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Below is an alphabetical list of place names from the Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death and Burial records in the published Trees. Each entry includes the Tree reference(s) followed by code for the B__GOOD Surname: B(e)dgood, B(i)dgood, Bed(g)good and Bi(t)good. For example:

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada T002 (ei)  T014 (ei)

This list may help find other trees with references to the same places as those in your own tree.

Use the Tree Name (T0xx) to access the published Tree on Tribal Pages or Rootsweb.

Place names:

Abilene, Taylor, Texas, USA T050 (i)
Accrington, Lancashire, England T031 (i)
Acton, Middlesex, England T001 (i)
Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma, USA T018 (ei)
Adams, Wisconsin, USA T005 (it)
Addingham,Yorkshire, England T031 (i)
Adelaide,South Australia T012 (i)
Agawam, Hampden Co., Massachusets, USA T005 (it)
Ainesworth, Brown, Nebraska, USA T005 (it)
Alameda, California, USA T018 (ei)
Alamo, Wheeler, Georgia, USA T018 (ei)
Albany, Dougherty Co., Georgia, USA T030 (ei)
Albury, New South Wales, Australia T001 (i)
Aldershot, Hampshire, England T001 (i)  T031 (i)
Allans Flat, Victoria, Australia T001 (i)
Alphington, Devonshire, England T026 (i)
Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England T004 (i)
Amesbury, Wiltshire, England T007 (ei)
Anacoco, Vernon, Louisiana, USA T018 (ei)
Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska, USA T018 (ei)
Andalusia, Covington Co., Alabama, USA T018 (ei)
Anderson Co., Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Angel Hill, Tiverton, Devon T021 (i)
Arabi, Crisp, Georgia, USA T030 (ei)
Ashbrittle, Somerset, England T034 (i)  T055 (I)
Ashburton, Devonshire, England T028 (i)
At Sea T001 (i)
Athens, Clarke Co., Georgia, USA T018 (ei)
Atlanta, Cass Co.,Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia, USA T018 (ei)  T030 (ei)
Atlanta, Georgia, USA T005 (it)  T008 (e)
Attercliffe, Yorkshire SR, England T032 (i)
Auckland, New Zealand T003 (ei)  T009 (i)  T027 (i)
Augusta, Richmond Co., Georgia, USA T018 (ei)
Aurora, Indiana, USA T008 (e)



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