Husband A – C

The Marriage listings below display the  name of the husband, birth year, marriage year and place together with the maiden name of the wife and her birth year and the Tree Code. This should help find the marriage information for B__GOOD husbands married to unknown non-B__GOOD wives. Details of all these marriages have been published on TribalPages and World Connect.

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Husband’s Given Name(s) beginning with A – C:

? BEDGGOOD b.1870 and BEDGGOOD, Eliza Ann b.1871 m. (T003)
Aaron BEDGOOD b.1980 and PITTMAN, Penny b.1980 m. (T018)
Aaron Charles BEDGOOD b.1958 and KENDRICK, Rebecca Ann b.1955 m. (T018)
Abraham BIDGOOD b.1861 and JOHNS, Margaret Elizabeth b.1864 m.1885 Catchgate, Rowlands Gill, nr Gateshead, Durham (T020)
Abraham BIDGOOD b.1807 and DAWE, Joan Smith b.1808 m.1834 Tavistock, Devon, England (T020)
Abraham BIDGOOD b.1796 and GILLARD, Agnes b.1794 m.1821 Broadhembury, Devonshire, England (T034)
Abraham BIDGOOD b.1838 and ELSTON, Selina or Celena b.1844 m.1864 Tiverton, Devon, England (T034)
Abraham BIDGOOD b.1750 and HELLINGS OR HELLINS, Thomazin (Tomasin) b. m.1771 Ashbrittle, Somerset, England (T055)
Abraham BIDGOOD b.1711 and KERSLAKE, Elinor b. m.1737 Hockworthy, Devon (U)
Abraham BIDGOOD b.1816 and SELDON, Grace b.1816 m.1837 Bradninch, Devon, England (U)
Abraham BIDGOOD b. and PENNY, Jane b. m.1742 Townstall, Dartmouth, Devon, England (U)
Abraham BIDGOOD b. and THOMPSON, Ellen b. m.1783 Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London, England (U)
Abraham Lincoln BITGOOD b.1866 and BRAMAN, Cearril Evelyn b.1876 m.1893 Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island, USA (T005)
Abram BIDGOOD b.1684 and REDWOOD, Elinor or Elnor b. m.1709 Hockworthy, Devon (U)
Alan BIDGOOD b.1923 and WELCH, Hilda b.1925 m. (T021)
Alan A. BEDGGOOD b.1936 and ALFORD, Elizabeth b.1935 m.1963 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England (T003)
Alan Denis BEDGGOOD b.1906 and GRAY, Hilda Doreen b.1870 m. (T003)
Alan Ernest BEDGGOOD b.1908 and WYLIE, Minnie Elizabeth b.1908 m.1939 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Alan George BEDGGOOD b.1952 and MARTIN, Wendy Anne b.1953 m. (T003)
Alan George BIDGOOD b.1917 and CROLE, Audrey Helena b.1920 m.1942 Victoria, Australia (T007)
Alan Jack BIDGOOD b.1940 and HUTTON, Alison Margaret b.1940 m.1963 Stockport, Cheshire, England (U)
Alan Rowland BEDGGOOD b.1934 and EGAN, Dorothy Lorraine b. m. (T003)
Albert BEDGGOOD b.1933 and WEBSTER, June b.1935 m. (T003)
Albert BEDGOOD b.1908 and HAIGHT, Gladys Virginia b.1905 m.1936 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA (T008)
Albert BEDGOOD b.1881 and TRAMS, Dorothea Lucy H. b.1886 m.1902 Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois, USA (T008)
Albert BIDGOOD b.1850 and SAUNDERS, Susan b.1846 m.1873 Kenton, Devon, England (T001)
Albert BIDGOOD b.1887 and HURFORD, Lily Annie b.1890 m.1915 Devon, England (T031)
Albert Augustus Fitzroy Sommessel BIDGOOD b.1862 and KENNETT, Elizabeth Ann. b.1868 m.1892 Kent, England (T021)
Albert Doane BITGOOD b.1884 and TROMANS, Margaret Ellen b.1881 m.1919 (T005)
Albert E BITGOOD b.1836 and BROWN, Emma Jane b.1852 m. (T005)
Albert Edward BIDGOOD b.1893 and LANGDON, Ada Mary b.1893 m.1919 Newton Abbot, Devon, England (T010)
Albert Edward BIDGOOD b.1887 and JEWSON, Beatrice Bessie b.1881 m.1909 Stoke Damerel, Devon, England (T023)
Albert George or (BEDGOOD) BIDGOOD b.1889 and WRIGGLESWORTH, Ivy May b.1897 m.1914 Mornington, Victoria, Australia (T007)
Albert Henry BEDGGOOD b.1856 and RANKIN OR RENKIN, Margaret b.1861 m.1881 Beaufort, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Albert Henry BEDGGOOD b.1883 and ADAMS, Emma b.1883 m.1906 Victoria Australia (T003)
Albert Henry BIDGOOD b.1876 and PEARNE, Florence Louise b.1879 m.1899 London, England (T009)
