A joint project with Rebecca Bedford and Sally Stevens to add details for the BEDFORD branch. The result of a bigamous? second marriage by John Charles BIDGOOD and his name change to BEDFORD.  A new FamilyHeritage closed site allows input from Malta (RB), England (SS) and Canada.


This Tree starts from John BIDGOOD born 1776 (app) in Devon, England who married Eleanor GALLOP in 1785, many of their children were born in Sampford Peverell, Devon, England.




View Tree T034 on Tribal Pages or World Connect.


This Tree together with T031 and T032 originates in Sampford Peverell, Devon, England. This location and the neighbouring places are notable for numerous BIDGOOD families. It is possible that many of these individuals share a common but unknown ancestor.
This part is incomplete. Can you help fill it with a Family History, anecdotes about your ancestors or any other information which might be of interest to others?


Ashbrittle, Somerset, England
Bampton, Devonshire
Bradninch, Devon, England
Bridgwater, Somersetshire, England
Bristol, Somersetshire, England
Churchstanton, Devonshire
Cudleigh, Devon, England
Cullompton, Devon, England
Exeter, Devon, England
Halberton, Devon, England
Hemyock, Devonshire, England
Higher Way Farm, Tiverton, Devonshire, England
Limpsfield, Surrey, England
Manchester, Lancashire, England
Marylebone, London, England
Muxbeer, Halberton, Devonshire
New Zealand
Oakford, nr. Tiverton, Devonshire, England
Paddington, London, England
Quirkhill, Tiverton, Devonshire
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Sampford Peverell, Devon, England
St James, W London,England
St Marylebone, W London, England
Templeton, Devonshire,England
Tiverton, Devon, England
West Exeter, Devonshire
Willand, Devonshire,England


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