Husband N – R

The Marriage listings below display the  name of the husband, birth year, marriage year and place together with the maiden name of the wife and her birth year and the Tree Code. This should help find the marriage information for B__GOOD husbands married to unknown non-B__GOOD wives. Details of all these marriages have been published on TribalPages and World Connect.

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Husband’s Given Name(s) beginning with N – R:

Nathan BIDGOOD b. and PINCKBECK, Bridget b. m.1691 St Peter, Sudbury, Suffolk, England (U)
Nathan Prentice BITGOOD b.1871 and MCGUIRE, Mary Ann b.1868 m.1898 Voluntown, New London, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Neil BEDGGOOD b.1936 and ALEXANDER, Judith Anne b.1935 m. (T003)
Neil Cyril Cornelius BIDGOOD b.1919 and NELSON, Ethel Agnes b.1920 m.1943 (T012)
Neil Robert BEDGGOOD b.1962 and BENNETT, Donna b.1965 m. (T003)
Neville Edward BIDGOOD b.1900 and KIRK, Margaret b.1900 m. (T004)
Neville William BIDGOOD b.1939 and FULLER, Kay b.1949 m.1968 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Nicholas BEDGGOOD b.1691 and SHEPHERD, Ann b.1691 m.1721 Thornbury Gloucestershire England UK (U)
Nicholas BEDGGOOD b.1669 and ROBINSON, Elizabeth b.1677 m.1693 St Alban’s Hertfordshire, England (U)
Nicholas BEDGGOOD b. and MAGGS, Caroline b. m.1848 Gloucestershire, England (U)
Nicholas BEDGGOOD b.1730 and MURPHY, Mary b.1759 m.1769 (T003)
Nicholas BEDGOOD b.1778 and POBJOY, Ann b.1766 m.1793 Saint James, Bath, Somerset, England (U)
Nicholas BEDGOOD b.1841 and POBJOY, Ann b.1769 m.1793 St James, Bath, Somerset, England (U)
Nicholas BEDGOOD b. and WESTON, Mary b. m.1750 Saint George Mayfair, Westminster, London, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1740 and PALFREMAN, Susanna b. m.1768 Saint Petrock, Exeter, Devon, England (T001)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1768 and BOLLINS, Alice b.1791 m.1818 Enfield, Middlesex, England (T001)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1768 and WEST, Elizabeth b.1778 m.1797 Powderham, Devon, England (T001)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1707 and PALFREMAN, Elizabeth b.1707 m.1733 Saint David, Exeter, Devon, England (T001)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1818 and WEEKS, Elizabeth b.1823 m.1847 Plymouth, Devon, England (T020)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1833 and TAYLOR, Ann b.1833 m.1859 Devon, England (T028)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1798 and BRYANT, Fanny b.1803 m.1826 Saint Thomas The Apostle, Exeter, Devon, England (T028)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1676 and LOCK, Grace b. m.1793 Hockworthy, Devon (T070)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and HOW, Alice b. m.1606 St Margaret, Westminster, London, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and BAKER, Sarah b. m.1756 St James, Bristol, Gloucestershire (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1539 and WINTER, Johan b.1539 m. (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and CATFORD, Elizabeth b.1748 m.1773 Dulverton, Somersetshire, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and HARPER, Joan b. m.1607 Saint Sidwell, Exeter, Devon, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and SWEET, Joane b. m.1719 Willand, Devon, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and ROGERS, Elizbeth b. m.1633 Wonersh, Surrey, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and