Albert Henry BIDGOOD b.1900 and HESSE, Sabine b.1921 m.1966 England (T009)
Albert Henry BIDGOOD b.1900 and SAMPSON, Mary b.1898 m.1923 London, England (T009)
Albert Henry BIDGOOD b.1852 and CAPLE, Mary Ann b.1852 m.1874 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (U)
Albert Irving BEDGGOOD b.1913 and GRAY, Ethel May b.1914 m.1940 Victoria Australia (T003)
Albert James BIDGOOD b.1890 and GILLIES OR GILLIS, Catherine Agnes b.1894 m.1912 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Albert John (Jack) BEDGGOOD b.1903 and YOUNG, Winifred Hazel b.1910 m.1928 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Albert Leopold BIDGOOD b.1871 and SMITH, Lydia Tucker b.1871 m.1899 Exeter, Devon, England (T022)
Albert Richard BIDGOOD b.1872 and KNIGHT, Aurilla b.1874 m.1900 Montevideo, Minnesota, USA (T005)
Albert Stanley BEDGGOOD b.1896 and TRESIZE OR TREZISE, Laura Elizabeth b.1900 m.1919 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Albert Theodore BIDGOOD b.1903 and BOEHM, Olga b.1901 m.1928 (T005)
Albert Thomas BIDGOOD b.1884 and ROMEISER, Wilhelmina b.1879 m.1897 London, England (T027)
Albert Thomas BIDGOOD b.1884 and STALLEY, Eileen Mary b.1905 m. (T027)
Albert Thomas BIDGOOD b.1884 and HUNT, Katherine Louise b.1883 m. (T027)
Albert Victor BIDGOOD b.1887 and DAINTY, Nellie b.1889 m.1908 Edmonton, Middlesex, England (U)
Albert W. BIDGOOD b.1865 and ABRIEL, Mary Theresa b.1857 m.1865 (T005)
Albihu Cyril BEDGOOD b. and CAMPBELL, Joe Nell b. m. (U)
Alexander BIDGOOD b.1900 and MEANS, Myrtle Mary Peace b.1901 m.1928 Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand (T009)
Alexander BIDGOOD b.1605 and THOMAS, Mary b. m.1640 Holcombe Rogus, Devon (T054)
Alexander BIDGOOD b. and PALFREY, Joan b. m.1686 Silverton, Devon, England (U)
Alexander (BADGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and MARCKS, Dorathea b. m.1632 Burlescombe, Devon (U)
Alexander Masters BIDGOOD b.1799 and GOODMAN, Ann b.1808 m.1829 (T044)
Alexander Masters BIDGOOD b.1799 and BROAD, Mary b.1804 m.1825 St Marylebone, W London, England (T044)
Alfred BIDGOOD b.1875 and FLINT, Alice Annie E. b.1870 m.1901 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T031)
Alfred Alan BIDGOOD b.1912 and RILEY OR RYLEY, Edna Ruby b. m.1935 Victoria, Australia (T049)
Alfred Albert BEDGOOD b.1844 and CLORE, Harriet E. b.1847 m.1866 Rising Sun, Ohio, Indiana, USA (T008)
Alfred Bryant BIDGOOD b.1870 and HAWTHORNE, Mary Jane b. m. (T028)
Alfred Ernest Herbert BEDGGOOD b.1871 and DAMYON OR DAMIEN, Sophie or Sophia b.1869 m.1890 Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Alfred Frank BEDGGOOD b.1901 and BEDGGOOD, Rose Ann b. m.1942 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Alfred Ian BEDGGOOD b.1938 and BEATTIE, Shirley Olive b.1938 m.1959 Whangeri, New Zealand (T003)
Alfred Owen BIDGOOD b. and BRADY, Shirley b. m. (T004)
Alfred William BIDGOOD b.1847 and GRAY, Alice b.1855 m.1874 Pipe Clay Creek, Highfields, nr Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Allan BEDGOOD b. and KEELING, Ethel b. m. (U)
Allan BEDGOOD b.1940 and SMITH, Doreen b.1932 m. (U)
Allan James BEDGGOOD b.1928 and WIDDISON, Elizabeth (Bess) b.1930 m. (T003)
Allan James BEDGGOOD b.1928 and KING, Shirley Gwynneth b.1928 m. (T003)
Allan James BEDGGOOD b.1928 and WIDDISON, Elizabeth b.1930 m. (T003)
Allan James BEDGGOOD b.1928 and KING, Shirley Gwenneth b.1928 m. (T003)
Allan James BIDGOOD b.1913 and RAATZ, Gladys Marion b.1913 m.1940 Coalbank, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Allen BITGOOD b.1803 and ROUSE, Betsey b.1798 m.1822 Voluntown, Windham Co., Connecticut, USA (T005)
Allen BITGOOD b.1803 and TANNER, Alma b.1816 m.1855 Richmond, Washington Co., Rhode Island, USA (T005)
Allic Stanford BIDGOOD b.1898 and BRACKENRIDGE, Mary b.1904 m.1929 (T015)
