Mocavo data site.

February 8, 2014


The Mocavo pay site contains a very mixed bag of data, mainly  from USA, UK and Canada, and ranging from Revolutionary War records to the present. You can search for your names without payment and see a short version of the source which you could then follow up on Mocavo or elsewhere.

A quick search for our B__GOOD names found:

Bidgood   3469

Bedgood   1880

Bedggood   195

Bitgood      697

This suggests that their data is limited but they do seem to have accessed some unusual sources, so worth a visit if not a subscription.

Death date search

April 18, 2012

At least for Canada the coverage is good at:

where I found:




For other countries the coverage is variable, England was very limited. However well worth checking and the search is easy to use. Results are displayed well and are free.

Don in Canada

B__GOOD NAMES in Archives Canada

November 16, 2011

I found numerous references to our Names in:
Well worth a visit.

Home Children – Canada

October 13, 2011

Library and Archives Canada has free searchable passenger list records (1869 – 1930) of “Home Children”. Three BIDGOOD entries were noted. See:

Home Children were orphan and other children who came from Dr Barnado and other agencies in the UK to Canada for domestic and farm employment.

Ontario 1871 Census Now On Line

September 2, 2011

Found 18 BIDGOODs in:

There plenty more material to explore in this Archives site.