela Anne BIDGOOD, b.1948 and Peter William DAVIES, b.1946 m.1969 Sidcup, Kent, England (T001)
Pamela Dorothy BIDGOOD, b.1932 and Cyril Boris PRICE, b.1932 m.1956 Middlesex, England (T009)
Pamela Faye BEDGOOD, b.1968 and Terry Lynn BARKER, b. m. (U)
Pamela Joy BIDGOOD, b.1932 and Kenneth COTTERELL, b.1932 m.1955 St Giles Ch, Reading, Berkshire (T031)
Pamela Rae BIDGOOD, b.1955 and Ronald James LAMERE, b.1950 m.1977 Hennepin, Minnesota, USA (U)
Pamela Rene BEDGOOD, b.1961 and Tom David STEWART, b.1954 m. (T024)
Pamela Rene BEDGOOD, b.1900 and Tom David STEWART, b.1900 m. (U)
Parole BEDGOOD, b.1859 and Si HARRIS, b.1857 m. (U)
Patricia Anne BEDGGOOD, b.1954 and Peter Cristen RASMUSSEN, b.1953 m.1973 (T003)
Patricia Louise BIDGOOD, b.1935 and Wallace Joseph DAME, b.1932 m.1954 Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada (U)
Patricia R. BEDGOOD, b.1927 and Lewis E. ALLEN, b.1917 m.1969 Marion, Texas, USA (U)
Patsy BIDGOOD, b. and Alexander MCDOUGALL, b. m.1802 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, USA (U)
Patsy Ann BEDGOOD, b.1920 and William Madison Jr. ROGERS, b.1919 m.1945 Athens, Clarke, Georgia, USA (T018)
Pauline Margaret BEDGGOOD, b.1940 and Frank TERLICH, b.1932 m. (T003)
Pauline Margaret W. BIDGOOD, b.1920 and Weir MARSHALL, b.1911 m.1941 St Edmund, Roundhay, Leeds, Yorkshire, England (T022)
Pearl BIDGOOD, b.1881 and John KIRKPATRICK, b. m. (T003)
Peggy BIDGOOD, b.1920 and Alex MCKINNON, b.1920 m.1946 (T012)
Penelope BEDGGOOD, b.1965 and Warren MAMO, b.1965 m. (U)
Penelope BEDGOOD, b.1862 and Jason EDGE, b.1859 m.1882 (T065)
Pheby or Phebe BIDGOOD, b.1746 and Thomas BEAL, b.1740 m.1763 Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA (T013)
Pheby or Phebe BIDGOOD, b.1746 and Amos WATSON, b.1738 m.1763 Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA (T013)
Phillip (BIDGGOOD) BIDGOOD, b. and John MOGRIDGE, b. m.1570 North Petherton, Somerset, England (U)
Phillippa E. BIDGOOD, b.1965 and Timothy BROADBENT, b.1964 m.1988 Buckinghamshire, England (T001)
Phoebe BEDGOOD, b.1864 and Samuel J. ROBERTS, b.1867 m. (T014)
Phyllis BEDGGOOD, b.1929 and John EASTWAYS, b.1926 m. (T003)
Phyllis BIDGOOD, b.1895 and Robert Henry WEEKS, b.1895 m.1921 Victoria, Australia (U)
Phyllis Irene BIDGOOD, b.1920 and Herbert SAWYER, b.1916 m.1940 Victoria, Australia (T007)
Phyllis Irene BIDGOOD, b.1914 and Horace Samuel FINCH, b.1912 m.1935 St Mary the Virgin, Laira, Plymouth, Devon, England (T023)
Phyllis Jane BIDGOOD, b.1926 and Randolph D. WILLIAMSON, b.1918 m. (T072)
Phyllis Mary BIDGOOD, b.1899 and Thomas MCLEOD, b.1900 m.1923 Sheriff Court, Banff, Scotland (T061)
Phyllis May BEDGGOOD, b.1895 and Charles F.W. CHANTER, b.1890 m.1923 Glamorgan, S Wales (T003)
Polly BIDGOOD, b.1859 and John Henry FACEY, b.1860 m. (T042)
Polly BIDGOOD, b. and Samuel SANDERS, b. m. (U)
Pricilla BIDGOOD, b.1780 and William S. WRIGHT, b.1780 m. (U)
Pricilla BIDGOOD, b.1808 and William H. BALLARD, b.1803 m. (U)
Pricilla BIDGOOD, b.1808 and Rice H. CARNEY, b. m. (U)