Alva Lawrence BIDGOOD b.1895 and MCDANIEL, Beulah Grace b.1901 m.1919 Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana, USA (T072)
Alvin Paul BEDGOOD b.1924 and JORDAN, Barbara b.1925 m. (T018)
Alvin Paul BEDGOOD b.1924 and CABRAL, Pierrine Charlotte Claudine b.1926 m.1968 (T018)
Alwyn Keith De Grey BIDGOOD b.1916 and PRICE, Eva May b. m.1942 Victoria, Australia (U)
Ambrose F. BIDGOOD b.1932 and WALSH, Mary b.1935 m.1956 (T006)
Amiron BITGOOD b.1819 and ALLEN, Mary E. b.1826 m.1848 Kalamazoo Co., Michigan, USA (T005)
Andrew BEDGGOOD b. and BARRATT, Lynette Fay b.1956 m.1978 (T003)
Andrew BEDGOOD b.1928 and REESE, Virene Mae b.1931 m.1971 Jasper Co., Texas, USA (T024)
Andrew BIDGOOD b. and DANIEL, Susan b. m.1632 Saint Martin-Vintry, London, London, England (U)
Andrew Buford BEDGOOD b.1878 and UNKNOWN, Bonnie M. b.1887 m.1904 Cherokee, Texas, USA (T018)
Andrew Calvin BEDGOOD b.1862 and PURVIS, Nancy Jane b.1862 m.1890 Brewton, Escambia Co., Alabama, USA (T018)
Andrew Donald BITGOOD b.1888 and WOOD, Ida May b.1887 m.1915 (T005)
Andrew Douglas BEDGGOOD b.1965 and SVENDSEN, Elizabeth Adele b.1965 m. (T003)
Andrew Jackson BITGOOD b.1845 and BURDICK, Mary Victoria b.1852 m.1875 (T005)
Andrew John BEDGGOOD b.1953 and GREEN, Rowan Elizabeth b.1950 m. (T003)
Andrew John BEDGGOOD b.1953 and BARRET, Lynn b.1955 m. (T003)
Andrew John BEDGGOOD b.1953 and GREEN, Rowan Elizabeth b.1950 m. (T003)
Andrew John BEDGGOOD b.1953 and BARRET, Lyn b.1915 m. (T003)
Andrew John BEDGGOOD b.1953 and GEREEN, Rowen Elizabeth b.1950 m. (T003)
Andrew John BEDGGOOD b.1953 and BARRET, Lyn b.1955 m. (T003)
Andrew Martin BIDGOOD b.1962 and MCGAAN, Allison b.1964 m.1988 (T005)
Andrew Martin BITGOOD b.1879 and HANSEN, Maggie b.1905 m.1905 Santa Barbara, California, USA (T056)
Andrew Steven BEDGOOD b.1891 and EMMONS, Nora Lorraine b.1894 m.1914 Owen, Escambia, Alabama, USA (T016)
Andy BIDGOOD b.1960 and SKEVINGTON, Amanda b.1965 m. (T001)
Anthony BIDGOOD b. and HEWETT, Wilmot b. m.1618 Tiverton, Devon, England (U)
Anthony BIDGOOD b. and CUTLAND, Mary b. m.1639 Tiverton, Devon, England (U)
Anthony BIDGOOD b. and THOMAS, Wallbin b. m.1634 Washfield, Devon, England (U)
Anthony BIDGOOD b.1920 and COPPOLD, Winifred L. b.1925 m. (U)
Anthony (BIGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and WILLIAMS, Ann b. m.1728 Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire (U)
Anthony Charles BIDGOOD b.1944 and WHITTINGTON, Rosaline b.1945 m.1966 (T031)
Anthony G. BIDGOOD b.1950 and LEEKS, Lorretta b.1955 m.1974 (T031)
Anthony John BIDGOOD b.1934 and TOWNLEY, Janet M. b.1934 m.1958 Kent, England (T001)
April Valentine BIDGOOD b. and BODY, Iris Dorothy b. m.1934 Elburton, Devon, England (U)
Archibald BEDGOOD b.1853 and WILLIAMS, Darcy Anne b.1859 m.1878 Nash, North Carolina, USA (T057)
Archibald Earl or Erle BIDGOOD b.1909 and WILLIAMS, Ann Margaret b.1909 m.1933 Queensland, Australia (T004)
Archibald Thomas BEDGGOOD b.1914 and VERRECHIO, Vera b.1916 m.1943 Bradford, Yorkshire, England (T003)
Arlie Lester BEDGOOD b.1909 and DEAL, Ina Elizabeth b.1914 m.1933 Emanuel Co., Georgia, USA (T018)
Arlie Roscoe BEDGOOD b.1909 and WILSON, Thelma Lee b.1912 m. (T018)
Arnold Ray BEDGOOD b.1939 and BARBERS, Carolyn S. b.1941 m.1960 (T024)
Arthur BEDGGOOD b.1875 and COOPER, Emily Florence b.1877 m.1903 Hertfordshire, England (T003)
Arthur BIDGOOD b.1901 and WARDEN, Melita b.1902 m.1923 Plymouth, Devon, England (T001)
Arthur BIDGOOD b.1867 and PARSONS, Mary Ann Mead b.1870 m.1891 Devon, England (T040)
Arthur BIDGOOD b.1890 and HUGHES, Agnes b.1898 m.1918 U.F.C. Manse, Loughborough Rd., Dysart, Fife, Scotland (T060)
Arthur BIDGOOD b.1889 and TROWBRIDGE, Daisy Adelaide b.1887 m.1910 Gloucestershire, England (U)
Arthur BIDGOOD b.1888 and MEAD, Mary Anne b.1888 m. (U)
Arthur BIDGOOD b.1780 and LAWSON, Helen b.1780 m. (U)
