James Easton BEDGOOD born 1803 in Isle of Wight Co. Virginia USA, he married Mary Jane KEY, and then Clarissa May DUDLEY (ne BELL).




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In 1803, Ohio had just been granted statehood; the land from Ohio to the Mississippi River was called the Indiana Territories. Florida, which also extended to the Mississippi, and all land west of the Mississippi, belonged to countries other than the United States.

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An 1810 census indicated that several BEDGOODs, with children younger than 10, were living in Isle of Wight Co. where James was born, but no connection has been found. A family historian says that James was born in the area where the battle of Yorktown occurred, 22 years earlier, and allowed that a stranded British soldier may have been James’ father, this has not been substantiated.

In 1822, James, a cobbler, married 16 year old Mary in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Four children were born there before they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio between 1828 and 1830, where they had three more children.

Only three of Mary’s seven children survived beyond their teens, while she died in 1835. Of those three, Lucinda died at 21 and George a river pilot, died of yellow fever at 23. The remaining child Felix was a caulker, paver and served as both a private in the Mexican War and as first mate on the Union Ram “Switzerland” during the Civil War. Felix, or Carroll, as he liked to be called, survived till 1903, dying at 75 in Chicago, Illinois, the last of Mary’s children.

The BEDGOOD name through Mary’s children reached into Kentucky, California and Illinois but most remained in the Cincinnati , Ohio area.

In 1836 James married Clarissa who was born in London, England and came to America with her family at the age of two. She had no children during her short previous marriage to Thomas Dudley, but James and Clarissa had eight children. The eldest four were born in Cincinnati, Ohio. By 1844 they had moved to Rising Sun, Ohio where the other four children were born. Two of Clarissa’s children died within a year of their birth and she survived her son Alfred, a cobbler and a corporal in the 4th Indiana Calvary.

Living by the water, it’s not surprising that several of her children worked on the Ohio River, as boatmen, fishermen and traders. Other occupations included; realtor, landlord, cobbler, tinner and brick mason. Clarissa was living with her son Henry in Missouri when she died in 1897, about 86 years old. Her husband James had died in 1870, 67 years old.

Clarissa’s children took the BEDGOOD name to Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oregon, Michigan, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona, and California. But in many of those states the family line has ended because Clarissa’s descendants had few, if any, children.

William Albert BEDGOOD, the last survivor of Clarissa’s children, became a “boatman” on the Ohio River and spent his early life plying its length. He also traveled down the Mississippi River to New Orleans and back.

At twenty four he married Margaret Ann JONES whose ancestors included John HOWLAND and Elizabeth TILLEY, passengers on the Mayflower. Deciding to settle down, “Captain” Bill left Rising Sun, Indiana in 1880 taking his sons Charles Augustus and Francis William with their mother “Maggie”. They crossed three states to Missouri City, Missouri where two sisters and two more brothers were born. For a few years he operated mule powered ferries on the Missouri River. He finished his life a mason in the winter and a fisherman for the rest of the year. Maggie died during childbirth in 1898 while losing their sixth child. Bill and his second wife, “Sudie” McClelland, had no children and he lost her in 1926. The “Captain” died eleven years later having lived alone in various camps and cabins along the river.

Though his father schooled him into the mysteries of the boatman’s life, the “Captain’s” oldest son Charles Augustus BEDGOOD found himself at 18 years old working in a handle factory at Black Rock, Arkansas. He eventually made a career in the newspaper business as a linotype operator and editorial writer. He played several instruments, tuned pianos and exhibited his paintings in his later years.

Charles married Ann Eliza KING, who owned a newspaper. They had a boy and a girl in Arkansas and one son in Missouri. They lived in Mississippi for a while ending their days in Muskegon, Michigan. Annie died in 1937. Four years later he married Anna Euphemia LUNDBORG. She died in 1961, Charles Augustus BEDGOOD died in 1954.

One of Charles’ sons died at 25 while serving as a volunteer fireman. Charles other son was married to the same woman for 68 years and died at the age of 87. They had six children, including two sons who produced 3 grandsons.

Charles’ brother Francis William BEDGOOD followed him to Black Rock, Arkansas. He and his wife Maud Margaret INMAN had three daughters and one son before moving to Memphis, Tennessee. Francis, a machinist, died at 71. His son died at 84 in Atlanta, Georgia, leaving two sons, and four grandsons.

The youngest of Charles and Annie’s children, Robert Deemer BEDGOOD had two sons with Mamie P. HUSTON. Robert, a railroad operator and dispatcher died aged 80. His sons lived to 85 and 76 and had no known children.

Besides those mentioned above, the occupations of James Easton BEDGOOD’s progeny ran from laborer to prison guard, from inventor to state legislator. Evidently no horse thieves were caught though one of his descendants shot his wife then himself with a pistol. She survived.

James’ ggggranddaughter, Marilyn Hamill has a thorough study of James Easton BEDGOOD’s descendants, with collateral lines at:


(Don BEDGOOD of Rex, Clayton Co., Georgia, USA. Gggrandson of James Easton BEDGOOD)


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Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Aurora, Indiana, USA
Black Rock, Arkansas,USA
Cape Girardeau Co., Missouri, USA
Cassville, Missouri, USA
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA
Clay Co., Missouri, USA
Cook Co., Illinois, USA
Dearborn, Indiana, USA
Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, USA
Jackson, Missouri, USA
Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA
Lawrence, Arkansas, USA
Lincoln, Tennessee, USA
Melrose Park Village,Illinois,USA
Missouri City, Missouri, USA
Mount Morris, Illinois, USA
Newport, Kentucky, USA
Ogle, Illinois, USA
Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas, USA
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA
Randolph, Missouri, USA
Rising Sun, Ohio, Indiana, USA
Riverdale, Georgia, USA
San Jose, California, USA
Shelbyville, Bedford, Tennessee, USA
Sibley,Jackson,Missouri, USA
Stockbridge, Georgia, USA


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