Priscilla BEDGOOD, b.1887 and Herbert CUNLIFFE, b. m.1908 Register Office, Salford, Lancashire, England (T029)
Priscilla BIDGOOD, b.1886 and Harry MESSINGBIRD, b.1886 m. (T007)
Priscilla BIDGOOD, b. and Humfry BIDGOOD, b. m. (U)
Priscilla Jane BEDGOOD, b.1862 and Jason EDGE, b.1859 m.1882 Sandersville, Washington Co., Georgia, USA (T018)
Prudence BIDGOOD, b.1769 and David EDWARDS, b. m.1796 Tavistock, Devon, England (T001)
Prudence BIDGOOD, b. and George EMMETT, b. m.1759 Woodbury, Devon, England (U)
Prudence M. BIDGOOD, b. and Erastus COLE, b. m.1843 Bozrahville Cong. Ch., Bozrah, New London, Connecticut (U)
Prudence M. BITGOOD, b.1825 and Erastus COLE, b.1820 m.1843 Bozrah, New London Co., Connecticut, USA (T005)
Rachel BIDGOOD, b.1848 and John TIMON OR TYMAN OR LYNAM OR SIMON, b.1845 m.1870 Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire, England (T020)
Rachel Michelle BEDGOOD, b.1990 and DeWade KILLINGSWORTH, b.1985 m. (T024)
Rachel Sarah E. BEDGOOD, b.1853 and James BUTCHER, b.1850 m. (U)
Rachel William Bennett. BIDGOOD, b.1885 and William John DAVIES, b.1886 m.1909 Glamorgan, S Wales (T001)
Rae Ellen BEDGOOD, b.1941 and Roger HILL, b.1940 m.1958 (T018)
Rae Ellen BEDGOOD, b.1941 and Robert SHEPARD, b.1940 m.1958 (T018)
Rae Ellen BEDGOOD, b.1941 and Jimmie Woodrow EASON, b.1939 m.1958 (T018)
Raewyn Elizabeth BEDGGOOD, b.1945 and Robert Harry BEAVER, b.1941 m.1966 Waimate North, New Zealand (T003)
Ramona BEDGOOD, b. and James E. LOY, b. m. (T018)
Ramona BIDGOOD, b.1970 and Robert CLEMENTS, b.1965 m. (T006)
Ramona BIDGOOD, b.1965 and Roberts CLEMENTS, b.1965 m. (T006)
Raylene BEDGOOD, b.1947 and Robert F. WEGLARZ, b.1942 m.2001 Bastrop, Texas, USA (U)
Rebecca BEDGGOOD, b.1825 and Charles T. L. RUSSELL, b. m.1857 St John the Evangelist, Islington, N London, England (T003)
Rebecca BIDGOOD, b.1857 and William CONNELL, b.1845 m.1877 Victoria, Australia (T007)
Rebekah BIDGOOD, b.1849 and Thomas William WEST, b.1841 m.1867 Parish Church, Bromley, Kent, England (U)
Rhoda BEDGOOD, b.1847 and Edmund C. PAGE, b.1846 m.1866 Bath, Somerset, England (T029)
Rhoda BEDGOOD, b.1885 and George WEST, b. m.1910 Register Office, Salford, Lancashire, England (T029)
Rhoda BIDGOOD, b.1859 and James COSSART, b.1857 m.1880 Hampton, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Rhonda Ann BEDGGOOD, b.1955 and Gilbert P. Pierre KEISLER, b.1954 m. (T003)
Rhonda Lorraine BIDGOOD, b.1915 and Clifford Thomas Robert HALL, b.1912 m.1948 (T012)
Richod BIDGOOD, b. and Thomas FULFORD, b. m.1577 Tiverton, Devon, England (U)
Rita J. BEDGGOOD, b. and Cecil M. JENNER, b. m.1958 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England (U)
Rita May BEDGGOOD, b.1933 and Mervyn Charles SMITH, b.1930 m.1955 (T003)
Roberta BEDGOOD, b.1889 and Cicero POWELL, b. m. (U)
Roberta BITGOOD, b.1908 and Jacob Gijsbert WIEREMA, b.1913 m.1939 New London, New London Co., Connecticut, USA (T005)
Robyn BIDGOOD, b.1970 and Robert Cyril BOULLE, b.1967 m. (U)
Robyn Jan BIDGOOD, b.1953 and Adrian William UTSCHINK, b.1954 m.1975 (T004)