DABBES, Elizabeth b. m.1594 Saint Bride Fleet St., London, London, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b.1790 and TURNER, Mary b.1800 m.1815 Tavistock, Devon, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and ATWOOD, Jane b. m.1710 Berkeley, Gloucester, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and LANKESBURIE OR LANKESBURY, Jane b. m.1600 Saint Sidwell, Exeter, Devon, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and WINTER, Joan or Johan b. m.1564 Milverton, Somerset, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and WEST, Mary b. m.1737 Otterton, Devon, England (U)
Nicholas BIDGOOD b. and HOWE, Alice b. m.1606 Saint Margaret, Westminster, London, England (U)
Nicholas (BEDGEGOOD or BEDYGOOD) BEDGGOOD b.1691 and SHEPHEARD, Ann b.1700 m.1722 Thornbury, Gloucester, England (T003)
Nicholas (BEDGGOOD BEDGEGOOD) BEDGOOD b.1731 and MURPHY, Mary b.1759 m.1769 (T003)
Nicholas (BEDGOOD) BEDGGOOD b.1821 and CULLIMORE, Jane b.1827 m.1865 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T079)
Nicholas (BIDGGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and HOWELL, Ann b. m.1632 Winterbourne, Gloucestershire, England (U)
Nicholas (BODGOOD) BEDGOOD b.1778 and WELIEN, Anne b.1782 m.1812 Henbury, Gloucestershire, England (T079)
Nicholas Fyans BEDGGOOD b.1969 and TAKLE, Michelle b.1970 m. (T003)
Nicholas G. BEDGOOD b.1978 and PRICE, Roxanna G. b.1978 m.2000 Dallas, Texas, USA (U)
Nicholas George BIDGOOD b.1854 and GALE, Sarah Anne b.1854 m.1877 Devon, England (T001)
Nicholas James BIDGOOD b.1828 and FROST, Katherine E. b.1833 m.1853 Newton Abbot, Devon, England (T001)
Nicholas or Necolans BIDGOOD b.1606 and HILL, Mary b. m.1639 Holcombe Rogus, Devon (T077)
Nicholas Richard BIDGOOD b.1843 and OSBORNE, Elizabeth b.1844 m. Tavistock, Devon, England (T020)
Nigel Charles BIDGOOD b.1957 and NEEDHAM, Karen Jayne b.1959 m.1983 Registry Office, Sheffield. (T002)
Nigel Edward L. BEDGGOOD b.1941 and BROOMHEAD, Margaret b.1940 m. (T003)
Nigel Paul BIDGOOD b.1953 and BANDEEN, Karen F. b.1955 m.1988 London City, E London, England (U)
Noel BEDGGOOD b.1945 and BARBY, Judith Anne b.1950 m. (T003)
Noel Robert BIDGOOD b.1932 and EIBY, Margaret Mary b.1936 m.1958 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Norman BEDGGOOD b.1905 and TURNER, Edna b.1903 m.1933 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England (T003)
Norman BIDGOOD b.1908 and ESLICK, Phyllis M. b.1908 m. (T001)
Norman (HOLLAND) BEDGGOOD b.1926 and HOLLAND, Patricia Jo b.1922 m. (T003)
Norman Clive BIDGOOD b.1919 and MALONE OR MOLONE, Dorothy Gladys b.1923 m.1942 Victoria, Australia (T007)
Norman Eugene BEDGOOD b.1942 and LONG, Priscilla Oleta b.1941 m.1967 Louisiana, USA (T024)
Norman Frederick BIDGOOD b.1901 and JONES, Bertha Una b.1891 m.1926 (T035)
Norman Frederick BIDGOOD b.1901 and WAINWRIGHT, Elsie Violet b.1902 m. (T035)
Norman G. BEDGOOD b.1908 and SPEAR, Alice Pauline b. m. (T016)
Norris Elbert BIDGOOD b.1902 and COOK, Clara Sophronia b.1903 m.1927 Millard, Utah, USA (T005)
Norris Grant BIDGOOD b.1936 and CAHOON, Linda Mae b.1941 m.1957 Millard, Utah, USA (T005)
Norville Bruce BEDGOOD b.1952 and MCDONALD, M’Lisa Ann b.1954 m.1970 Flint, Mississippi, USA (T016)
Norville Richard BEDGOOD b.1905 and HALLEY, Ruth Ada b.1918 m. (T016)
Occie Allen BEDGOOD b.1892 and DOUGHTIE, Goldie Irene b.1905 m. (T057)
Oliver Chester BEDGOOD b.1904 and MEADOWS, Betty b.1905 m.1925 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Oliver Frank BIDGOOD b.1892 and HOCKING, Gwendaline Louise b.1900 m.1916 St Gabriel, Plymouth, Devon, England (T031)
