One-Name Study

A One-Name Study (ONS) attempts to comprise all individuals with the chosen surname(s) and may contain data from many different sources including:

  • Birth, Marriage and Death Indices
  • Census
  • City Directories
  • Obituaries
  • Cemetery Records
  • Electoral Lists
  • Newspapers
  • Church Records

The information may extend to different countries and go back in time from the present to the 1500s and earlier. Where possible the data is grouped into Trees containing those individuals who are related.

The BEDGOOD/BIDGOOD/BEDGGOOD/BITGOOD ONS registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies is the work of Don Bidgood, who compiles information from many sources and many different researchers. It comprises:

  • BIDGOOD 12,000+
  • BEDGOOD 2,800+
  • BEDGGOOD 1,400+
  • BITGOOD 500+

Data for wives, maternal ancestors, and children of marriages increases the total number of records to about 30,000. A ONS is an ongoing project so these numbers increase with time

Information for the larger trees is published on TribalPages and WorldConnect . To see if your members of your line are there use Search. If you do not find an entry for your name you should contact Don Bidgood giving as much information as possible and ask for a search of all the records in the ONS. 

Please note that in respect for the privacy of Living Persons information about individuals born less than 100 years ago is not on public display, though it may be made available on request to family members.

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