Places A – C

Below is an alphabetical list of place names from the Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death and Burial records in the published Trees. Each entry includes the Tree reference(s) followed by code for the B__GOOD Surname: B(e)dgood, B(i)dgood, Bed(g)good and Bi(t)good.

For example: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada T002 (ei) T014 (ei).       The location Halifax is found in Trees T002 and T014, which both contain BEDGOOD and BIDGOOD surnames.

This list may help find other trees with references to the same places as those in your own tree.  In Tribal Pages  use TREEINDEX Tnnn to access the published Tree, on WorldConnect use the Advanced search.

Place Names beginning with A – C:

Place Name  Tree Ref.   (Surname Code)

Acton?, Middlesex, England U
Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma, USA T018
Adams Co., Illinois, USA U
Adel, Cook, Georgia, USA U
Adrian, Emanuel, Georgia, USA U
Alabama, USA T016
Alabama, USA T017
Alabama, USA T018
Alabama, USA T024
Alabama, USA T030
Alabama, USA U
Alameda, California, USA T018
Alameda, California, USA U
Alamo, Wheeler, Georgia, USA T018
Albany, Dougherty Co., Georgia, USA T030
Albany, Dougherty, Georgia, USA T030
Alcott, Jackson Co., Missouri, USA T008
Alexandria, Rapides, Louisiana, USA U
Allcot, Jackson, Missouri, USA T008
Alverstoke, Hampshire, England U
Americus, Sumter, Georgia, USA U
Anacoco, Vernon, Louisiana, USA T018
Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska, USA T018
Andalusia, Covington Co., Alabama, USA T018
Andalusia, Covington Co., Alabama, USA U
Anderson Co., Texas, USA T018
Anderson Co., Texas, USA U
Angelina Co., Texas, USA U
Antioch Baptist Church T030
Antioch Cemetery, Arabi (Crisp), Georgia, USA U
Appling, Columbia, Georgia, USA T018
Appling, Columbia, Georgia, USA U
Arabi Antioch Church Cemetery, Crisp, Dooly Co, Georgia, USA T030
Arabi Cemetry, Dooly Co, Georgia, USA T030
Arabi Cemetry, Dooly Co, Georgia, USA U
Arabi, Crisp/Dooly, Georgia, USA T030
Arabi, Crisp/Dooly, Georgia, USA U
Arcola, Mississippi, USA U
Ardeley, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England U
Arizona, USA U
Arkansas, USA U
Arkansass, USA T018
Athens, Clarke Co., Georgia, USA T018
Athens, Clarke, Georgia, USA T018
Athens, Clarke, Georgia, USA U
Athens, Georgia, USA U
Atlanta Cemetery, Atlanta, Louisiana, USA U
Atlanta, Cass Co., Texas, USA T018
Atlanta, Cass, Texas, USA T018
Atlanta, Georgia, USA T008
Atlanta, Georgia, USA T018
Atlanta, Georgia, USA T030
Atlanta, Georgia, USA U
Augusta, Georgia, USA T018
Augusta, Richmond Co., Georgia, USA T018
Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, USA T018
Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, USA U
Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana, USA T008
Austin, Travis Co., Texas, USA T018
Avoca, Victoria, Australia U
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia U
Bandera Co., Texas, USA T018
Bandera, Bandera, Texas, USA T018
Barney Cross Roads T016
Barry Co., Missouri, USA U
Bartholomew, Indiana, USA U
Bartow, Jefferson Co, Georgia, USA T018
Bartow, Jefferson, Georgia, USA T018
Bartow, Plok, Florida, USA U
Bartow, Polk, Florida, USA U
Barwick, Somerset, England U
Bas-Bed, Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Sumner Co., Florida, USA U
Bas-Bem, Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, Virginia, USA U
Basra Memorial, Iraq T029
Bastrop, Texas, USA U
Bath, Somerset, England T029
Bath, Somerset, England U
BathSomerset, England U
Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA T024
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA T018
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA T024
Bay, Florida, USA T018
Bayonna City?, Hudson City, New Jersey, USA T020
Beaminster, Dorset, England T002
Beaminster, Dorset, England U
Beaumont, Jefferson, Texas, USA T016
Bedgood Cemetry, Butler Co, AL, USA U
Beech Island, Aiken, South Carolina, USA T018
Bell Co., Texas, USA U
Bell, Texas, USA U
Belton, Missouri, USA T008
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia T002
Bensenville, Du Page, Illinois, USA U
Bensonville, DuPage, Illinois, USA T008
Bentonville, Benton, Arkansass, USA T018
Berrydale, Santa Rosa, Florida, USA T018
Berwick, Victoria, Australia T003
Bethel Cemetry, Colfax, Louisiana, USA U
Bexar Co., Texas, USA T018
Bexar Co., Texas, USA U
Bexar, Texas, USA T018
Bexar, Texas, USA U
Bibb Co., Georgia, USA T018
Bibb Co., Georgia, USA T030
Bibb, Georgia, USA U
Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA T018
Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA U
Bishops Hull, Somerset, England U
Black Rock, Arkansas, USA T008
Black Rock, Arkansass, USA T008
Black Rock, Lawrence Co., Arkansass, USA T008
Black Rock, Lawrence, Arkansass, USA T008
Blakbutt-Benarkin Cemetery, Nangano Shire, Queensland, Australia U
Blakesley, Northamptonshire, England U
Bloomingdale, Chatham, Georgia, USA U
Bloomingdale, Chatham. Georgia, USA U
Blountstown, Calhoun, Florida, USA U