Ollie V. BEDGOOD b.1916 and KERSEY, Mary Lou b.1915 m.1935 Emanuel Co., Georgia, USA (T018)
Ollie V. BEDGOOD b.1916 and KERSEY, Mary Lou b.1915 m. (U)
Oscar BEDGOOD b.1881 and HILL, Lula b.1881 m.1891 Butler, Alabama, USA (U)
Oscar Wilson BEDGOOD b.1912 and LINDSAY, Netta Catherine b.1900 m. (T016)
Oscar Wilson BEDGOOD b.1912 and TUCKER, Dossie M. b.1916 m.1973 Tyler Co., Texas, USA (T016)
Oscar Wilson BEDGOOD b.1912 and DAVIS, Margie Dale b.1913 m. (T016)
Owen M. BEDGOOD b. and PAXTON, Jennie b. m.1876 Adams Co., Illinois, USA (U)
Owen Percy Lee BIDGOOD b.1882 and ADAMS, Ethel Violet b.1881 m.1907 Exeter, Devon, England (T001)
Paora Wharekauri BEDGGOOD b. and WHIU, Ruiha b. m. (U)
Parker Robert BIDGOOD b. and MARTIN, Jane Amelia b. m. (U)
Paul BIDGOOD b.1957 and CROMARTY, Dawn b.1959 m. (T021)
Paul BIDGOOD b.1957 and BRUTON, Karin b.1960 m.1984 (T022)
Paul Charles BIDGOOD b.1957 and HAYES, Anna Caroline b.1967 m.1997 (U)
Paul Edward BITGOOD b.1904 and TORRY, Margaret b.1907 m.1930 (T005)
Paul Francis BIDGOOD b.1957 and PELLEGRINI, Patricia b.1958 m.1987 (T005)
Paul Robert BIDGOOD b. and BRINKWORTH, Linda Caroline b. m.1993 Bath, Somerset, England (U)
Pearl Oscar BEDGOOD b.1883 and WILSON, Sarah Sallie b.1882 m.1906 (T016)
Penuel BEDGOOD b.1810 and MACKEY, Rebecca B b.1811 m.1829 (U)
Percival BIDGOOD b.1923 and DOOLAN, Kathleen b.1925 m. (T010)
Percival Samuel BEDGGOOD b.1900 and KITCHINGMAN, Edith Hilda b.1904 m.1925 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Percival Stephen BIDGOOD b.1891 and DAVIDSON, Lilian F.M. b. m.1913 Surrey, England (T009)
Percy BIDGOOD b.1874 and CLARK, Elizabeth Ann b.1875 m.1896 Cornwall, England (T001)
Percy BIDGOOD b.1875 and MOSS, Florence Elizabeth b.1878 m.1904 (T022)
Percy BIDGOOD b. and CHAMPION, Maybelle b.1894 m.1904 W London, England (T030)
Percy BIDGOOD b.1906 and WESTAWAY, Clarice Winifred b.1912 m.1950 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T085)
Percy BIDGOOD b.1897 and MANDER, Kate M. b.1897 m.1929 Surrey, England (U)
Percy F. BIDGOOD b. and GARDNER, Alice M. b. m.1911 Willesden, Middlesex, England (U)
Percy Henry BIDGOOD b.1906 and WHITE, Alice. M. M. b.1910 m.1931 Devon, England (U)
Percy James Davies BIDGOOD b.1903 and DAVIES, Doreen Thelma b.1925 m. (T031)
Percy Lloyd BEDGGOOD b.1921 and POTTER, Caroline Cavell b.1919 m.1946 (T003)
Perry John BIDGOOD b. and FUDGE, Michelle Elaine b. m.1987 St Dunstans RC, Bristol Road, Keynsham, Somersetshire, England (U)
Perry Leroy BEDGOOD b.1905 and HENRY, Lollie Lorene b.1900 m.1935 Saltillo, Hopkins, Texas, USA (T018)
Peter BEDGGOOD b. and SMYTH, Ann b. m.1700 Thornbury, Gloucester, England (U)
Peter BEDGOOD b. and BENDALL, Sarah b. m.1706 Thornbury, Gloucester, England (U)
Peter BIDGOOD b.1885 and SMART, Louise or Laura b.1880 m. (T004)
Peter BIDGOOD b.1828 and GUNNER, Elizabeth b.1835 m.1853 St Johns PC, Waterloo, Central London, England (T004)
Peter BIDGOOD b.1859 and PIPE, Elizabeth Ann b.1863 m.1883 Plaistow, Essex, England (T004)
Peter BIDGOOD b.1940 and MARSHALL, Janet Constance b.1943 m.1968 Good Shepherd, Collier Row, Romford, Essex, England (T031)
Peter BIDGOOD b.1602 and TOOKER,TUCKER OR TOKER, Winifred b. m.1627 Maker (nr. Plymouth), Cornwall, England (U)
Peter BIDGOOD b. and CHUBBE, Anne b. m.1638 Tiverton, Devon, England (U)
Peter BIDGOOD b.1920 and STARLINGS, Eleanor b.1920 m. (U)
Peter A. BIDGOOD b.1938 and COMPTON, Veronica b.1940 m. (T009)