Arthur BIDGOOD b.1552 and HODGES, Expian b.1552 m. (U)
Arthur BIDGOOD b. and GODLEY, Alice b. m.1922 Eckington, Derbyshire, England (U)
Arthur BIDGOOD b.1879 and CHARD, Annie Maria b. m.1907 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (U)
Arthur (BIDGEGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and HODGES, Expian or Xtian b. m.1577 North Petherton, Somerset, England (U)
Arthur (Oswald) David BIDGOOD b.1864 and PRITCHARD, Edith Gange b.1857 m.1889 Westleyan Methodist, Portland St, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England (T002)
Arthur Edward Frank Henry BIDGOOD b.1880 and KELLEY, Winnie Merle b.1887 m.1908 Methodist Church, Pirie St., Adelaide, S Australia (T012)
Arthur Francis BIDGOOD b.1898 and CHURCHWARD, Florence R. b.1898 m.1922 Devon, England (T001)
Arthur Frederick BEDGGOOD b.1916 and THERON, Mona b.1918 m.1938 (T003)
Arthur Henry BIDGOOD b.1867 and JONES, Alice Maria M. b.1865 m.1885 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (U)
Arthur James BEDGGOOD b.1897 and DAWE, Ada Florence Elsie b.1893 m.1923 Gloucestershire, England (T003)
Arthur James Henry BIDGOOD b.1928 and MORTIMER, Joyce Miriam b.1928 m.1949 Glamorgan, S Wales (T007)
Arthur John BIDGOOD b.1900 and KELLY, Katherine b.1900 m.1928 Newport, Monmouthshire, South Wales (T031)
Arthur Madison BEDGOOD b.1900 and RANZAN, Olivia b. m. (T018)
Arthur Madison BEDGOOD b.1956 and CRUME, Jean Anne b.1956 m.1977 Smith Co., Texas, USA (T018)
Arthur Madison Jr BEDGOOD b.1932 and OBERMAN, Shirley Ann b.1935 m.1949 Texas, USA (T018)
Arthur Murray BIDGOOD b.1923 and CROSS, Mabel Edith b.1919 m.1948 Bath, Somersetshire, England (T001)
Arthur Walter BIDGOOD b.1865 and PORTER, Ellen b.1870 m.1896 Poplar, Essex, England (T021)
Arthur William BIDGOOD b.1885 and FRENCH, Euphemia Maud M. b.1888 m.1908 Sussex, England (T001)
Arthur William Edward BIDGOOD b. and BROCK, Jeanette Edith Marjorie b. m.1953 St Mathias, Plymouth, Devon, England (U)
Arthur William. BIDGOOD b.1910 and LAWSON, Helen Diana b. m. (T001)
Asa Allen BEDGOOD b.1885 and BURNUM, Eliza Lee b. m.1904 (T024)
Asbery BEDGOOD b.1850 and HICKS, Mary Ann b.1850 m.1875 (U)
Ashley Ross BIDGOOD b.1970 and RIETHMULLER, Anita b.1975 m. (T004)
Athol Ernest BEDGGOOD b.1924 and PARKER, Doris Joy b.1923 m.1947 (T003)
Augustus Charles BEDGGOOD b.1882 and BALDOCK, Olive Eveline b.1883 m.1914 Geelong, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Augustus Edwin BEDGGOOD b.1874 and PENNEY, Elizabeth b.1882 m.1905 (T003)
Auston Thomas BEDGOOD b.1924 and UNKNOWN, Mary V. b.1927 m.1947 Vernon, Louisiana, USA (T018)
Barnard William BIDGOOD b.1905 and BRADISH, Erma Nellie b.1904 m.1925 Springfield, Vermont, USA (T005)
Barney Bordon BEDGOOD b.1881 and LITTLE, Sarah b.1885 m.1905 (T016)
Beder Calvin BEDGOOD b.1895 and GOEBEL, Annie Elizabeth b.1897 m.1917 Texas, USA (T018)
Beder Roy BEDGOOD b.1918 and NOWLIN, Frances Eloise b.1918 m. (T018)
Benedicke or Benedict (BIDEGOOD or BIDGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and COOKE, Margaret b. m.1612 Westerleigh, Gloucester, England (U)
Benjamin BEDGOOD b.1788 and BIGGS, Sarah b.1809 m.1837 Bath, Somerset, England (T029)
Benjamin BEDGOOD b. and HODGES, Jane b. m.1831 Bath, Somerset, England (U)
Benjamin BIDGOOD b.1745 and STOCK, Mary b.1745 m.1769 West Teignmouth, Devonshire, England (T006)
Benjamin BIDGOOD b.1829 and BIDGOOD, Mrs. Mary b.1830 m. (T007)
Benjamin BIDGOOD b. and STOOK, Mary b. m.1769 West Teignmouth, Devonshire, England (U)
Benjamin BIDGOOD b. and BIDGOOD, Elizabeth b. m.1678 Witheridge, Devon, England (U)
Benjamin BIDGOOD b. and EDWARDS, Mary b. m.1806 Ludford, Shropshire, England (U)
Benjamin BIDGOOD b. and PATEY, Mary b. m.1673 Tiverton, Devon, England (U)
Benjamin BIDGOOD b. and DAVIS, Mary b. m.1796 Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA (U)
