Welcome to B_GOOD Notes.

Where we share information on our ancestors with surnames
Bidgood, Bedgood, Bedggood, Bitgood and variants.

Here are posts, news, and tools to help use the data published on TribalPages and World Connect

Check out:

Names where you can search for an individual name.
Newbies if you are new to Family History.
Posts has information and queries, and is the place for your comments and requests.
Letter for details of work in progress.
Places an alphabetical list of place names with their Trees.
Trees has more information about some major published Trees.
Marriages for both B__GOOD husbands and B__GOOD wives.

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This site is in active development. Corrections, comments, queries, suggestions are very welcome, as are reports of system operating problems.

The Editor of B_GOOD Notes is Don Bidgood who has been actively involved in Genealogy as a hobby since 1995.

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