Places D – G

Below is an alphabetical list of place names from the Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death and Burial records in the published Trees. Each entry includes the Tree reference(s) followed by code for the B__GOOD Surname: B(e)dgood, B(i)dgood, Bed(g)good and Bi(t)good.

For example: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada T002 (ei) T014 (ei).       The location Halifax is found in Trees T002 and T014, which both contain BEDGOOD and BIDGOOD surnames.

This list may help find other trees with references to the same places as those in your own tree.  In Tribal Pages  use TREEINDEX Tnnn to access the published Tree, on WorldConnect use the Advanced search.

Place Names beginning with D – G:

Place Name  Tree Ref.   (Surname Code)

Dalston, Middlesex, England T003 (ei)
Delhi, Richland, Louisiana, USA
Des Allemands, Louisiana, USA (ei)
Dufftown, Speyside, Scotland T061 (i)
Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota, USA T005 (it)
Dulverton, Somerset, England T031 (i)
Dysart, Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire T060 (I)
East Carroll, Louisiana, USA T024 (ei)
E Sussex, England T035 (i)
E.Stonehouse, Devonshire, England T007 (ei)
Ealing, Middlesex, England T035 (i)
East Brighton, Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
East Finchley, Middlesex, England T003 (ei)
East Mare, Tiverton, Devon, England T038 (i)
Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England T007 (ei)
Eastwood, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia T050 (i)
Ecclesfield, Yorkshire SR, England T032 (i)
Eden Hill, Sligo, Ireland T061 (i)
Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA T057 (e)
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland T060 (iI)
Edmonton, Middlesex, England T003 (ei) T038 (i)
Eglwysilan, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, S Wales T002 (ei)
Egypt T001 (i)
Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand T009 (i)
Ellis, Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Elmhurst, Dupoye Co., Illinois, USA T041 (ei)
Eloise, Michigan, USA T001 (i)
Emu Creek, Queensland, Australia T004 (i)
Enfield, Halifax, North Carolina, USA T057 (e)
Enfield, Middlesex, England T038 (i)
Epehy, Somme, France T038 (i)
Epping, Essex, England T003 (ei)
Epps, East Caroll, Louisiana, USA T024 (ei)
Epsom, Surrey, England T035 (i)
Ermington, Devon, England T023 (e)
Escambia, Alabama, USA T016 (e) T018 (ei)
Essex, England T004 (i)
Eustis, Lake, Florida, USA T018 (ei)
Exeter, Devon, England T001 (i) T009 (i) T021 (i) T031 (i) T040 (i)
Exeter, Washington Co., Rhode Island, USA T005 (it)
Fair Oaks, Sacramento, California, USA T018 (ei)
Fairfield City, Connecticut, USA T020 (i)
Fairview, Hendricks Co., Indiana, USA T041 (ei)
Falls Twp, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA T013 (i)
Faringdon, Berkshire, England T001 (i)
Farmborough, Somersetshire, England T031 (i)
Farnborough, Hampshire, England T001 (i)
Farrington Gurney, Somersetshire, England T032 (i)
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA T001 (i)
Felbridge, Worth, East Sussex, England T021 (i)
Feniton, Devon, England T007 (ei)
Fielding, New Zealand T009 (i)
Finsbury, Middlesex, England T004 (i)
Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario, Canada T001 (i)
Flanders, Belgium T001 (i) T032 (i)
Flint, Mississippi, USA T016 (e)
Flomation, Escambia, Alabama, USA T018 (ei)
Folkestone, Kent, England T001 (i)
Forest Gate, Essex, England T001 (i)
Fortune, Burin, Newfoundland T014 (ei)
Four Oaks, Warwickshire, England T003 (ei)
France WW1 T001 (i) T020 (i)
Franklin Co., New York, USA T005 (it)
Franklin Co., Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Fremont, Michigan, USA T005 (it)
Fremont, Newaygo Co., Michigan, USA T005 (it)
Fresno, California, USA T018 (ei)
Friern Barnet, Middlesex, England T038 (i)
Fulham, W London, England T050 (i) T063 (i)
Furstenfeldbruck, Bayern, Germany T018 (ei)
Fyans Street, Geelong, Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
Gallatin, Montana, USA T051 (i)
Garland, Dallas, Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Garland, Miller, Arkansas, USA T018 (ei)
Gateshead, Durham, England T020 (i)
Gazely, Suffolk, England T001 (i)
Geelong, Victoria, Australia T049 (i)
Genesee, Allegany, New York, USA T056 (t)
Georgia, USA T016 (e) T017 (e) T018 (ei) T024 (ei)
Geraldton, Ontario, Canada T011 (i)
Gippsland, E Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
Gisborne, New Zealand T009 (i)
Gladewater, Gregg, Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Glamorgan, Tasmania, Australia T003 (ei)
Glamorganshire, South Wales T001 (i) T031 (i)
Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland T002 (ei)
Glenwood, Wheeler, Georgia, USA T018 (ei)
Gloucestershire, England T020 (i) T030 (ei)
Goderich, Huron, Ontario, Canada T028 (i)
Golant, Cornwall, England T001 (i)
Goldonna, Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA T024 (ei) T062 (e)
Gordon, Victoria, Australia T003 (ei)
Gosport, Hampshire, England T020 (i)
Grand Blanc, Genesee, Mississippi, USA T016 (e)
Grand Rapids, Kent, Mississippi, USA T067 (i)
Grant Co., Wisconsin, USA T005 (it)
Grant, Louisiana, USA T024 (ei) T062 (e)
Grant, Newaygo Co., Michigan, USA T005 (it)
Gravesend, Kent, England T009 (i)
Grayson, Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Great Swan Point, Tasmania, Australia T003 (ei)
Greene, Missouri, USA T008 (e)
Greenhithe, Kent, England T004 (i)
Greenville, Butler, Alabama, USA T017 (e)
Greenville, Hunt Co., Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Greenwich, Kent, England T028 (i)
Gregg Co., Texas, USA T018 (ei) T024 (ei)
Grimes, Texas, USA T018 (ei)
Griswold, New London, Connecticut, USA T005 (it)

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