Benjamin BIDGOOD b. and HILL, Joane b. m.1693 Saint Martin, Exeter, Devon, England (U)
Benjamin BITGOOD b.1783 and PICKLE, Margaret b.1789 m.1808 (T005)
Benjamin (BEDGOOD) BIDGOOD b.1825 and FRENCH, Mary b.1825 m.1845 Chard, Somersetshire (T002)
Benjamin (Beniamin) BIDGOOD b. and HOLMEADE, Elizabeth b. m.1664 Witheridge, Devon, England (U)
Benjamin Frederick BIDGOOD b.1828 and DAILEY, Isabella b.1830 m.1890 Lancaster, Grant Co., Wisconsin, USA (T005)
Benjamin Frederick BIDGOOD b.1828 and HUTCHINSON, Anne or Anna B. b.1840 m.1856 Mt Ida, Grant Co., Wisconsin, USA (T005)
Benjamin Hope BIDGOOD b.1793 and SHADDOCK OR WHITE, Elizabeth b.1799 m.1817 Culmstock, Devon, England (T007)
Benjamin John BIDGOOD b.1710 and TUCKER, Grace b.1715 m.1741 West Teignmouth, Devonshire, England (T006)
Benjamin Taylor BIDGOOD b.1901 and NEEDHAM, Vada Abbie b.1905 m.1930 Easton Twp., Adams Co., Wisconsin, USA (T005)
Bennett B. BEDGOOD b.1878 and BIDGOOD, Christiana Mary b. m.1888 Henley, Oxfordshire (T030)
Bernard BIDGOOD b.1913 and BADGERY-STOCKER, Mary Hetty b.1917 m.1936 Devon, England (T010)
Bernard Richard BIDGOOD b.1926 and KIDD, Joyce Florence Margaret b.1928 m.1949 (T012)
Bernard Ross BEDGGOOD b.1947 and SENIOR, Elizabeth Francis b.1944 m.1975 Auckland, New Zealand (T003)
Bertram Francis Drake BIDGOOD b.1920 and NAYLOR, Catherine b.1915 m. (T031)
Bertram Hayward BEDGGOOD b.1919 and BETHELL, Constance Mary b.1921 m.1943 (T003)
Bertram Walter Drake BIDGOOD b.1885 and CHRISTIAN, Alicia Jane b.1884 m.1913 Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Ireland (T031)
Bevis M. BEDGGOOD b.1939 and PROFFITT, Judy b.1940 m.1963 Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England (T003)
Bill BIDGOOD b.1840 and WILLIAMS, Kay b.1840 m. (U)
Billy Inman BEDGOOD b.1933 and PARKER, Linda Marie b.1945 m.1966 (T008)
Bobby Lloyd BEDGOOD b.1940 and GARZA, Graciela b.1946 m.1980 Harris Co., Texas, USA (T018)
Bobby Lloyd BEDGOOD b.1940 and THOMAE, Sharon Lue b.1953 m.1985 Grimes Co., Texas, USA (T018)
Bobby Lloyd BEDGOOD b.1940 and ROSS, Sandra b.1947 m.1965 Georgia, USA (T018)
Bootsie Edward BEDGOOD b.1912 and GORDY, Maybell b.1925 m.1943 Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Brent BIDGOOD b. and MONGRAW, Dana b. m.2005 Peterborough Co., Ontario, Canada (T015)
Brian Ernest BEDGGOOD b.1946 and WITCHEL, Jenny Linda b.1946 m.1966 (T003)
Brian James BEDGGOOD b.1962 and STRIETBURG, Debbie b.1964 m. (T003)
Brian James BEDGGOOD b.1962 and STEVENSON, Kay b.1965 m. (T003)
Brian John BIDGOOD b. and DINGLE, Helena b. m.1989 Methodist Church, Lower Weston, Bath, Somerset, England (U)
Brian Malcolm BIDGOOD b.1936 and LATTER, Merle Irene b.1939 m. (T004)
Brian Malcolm BIDGOOD b.1936 and NEAVES, Glenys b.1941 m.1977 (T004)
Brian Reginald BIDGOOD b.1961 and LITTLETON, Jennifer Maree b.1964 m.1984 (T004)
Brian Richard BITGOOD b.1940 and PLEAU, Corena Mae b.1940 m. (T005)
Brinkley BEDGOOD b.1870 and HUNT, Louisiana b.1877 m.1895 Nashville, Nash Co., North Carolina, USA. (T057)
Bruce BIDGOOD b.1960 and CRYTES, Sylvie b. m. (T001)
Bruce BIDGOOD b.1949 and PRUJEAN, Shellwyn Lesley b.1952 m.1971 Fielding, New Zealand (T009)
Bruce Daniel BEDGGOOD b.1934 and KINGDOM, Clare b.1935 m.1962 Adelaide, South Australia (U)
Bruce Douglas BEDGOOD b.1960 and HONEYCUTT, Kay b. m. (T024)
Bruce Douglas BEDGOOD b.1960 and CLACKLEY, Pamela Jean b.1965 m. (T024)
Buster B. BEDGOOD b.1952 and THORNBORROW, Teresa L. b.1957 m.1992 Harris Co., Texas, USA (U)
Buster B. BEDGOOD b.1952 and GARNIER, Deborah L. b.1957 m.1974 (U)
Buster Bill BEDGOOD b.1952 and THORNBORROW, Teresa Lynn b.1957 m. (T016)
Buster Bill BEDGOOD b.1952 and GARNIER, Deborah b.1957 m. (T016)
Bycelle Daniel BEDGOOD b.1896 and THIGPEN, Stella Jean b.1893 m.1928 Georgia, USA (T018)
Bycelle Daniel BEDGOOD b.1896 and TURNER, Edna Thelma b.1900 m.1915 Georgia, USA (T018)