Ronley Ann BIDGOOD, b.1961 and David Maxwell ROBINSON, b.1958 m.1981 (T004)
Rosa BEDGOOD, b.1884 and Cicero A BARKER, b.1880 m. Alexandria, Rapides, Louisiana, USA (U)
Rose Ann BEDGGOOD, b. and Alfred Frank BEDGGOOD, b.1901 m.1942 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Rose Gertrude BEDGOOD, b.1887 and William B. SAXON, b.1885 m.1907 (T016)
Rose Priscilla BIDGOOD, b.1857 and Frederick COOMBES, b.1856 m.1873 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T031)
Rose Sarah BIDGOOD, b.1890 and David George WHITTAKER, b.1886 m.1909 Newport, Monmouthshire, South Wales (T031)
Rosella A BEDGOOD, b.1850 and James B GAPEN, b.1848 m.1872 Hancock Co, IN (U)
Rosella O. BIDGOOD, b.1850 and James B. GAPEN, b.1850 m. (U)
Rosella O. BIDGOOD, b.1850 and Charles F. POWERS, b.1850 m. (U)
Rosemary BIDGOOD, b.1949 and Michael SCARLETT, b.1942 m.1973 (T031)
Rosemary Gaye BIDGOOD, b.1954 and Werner DINSLAGE, b.1950 m.1975 Presbyterian Church, Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand (T009)
Rosie BEDGOOD, b.1905 and Thomas Alvin YOUNG, b.1908 m.1929 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Rosie BEDGOOD, b.1905 and Robert COURTS, b.1890 m.1929 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Rosie BEDGOOD, b.1905 and Jimmie MAXWELL, b.1900 m.1929 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Rosie Mercia BIDGOOD, b. and Raymond William Wilson BARRATT, b. m.1960 Registry Office, Norton Radstock, Somersetshire, England (U)
Rosie Mercia BIDGOOD, b. and Robert Basil DESTOUNI, b. m.1960 Registry Office, Norton Radstock, Somersetshire, England (U)
Rosina Edith BIDGOOD, b.1872 and John Martin FRASER, b.1864 m.1890 Wesleyan Parsonage, Clare, South Australia (T012)
Roxie BITGOOD, b.1840 and Alvin Lorenzo COREY, b.1830 m.1855 Voluntown, Windham, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Roxie Elizabeth BEDGOOD, b.1876 and Benjamin Franklin BROWN, b.1874 m. (U)
Roxie Matilda BITGOOD, b.1821 and George A. LAWTON, b.1822 m. (T005)
Ruby BEDGOOD, b. and John Ray GOODMAN, b. m. (U)
Ruby BIDGOOD, b.1912 and Wilfed L. REYNOLDS, b.1905 m.1944 Cornwall, England (T001)
Ruby Beatrice BEDGOOD, b.1889 and W.B. HOYT, b.1885 m.1910 (T016)
Ruby Bell BEDGOOD, b.1915 and Victor WILLIAMS, b.1911 m. (T024)
Ruby F. BEDGOOD, b.1944 and Tommie WILBURN, b.1935 m.1981 Jefferson, Texas, USA (U)
Ruby J. BEDGOOD, b.1952 and Ottis LAMBRIGHT, b.1948 m.1992 Orange, Texas, USA (U)
Ruby Margaret BIDGOOD, b.1928 and Bruce Lee MOGFORD, b.1927 m. (T007)
Ruth BEDGOOD, b.1910 and Theron Adams BRYANT, b.1911 m. (U)
Ruth BIDGOOD, b.1933 and Peter William STONELEY, b.1929 m.1956 Methodist Church, Withington, Manchester, England (T002)
Ruth BIDGOOD, b. and Josiah FREEMAN, b. m. (U)
Ruth BIDGOOD, b.1705 and Samuel HILL, b. m.1726 Taunton, Somerset, England (U)
Ruth Elizabeth BEDGOOD, b.1920 and Unknown YOUNG, b.1915 m. (T018)
Ruth Evelyn BITGOOD, b.1910 and Ralph CHANNELL, b.1908 m. (T005)


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