Places S – S

Below is an alphabetical list of place names from the Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death and Burial records in the published Trees. Each entry includes the Tree reference(s) followed by code for the B__GOOD Surname: B(e)dgood, B(i)dgood, Bed(g)good and Bi(t)good.

For example: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada T002 (ei) T014 (ei).       The location Halifax is found in Trees T002 and T014, which both contain BEDGOOD and BIDGOOD surnames.

This list may help find other trees with references to the same places as those in your own tree.  In Tribal Pages  use TREEINDEX Tnnn to access the published Tree, on WorldConnect use the Advanced search.

Place Names beginning with S:

Place Name  Tree Ref.   (Surname Code)

Saddleworth, South Australia T012 (i)
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada T021 (i)
Sale, Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
Salford, Lancashire, England T001 (i) T029 (ei)
Salisbury Plain, Hampshire, England T061 (I)
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA T034 (i)
Saltillo, Franklin Co., Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Saltillo,Hopkins Co., Texas, USA T036 (i)
Sampford Courtenay, Devonshire, England T031 (i)
Sampford Peverell, Devonshire, England T031 (i) T032 (i) T034 (i) T070 (i) T072 (i)
San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA T016 (e) T018 (ei)
San Augustine, Texas, USA T024 (ei)
San Bernadino, California, USA T001 (i)
San Diego, California, USA T018 (ei)
San Francisco, California, USA T005 (it)
San Jose, California, USA T008 (e)
San Luis Obispo, California, USA T056 (t)
San Mateo, California, USA T005 (it)
Sand Flat, Smith, Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Sandersville, Washington, Georgia, USA T018 (ei) T065 (e)
Sandford, Devon, England T004 (i) T043 (i)
Sandford, Sampford Peverell, Devonshire, England T031 (i)
Sandy Creek, Orleans Co., New York, USA T005 (it)
Santa Ana, Orange, California, USA T056 (t)
Santa Barbara, California, USA T056 (t)
Santa Clara, California, USA T018 (ei)
Santa Rosa,California,USA T018 (ei)
Saskatchewan, Canada T048 (i)
Saul, Gloucestershire, England T003 (ei)
Savannah,Chatham Co.,Georgia,USA T018 (ei)
Seaford, E Sussex, England T001 (i)
Seapoint, Cape Town, South Africa T001 (i)
Searight, Covington Co., Alabama, USA T018 (ei)
Sedgefield, Durham, England T060 (I)
Sellersville, Geneva Co., Alabama, USA T018 (ei)
Settrington, Yorkshire, England T031 (i)
Seymour,Tasmania,Australia T003 (ei)
Shardlow, Derbyshire T001 (i)
Sheerness, Kent, England T021 (i)
Sheffield,Yorkshire, England T003 (ei) T032 (i)
Shelburn, Chittenden, Vermont, USA T005 (it)
Shelbyville, Bedford, Tennessee, USA T008 (e)
Sheppey, Kent, England T021 (i)
Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire T003 (ei) T029 (ei)
Shiney Row, Durham, England T060 (I)
Shirley, Georgia, USA T018 (ei)
Shoreditch,Middlesex,England T003 (ei)
Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana, USA T018 (ei) T024 (ei)
Shrewsbury, Rutland Co., Vermont, USA T005 (it)
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England T003 (ei) T031 (i)
Sibley,Jackson,Missouri, USA T008 (e)
Sidcup, Kent, England T021 (i)
Sidmouth, Devon, England T059 (I)
Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA T001 (i)
Silverton, Devon, England T023 (e)
Skelton in Cleveland, Yorkshire, England T031 (i)
Skilgate, Somerset, England T022 (i)
Slagle, Vernon, Louisiana, USA T018 (ei)
Sligo, Ireland T061 (I)
Slough, Buckinghamshire T009 (i)
Smith, Tennessee, USA T024 (ei)
Smithfield, New South Wales, Australia T025 (ei)
Snapper Point, Victoria, Australia T007 (ei)
Snowtown, South Australia T012 (i)
Soapstone Creek, Vernon,Louisiana, USA T018 (ei)
Somerset, England T001 (i) T012 (i) T051 (i)
Somerton, Somersetshire, England T011 (i)
Sonoma, California, USA T005 (it)
Sorell, Tasmania, Australia T036 (i)
South Carolina, USA T024 (ei)
South Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia T002 (ei)
South Geelong, Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
South Kingston, Washington Co., Rhode Island, USA T005 (it)
South Sumas, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada T020 (i)
South Vietnam T024 (ei)
Southampton, Hampshire, England T009 (i) T020 (i)
Southern Region Cemetery, Tasmania, Australia T036 (i)
Southfields, London, England T004 (i)
Southport, Queensland, Australia T004 (i)
Southport,Bay Co., Florida, USA T018 (ei)
Southsea, Hampshire, England T004 (i)
Southwark, Surrey, England T019 (i) T042 (i)
Sowton, Devonshire, England T078 (i)
Spalding, Georgia, USA T030 (ei)
Sparta, Hancock, Georgia, USA T018 (ei)
Spennymoor, Durham, England T060 (I)
Spring Bank Farm, Gil., South Australia. T012 (i)
Spring Bay, Tasmania, Australia T003 (ei)
Springfield, Bay, Florida, USA T018 (ei)
Springfield, Vermont, USA T005 (it)
Springvale, Victoria, Australia T049 (i)
Springville, Peterborough West, Ontario, Canada T015 (i)
St Andrews, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, S Wales T046 (i)
St Andrews, Dorset, England T073 (I)
St Andrews, Fife, Scotland T001 (i)
St Catherines, Ontario, Canada T001 (i)
St Columb, Cornwall, England T001 (i)
St Davids, Exeter, Devon, England T025 (ei)
St George’s East, London T004 (i)
St Giles, Middlesex, England T019 (i)
St Ives, Cornwall, England T001 (i)
St James, W. London, Middlesex, England T034 (i) T044 (i)
St John the Baptist, Ashbrittle, Somerset, England T031 (i)
St John, Paddington, Middlesex, England T009 (i)
St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada T006 (i)
St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
St Lawrence Co., New York, USA T005 (it)
St Lucie, St Lucie, Florida, USA T018 (ei)
St Luke,Finsbury,Middlesex. T004 (i)
St Martins in the Fields,Middlesex,England T019 (i)
St Marylebone, London, Middlesex, England T044 (i)
St Minver, Cornwall, England T039 (i)
St Pancras, N London, England T003 (i) T021 (i) T022 (i) T028 (i) T063 (i)
St Paul’s, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia T049 (i)
St Pauls, London, Middlesex, England T019 (i)
St Pentre, Glamorgan, Wales T031 (i)
St Thomas, Exeter, Devon, England T026 (i) T040 (i)
St. Alphage, Greenwich, Kent, England T059 (I)
St. George E, E. London T004 (i)
St. Pancras, N London, England T035 (i)
St. Thomas, Exeter, Devon T001 (i)
Stafford, Staffordshire, England T027 (i)
Staghorn Flat, Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia T001 (i)
Stanton Drew, Somersetshire, England T031 (i)
Starcross, Devon, England T001 (i)
Sterling, Windham Co., Connecticut, USA T005 (it)
Stockbridge, Georgia, USA T008 (e)
Stockport, Lancashire,England T002 (ei)
Stoke Damerel, Devon, England T010 (i) T023 (e) T059 (i)
Stoke Newington, London, England T034 (i) T044 (i)
Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon, England T007 (ei)
Stoney Creek, Nash, North Carolina, USA T057 (e)
Stonington, New London, Connecticut T005 (it)
Strand, Exeter, Devonshire, England T031 (i)
Stratford, Essex, England T004 (i)
Stratford, Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
Streatham, London, England T022 (i)
Stroud, Gloucestershire, England T003 (ei)
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada T011 (i)
Sugartown, Beauregard, Louisiana, USA T018 (ei)
Sumter, Florida, USA T018 (ei)
Sunderland, Durham, England T020 (i)
Superior, Wisconsin, USA T016 (e)
Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
Surrey, England T001 (i) T009 (i) T028 (i)
Surrey,British Columbia,Canada T014 (ei)
Sutton Coldfield, England T003 (ei)
Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
Swanage, Dorsetshire, England T010 (i)
Swindon,Wilshire,England T007 (ei)
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia T003 (ei) T009 (i) T022 (i) T025 (ei)
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada T014 (ei)


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