Bycelle Daniel BEDGOOD b.1896 and CANNON, Sallie Lee b.1905 m.1940 Georgia, USA (T018)
C.M. BEDGOOD b. and MARTIN, Nannie L. b. m.1902 Laurens, Georgia, USA (U)
Calvin Bryant BEDGOOD b.1898 and JAMISON, Laura b.1896 m.1921 (T016)
Cameron Alexander BEDGGOOD b.1975 and BRADLEY, Ruth Margaret b.1981 m. (T003)
Carleton Bloomfield BITGOOD b.1812 and METCALF, Charlotte L. b.1809 m.1837 Fitchville, New London, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Carlton West BEDGOOD b.1922 and HALL, Laura Beth b.1927 m. (T018)
Carroll F. BEDGOOD b.1906 and RAPIN, Marian b.1908 m.1927 (T008)
Cecil BEDGOOD b. and JONES, Nina Myrtle b. m. (U)
Cecil Bertram BIDGOOD b.1880 and BRAITHWAITE, Harriett b. m.1880 Richmond, Tasmania, Australia (T036)
Cecil Eli BIDGOOD b.1903 and SMITH, Edna Robena Wilhemine b.1905 m. (T001)
Cecil James Augustus BEDGGOOD b.1906 and COOK, Frances Alice b.1913 m.1937 Waimate North, New Zealand (T003)
Cecil M. BEDGOOD b.1921 and TAPLEY, Brunell b.1922 m.1940 Florida, USA (T018)
Cedric BEDGOOD b.1974 and ALLEN, Bianca A. b.1971 m.1994 Wichica Co., Texas, USA (U)
Cedric William BIDGOOD b.1926 and SMOOCHY, Daphne b.1926 m. (T004)
Charles BEDGGOOD b.1809 and PRICE, Mary Ann b.1813 m.1834 Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, England (T003)
Charles BEDGOOD b.1825 and CHINNICK, Mary Anne b.1828 m.1847 Parish Church Haselbury Plucknett, Somersetshire (T002)
Charles BIDGOOD b.1850 and BIDGOOD, Elizabeth b.1855 m. (T001)
Charles BIDGOOD b.1843 and BISHOP, Eliza b.1842 m.1867 Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire, England (T004)
Charles BIDGOOD b.1871 and MOORE, Edith Catherine b.1876 m.1895 (T009)
Charles BIDGOOD b.1859 and MCKEE, Elmira b.1871 m.1889 Home of Gordon MCKEE, N. Monaghan Twp., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (T015)
Charles BIDGOOD b.1866 and RICHARDS, Rachel Anne b.1868 m.1890 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, South Wales (T026)
Charles BIDGOOD b. and BEDGOOD, Frances N. b.1884 m.1895 Brentford, Middlesex (T030)
Charles BIDGOOD b.1821 and ROLLS, Charlotte b.1849 m. (T031)
Charles BIDGOOD b.1821 and VOWLES, Sarah b.1825 m.1849 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T031)
Charles BIDGOOD b.1750 and SLOANE, Ann b.1769 m.1801 Rockbeare Court, Rockbeare, Devon, England (T033)
Charles BIDGOOD b. and VOWLES, Sarah b. m.1872 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (U)
Charles BIDGOOD b. and PITMAN, Dorothy b. m.1745 Alphington, Devonshire, England (U)
Charles BIDGOOD b. and BROOKER, Louisa b. m. (U)
Charles Ainsworth BEDGOOD b.1870 and LAMB, LeMona Belle b.1878 m.1897 Hendricks Co., Indiana, USA (T072)
Charles Albert BEDGOOD b.1903 and LOFTON, Ruby b.1907 m. (T008)
Charles Albert BIDGOOD b.1864 and JENKIN, Elizabeth Jane b.1861 m.1884 Penzance, Cornwall (T001)
Charles Albert BIDGOOD b.1885 and VEAL, Matilda b.1886 m.1906 Cornwall, England (T001)
Charles Arnold BIDGOOD b.1885 and TAYLOR, Emma b. m.1908 Yorkshire, England (T040)
Charles Augustus BEDGGOOD b.1840 and HAM, Charlotte b.1844 m.1869 Wesleyan Church, Geelong, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Charles Augustus BEDGOOD b.1877 and KING, Ann Eliza b.1873 m.1901 Lawrence, Arkansass, USA (T008)
Charles Augustus BEDGOOD b.1877 and LUNDBORG PETERSON, Anna Euphemia b.1889 m. (T008)
Charles Austin BIDGOOD b.1875 and MARLETTE, Caroline Elizabeth b.1877 m. (T005)
Charles Bidgood BIDGOOD b.1833 and SELLICK, Mary Anne b.1832 m.1854 Parish Church Sowton, Devon, England (T001)
Charles Bidgood BIDGOOD b.1833 and GIGG, Ann b.1842 m.1885 Devon, England (T001)
Charles Cullimore BEDGGOOD b.1869 and DRAKE, Ethel Minnie b.1883 m.1903 Gloucestershire, England (T079)
Charles Earnest BEDGOOD b.1902 and LEGGE, Mary Helen b. m.1931 Rhynie, Aberdeen, Scotland (U)
Charles Edward BEDGOOD b.1941 and STORCHMAN, Ursula Helga b.1944 m.1964 Georgia, USA (U)
