New to Family History?

This is the place to start.

It is tempting to jump straight into the Internet but it is better to start with your own family! The reason is that while the  Web is an excellent source of information for genealogy there is a gap of about 100 years where data is not easily available because of the need to preserve confidentiality for living people.

So start asking questions of your own family: your parents, and your grandparents can be a great help. Especially the older people who often have very long memories of the past which can easily span that 100 years. It can be a challenge bringing back those memories and often you will need several sessions. Another challenge is translating the names they have in their memory into the official names that you require, so that Uncle Albert has to become Albert Arthur BIDGOOD.

Before you go very far take a look at the some examples of advice on “How to Get Started” on the Internet, they can save you time and grief:

Other people interested in Family History are usually very willing to help with advice and information. One way to contact them is to post a query on this site by using the Comment area at the bottom of the Posts page.

Good hunting.

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