Blue Branch Cemetery, Pitkin, Vernon Par., Lousiana, USA T018
Bluffton, Texas, USA T018
Bon Ami, Beauregard, Louisiana, USA T016
Boston, Massacheucetts, USA U
Bowie, Texas, USA T018
Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, USA T030
Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, USA U
Brazoria Co., Texas, USA U
Brazos, Texas, USA U
Breckenridge, Stephens, Texas, USA T008
Brentford, Middlesex T030
Brewton, Alabama, USA T016
Brewton, Escambia Co., Alabama, USA T018
Brewton, Escambia, Alabama, USA T016
Bridport, Dorset, England U
Brigaolong, Victoria, Australia T002
Bristol, Somersetshire, England U
Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, Canada U
Brooks, Georgia, USA T030
Broward, Florida, USA T018
Brunswick, Glynn Co., Georgia, USA T018
Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia, USA T018
Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia, USA U
Bryan Co., Olkahoma, USA T018
Buchanan, Missouri, USA U
Buffington Cemetery, Castleberry, Alabama, USA T016
Bule, Idaho, USA U
Burns Church, nr. Slocomb, Alabama, USA T018
Burton, Genesee, Michigan, USA U
Burton, Genesee, Mississippi, USA T016
Butler Co., Alabama, USA T017
Butler, Alabama, USA U
Butte, California, USA U
Calcutta, Bengal, India U
California, USA U
Calvary Cemetry, Falls Co., Texas, USA U
Cambellton, Florida, USA T018
Campbellton, Jackson, Florida, USA T018
Canada T001
Canada T020
Cardiff, Glamorganshire, S Wales U
Carl., Victoria, Australia U
Carleton, Ontario, Canada T001
Carlton Ch. Hospital, Victoria, Australia U
Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia T002
Carlton, Victoria, Australia U
Cass Co., Texas, USA U
Cass, Texas, USA T018
Cass, Texas, USA U
Cassville, Missouri, USA T008
Castle Cary, Somersetshire T002
Castle Cary, Somersetshire, England T002
Castleberry, Alabama, USA T016
Castleberry, Conecuh, Alabama, USA T016
Cataula, Harris, Georgia, USA T018
Cedartown, Georgia, USA T018
Center Twp, Hancock, IN U
Challacombe, Devon, England U
Channelview, Harris, Texas, USA T018
Chapel Hill Cemetery, Cedar Hill, Missouri, USA T008
Chard, Somerset, England U
Chard, Somersetshire, England U
Chatham, Georgia, USA T018
Chedington, Dorset U
Cherokee Co., Texas, USA T024
Cherokee, Texas, USA T018
Cheshire, England U
Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, USA T008
Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA T008
Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA U
Chicago, Illinois, USA U
Chicgo, Cook, Illinois, USA U
Chicot, Arkansass, USA T018
Chinnock, Crewkerne, Somerset, England T002
Chipola Bend, Henry Co., Alabama, USA T018
Chippenham, Wiltshire, England T029
Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA T008
Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA U
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA U
Clarence, Tasmania, Australia T036
Clay Co., Missouri, USA T008
Clay Co., Missouri, USA U
Clay, Florida, USA T018
Clay, Missouri, USA T008
Clearwater, South Carolina, USA U
Cleveland, Hancock, IN U
Clinton, Douglas, Kansas, USA U
Cofax, Grant, Louisiana, USA U
Colfax, Grant, Louisiana, USA T018
Colfax, Grant, Louisiana, USA T024
Colfax, Louisiana, USA T018
Coll’Wood, Victoria, Australia U
Collin, Texas, USA U
Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia T002
Collingwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia T002
Collingwood, Victoria, Australia U
Collins, Tattnall, Georgia, USA T018
Colquitt Co., Georgia, USA T030
Columbia, Louisiana, USA U
Columbus, Georgia, USA T018
Columbus, Georgia, USA U
Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia, USA T018
Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia, USA U
Columbus, Ohio, USA U
Colyton, Devon, England U
Comal, Texas, USA U
Commerce, Hunt Co., Texas, USA T018
Comumbus, Muscogee, Georgia, USA U
Conecuh, Alabama, USA T016
Conecuh, Alabama, USA T024
Conecuh, Conecuh Co., Alabama, USA T018
Contra Costa, California, USA U
Cook, Illinois, USA T008
Cordele, Crisp, georgia, USA U
Cordele, Crisp, Georgia, USA U
Cordele, Georgia, USA T030
Cordello, Georgia, USA U
Corinth, Alcom Co., Mississippi, USA T017
Corinth, Alcorn, Mississippi, USA T017
Corinth, Alcorn, Mississippi, USA U
Cornforth, Durham, England U
Cotrrigan, Texas, USA U
Covington Co., Alabama, USA T018
Covington, Alabama, USA T018
Covington, Kenton, Kentucky, USA T008
Crawfordville, Taliaferro, Georgia, USA U
Crenshaw Co., Alabama, USA T018
Crenshaw Or., Covigton Co., Alabama, USA T018
Crenshaw, Alabama, USA T018
Crenshaw, Alabama, USA U
Crestview, Okaloosa, Florida, USA T018
Crestview, Okaloosa, Florida, USA U
Crewkerne, Somerset, England T002
Crewkerne, Somersetshire T002
Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England T002
Crisp Co., Georgia, USA T030
Crisp, Georgia, USA T030
Crittenden, Arkansass, USA T008
Cumberland, North Carolina, USA T057
Cymmer, Glyncorrwg, (N. of Maesteg), Glamorganshire, S Wales T002
Cypress Lawn Cemetery, Colma, California, USA T002
Cypress Lawn Cemetery, Colua, California, USA T002

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