Charles Edwin BIDGOOD b.1852 and GREY, Emma b.1851 m.1873 London City, E London, England (T001)
Charles Edwin BIDGOOD b.1838 and LANGDON, Sarah Ann b.1838 m.1873 Devon, England (T010)
Charles Edwin BIDGOOD b.1840 and CORNISH, Sarah Handford b.1840 m. (U)
Charles Eli BIDGOOD b.1904 and BIDGOOD OR BEDGOOD, Marjorie Ethel Jane b.1908 m. (T001)
Charles Eugene BEDGOOD b.1892 and MCKNIGHT, Mary L. b.1895 m. (T018)
Charles F. BIDGOOD b.1931 and RICHARDSON, Sarah M. b.1937 m.1971 Travis Co., Texas, USA (U)
Charles F. BIDGOOD b.1931 and HLADKY, Jeannine b.1940 m.1985 Travis Co., Texas, USA (U)
Charles F. BIDGOOD b.1931 and ROGERS, Montell b.1925 m.1990 Travis Co., Texas, USA (U)
Charles Frederick BIDGOOD b.1917 and DAVIES, Annie b.1920 m.1943 (T031)
Charles Gregory BIDGOOD b.1902 and PARTON, Mary Elizabeth b.1908 m.1931 Queensland, Australia (T004)
Charles Henry BEDGGOOD b.1846 and SMITH, Rhoda Dorothy b.1850 m.1872 Foxhow, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Charles Henry BEDGGOOD b.1885 and GILES, Catherine b.1875 m.1914 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Charles Henry BEDGGOOD b.1857 and RATHBONE, Helena Alice b.1857 m.1882 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T003)
Charles Henry BEDGOOD b.1874 and PAGE, Helen Augusta b.1877 m.1908 St Luke, Salford, Lancashire, England (T029)
Charles Henry BIDGOOD b.1895 and GOODCHILD, Dorothy Emily b.1896 m.1916 USA (T001)
Charles Henry BIDGOOD b.1911 and SANDOE, Vera Margaret b.1911 m.1932 St Pauls Church, Sheerness, Kent, England (T021)
Charles Henry BIDGOOD b.1885 and OSMOND, Lydia Jane b.1888 m. (T031)
Charles Henry BIDGOOD b.1860 and BELLETTE OR BELLETT, Edith Annie b.1862 m.1891 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (T036)
Charles Henry BIDGOOD b.1888 and DAVIES OR DAVIS, Louisa Gwendoline b.1890 m.1912 Glamorgan, S Wales (T046)
Charles Henry BITGOOD b.1851 and HOUGH, Alwilda Alice b.1852 m.1868 Orangeville, Barry Co., Michigan, USA (T005)
Charles Henry BITGOOD b.1848 and BARBER, Catherine Lydia b.1849 m.1875 Exeter, Washington Co., Rhode Island, USA (T005)
Charles Herbert BIDGOOD b. and MARTIN, Elizabeth Porter b. m. (U)
Charles Milton BEDGOOD b.1855 and LAYTON, Mary Francis b.1859 m.1878 Sandersville, Washington Co., Georgia, USA (T018)
Charles Milton BEDGOOD b.1855 and MARTIN, Nannie b.1860 m. (T018)
Charles Milton BEDGOOD b.1855 and JOINER, Elizabeth b.1855 m. (T018)
Charles Milton BEDGOOD b.1855 and VARNADOE, Joanna Georgia b.1860 m.1903 (T018)
Charles Newton BITGOOD b.1863 and WHIPPLE, Emma S. b.1872 m.1889 Voluntown, Windham, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Charles Norman BIDGOOD b.1914 and PATTERSON, Very Mary b.1915 m.1938 St John’s Church, Canton, Cardiff, Glamorganshire (T046)
Charles P. BITGOOD b.1838 and POTTER, Elizabeth A. b.1849 m. (T005)
Charles P. BITGOOD b.1838 and GARDINER, Harriet N. b.1840 m.1856 Rhode Island, USA (T005)
Charles S. BEDGOOD b.1920 and BARBER, Minnie H. b.1913 m. (T030)
Charles Thomas BIDGOOD b.1874 and RUTTLEY, Amelia b.1875 m.1907 Glamorgan, S Wales (T031)
Charles Vivian BEDGGOOD b. and LOVE, Beatrice b. m. (U)
Charles W. BITGOOD b. and BARKER, Jerusha A. b. m.1875 La Salle Co., Illinois, USA (U)
Charles West BIDGOOD b.1870 and YOUNG, Minnie McCoy b.1871 m.1871 Staunton, Virginia, USA (U)
Charles William BEDGOOD b.1820 and TIPPLE, Maria b.1828 m.1846 Castle Cary, Somerset, England (T002)
Charles William BIDGOOD b.1871 and JACKSON, Mary Elizabeth Catherine Rachel b.1874 m.1891 Middlesboro, Yorkshire, England (T032)
Charles William BIDGOOD b. and TAYLOR, Eliza b. m.1872 Plaistow, Essex, England (U)
Charles William BIDGOOD b.1825 and NICHOLS, Emma Ann b.1828 m. (U)
Charles William BIDGOOD b.1844 and HOUCHINS, Mary Jane b.1850 m.1869 Livingston, Illinois, USA (U)
