This is an alphabetical list of place names from the Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death and Burial records in the published Trees. Each entry includes the Tree reference(s) followed by code for the B__GOOD Surname: B(e)dgood, B(i)dgood, Bed(g)good and Bi(t)good.

For example: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada T002 (ei) T014 (ei).       The location Halifax is found in Trees T002 and T014, which both contain BEDGOOD and BIDGOOD surnames.

This list may help find other trees with references to the same places as those in your own tree.  In Tribal Pages  use .ABTREEINDEX Tnnn to access the published Tree, on WorldConnect use the Advanced search.

Links to place names:

A – C      D – G     H – L      M – O      P –  R      S – S      T – Z

WARNING: These lists are rarely visited or used. They will remain for the present but will not be updated frequently. So if you do not find the place name you are seeking try using one of the three Site Searches accessed to the upper right.

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