Charles Worden BITGOOD b.1826 and WEAVER, Tacy Ann or Tazia b.1835 m.1853 Voluntown, Windham, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Charles Worden BITGOOD b.1826 and BENTLEY, Rebecca Elizabeth b.1847 m.1868 Voluntown, Windham, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Charles Young BIDGOOD b. and CARRINGTON, Mary Taylor b. m. (U)
Charlie Jordan BEDGOOD b.1898 and CARAWAY, Mattie b.1898 m.1917 Jefferson, Georgia, USA (T018)
Christopher BIDGOOD b.1708 and HOOKER, Mary b. m.1733 Taunton, Somerset, England (U)
Christopher (BIDGGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and GOLDING, Mary b. m.1756 St. Peter-Le-Poor, London, London, England (U)
Christopher Glen BIDGOOD b.1977 and WATSON, Amanda b.1983 m. (U)
Christopher Wayne BEDGOOD b.1974 and LUCAS, Deoborah L. b.1974 m.1995 Montgomery Co., Texas, USA (U)
Clarence E BEDGOOD b.1856 and ROBBINS, Clara Belle b.1857 m.1881 Rising Sun, Ohio, Indiana, USA (T008)
Clarence E. BEDGOOD b.1967 and GRIFFIN, Delores b.1963 m.1990 Williamson Co., Texas, USA (U)
Clarence Edgar BIDGOOD b.1906 and GREEN, Lilian Maud b.1908 m.1932 St Paul’s, Bluetown, Sheerness, Kent, England (T021)
Clarence Edward BEDGOOD b.1930 and WALLS, Donna Kaye b.1930 m. (U)
Clarence T. BITGOOD b.1871 and PHILLIPS, Emma b.1874 m.1901 Voluntown, Windham, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Claud BIDGOOD b.1903 and OCHILTREE, Elsie Pearl b.1898 m.1936 Victoria, Australia (T001)
Claude Curtis BEDGOOD b.1896 and JONES, Lillie Mae b.1893 m.1915 Alabama, USA (T018)
Claude Marshal BEDGOOD b.1932 and BRASIER, Mary Helen b.1935 m. Luling, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Clifford Reginald BIDGOOD b.1922 and BLACKMORE, Muriel Elizabeth b.1925 m.1942 Exeter Devon, England (T001)
Clifton Tabor BITGOOD b.1913 and BROWN, Bertha Mae b.1919 m.1942 Voluntown Twp, New London, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Clyde Herbert BIDGOOD b.1894 and BOESKE, Charlotte Amanda Rosette Martha b.1901 m. (T072)
Clyde Herbert BIDGOOD b.1894 and ASKE, Margaret L. b.1894 m. (T072)
Colin BEDGGOOD b.1935 and CHALLEN, Josie b.1953 m. (T003)
Colin BEDGGOOD b.1935 and MCCLEAN, Valerie Jean b.1941 m. (T003)
Colin BIDGOOD b.1903 and MOORE, Gladis b. m. (U)
Colin Thomas BIDGOOD b.1956 and PARRISH, Judith b.1956 m.1979 (T031)
Cornelius BIDGOOD b. and MILLS, Elizabeth b. m.1775 Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England (U)
Cornelius (BIDGOOD) BEDGOOD b.1833 and TRATT, Ellen b.1842 m.1860 Zion Chapel, Hambridge, Longport, Somersetshire, England (T002)
Cornelius Albert BEDGOOD b.1931 and QUATTLE, Johnny Ruth b. m.1955 Columbus, Georgia, USA (T018)
Craig BIDGOOD b.1970 and CAMPBELL, Jo b.1970 m. (U)
Craig Andrew BIDGOOD b.1967 and CAMPBELL, Joanne Lee b.1969 m. (T004)
Craig Wesley BIDGOOD b.1928 and COOK, Claudette C. b.1920 m. (T005)
Cranston BIDGOOD b. and METCALF, Charlotte b. m.1837 Bozrahville Cong. Ch., Bozrah, New London, Connecticut, USA (U)
Curtis Barnard BIDGOOD b.1937 and BERRY, Susan b.1940 m.1964 (T005)
Curtis Craig BIDGOOD b.1963 and DEAN, Deirdre Megan b.1967 m.1991 San Rafael, Marin Co., California, USA (T005)
Curtis Theodore BEDGOOD b.1900 and MEADOWS, Myrtie Odell b.1907 m.1923 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Curtis W. BIDGOOD b.1911 and PEARSON, Zola Catherine. b.1912 m.1934 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (T072)
Cyril A. BIDGOOD b.1925 and RANDLE, Rosaline B. b.1930 m.1950 Bridgwater, Somersetshire, England (U)
Cyril Erle BIDGOOD b.1933 and PUKALLUS, Maxene Fay b.1933 m.1962 Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Cyrus Louis BEDGOOD b.1815 and CRAWFORD, Elizabeth A. b.1819 m.1844 Sandersville, Washington Co., Georgia, USA (T018)
Cyrus Louis BEDGOOD b.1815 and VICKERS, Charlotte M. b.1815 m.1839 Washington Co., Georgia, USA (T018)


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