Peter Alan BEDGGOOD b.1954 and COLE, Judith May b.1956 m. (U)
Peter Cyril Gordon BIDGOOD b.1920 and BYERLEY, Doris Averil b.1923 m.1945 Daventry, England (T001)
Peter Daniel BIDGOOD b.1964 and HERBST, Jane b.1965 m. (U)
Peter Dominic BIDGOOD b.1959 and HART, Lorraine b.1961 m.1988 (T005)
Peter Francis BIDGOOD b. and BUTLER, Eunice Nellie Elizabeth b. m.1951 Mutley Plain Methodist, Plymouth, Devon, England (U)
Peter Henry BEDGGOOD b.1936 and KENNEDY, Helen Elizabeth b.1938 m.1961 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (U)
Peter Thomas BIDGOOD b.1961 and LEAMEN, Cheryl Isabel b.1961 m.1983 Toronto, Ontario, Canada (T002)
Philip BEDGOOD b. and SELL, Charlotte b. m.1870 Butler, Alabama, USA (U)
Philip BIDGOOD b. and CLAXTON OR CLACKSTON, Martha b. m.1761 Petty Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada (T006)
Philip BIDGOOD b. and WATTS, Mary Ann b.1750 m. (T006)
Philip BIDGOOD b. and RANDALL, Margaret b. m.1886 Masons Lodge, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA (U)
Phillip BIDGOOD b.1932 and PARSONS, Shirley b.1935 m.1954 Sheppey, Kent, England (T021)
Phillip BIDGOOD b.1750 and FROST, Tamar b. m.1771 Cullompton, Devon, England (T052)
Preston BEDGOOD b.1952 and GORDON, Carolyn b.1955 m. (T024)
Prior Filius BIDGOOD b.1831 and COCKRAM, Lucy Matilda Winter b.1839 m.1858 St.Marylebone, W.London, England (T021)
R.A. BEDGOOD b.1907 and BICKHAM, Opal b.1927 m. (U)
R.E. BEDGOOD b. and KING, Susan b. m.1877 Dooly, Georgia, USA (U)
R.L. BEDGOOD b. and METHVIN, Mamie Ione b. m.1915 Thomas Co., Georgia, USA (U)
Ralph B. BIDGOOD b.1895 and TIMMONS, Hallie Bernice b.1895 m.1915 Putnam Co., Indiana, USA (T072)
Ralph Lester BEDGOOD b.1919 and RAPPE, Marlene b.1933 m.1953 (T018)
Ralph M. BIDGOOD b.1879 and SARGENT, Minnie b.1878 m.1906 (T005)
Ralph Percival BIDGOOD b.1897 and WILLIAMS, Minnie b.1896 m.1926 Moss Side Baptist Church, Chorlton, Manchester (T002)
Randal BEDGOOD b.1950 and SHEARIN, Deborah Kay b.1955 m. (U)
Randall BEDGOOD b.1960 and GRAY, Sheri Ann b.1960 m. (T018)
Ray D. BEDGOOD b.1954 and SLYTER, Marla J. b.1965 m.1981 Harris Co., Texas, USA (U)
Ray D. BEDGOOD b.1954 and COLBY, Leslie C. b.1957 m.1973 Liberty Co., Texas, USA (U)
Ray D. BEDGOOD b.1954 and MICKELSON, Robin S. b.1962 m.1989 Montgomery Co., Texas, USA (U)
Raymond BEDGGOOD b.1947 and BEAN, Janice b.1947 m. (T003)
Raymond BEDGGOOD b.1947 and SUTTCLIFFE, Robin b.1946 m. (T003)
Raymond BIDGOOD b.1927 and WAY, Betty Ivy b.1930 m.1948 Christchurch, New Zealand (T009)
Raymond Edward BEDGGOOD b.1928 and MCKENOW, Margaret Grace b.1930 m. (T003)
Raymond Eugene BEDGOOD b.1922 and MARTINE, Ruth Irene b.1925 m.1948 Texas, USA (T018)
Raymond Eugene BEDGOOD b. and MARTINE, Ruth Irene b. m. (U)
Raymond Harold BEDGGOOD b.1912 and HOLLAND, Gladys Violet b.1913 m.1938 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Raymond J. BEDGOOD b.1920 and HALL, Erestine b. m. (T024)
Raymond James BEDGOOD b.1916 and KIRKLAND, Mary Eunice b.1920 m.1933 (T018)
Raymond James BEDGOOD b.1916 and KEMP, Marguerite Elizabeth b.1918 m.1937 (T018)
Raymond James BEDGOOD b.1916 and PRICE, Helen Janet b.1921 m.1940 (T018)
Raymond James BEDGOOD b.1916 and BARBEE, Vivian Edith b.1920 m.1942 Caruthersville, Missouri, USA (T018)
Raymond John BIDGOOD b.1923 and DARCH, Betty b.1924 m.1944 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T009)
Raymond John BIDGOOD b. and POSTHUMUS, Alvina Francis b. m. (U)
Raymond Leslie BEDGGOOD b.1954 and LOCKWOOD, Jennifer Lyn b.1955 m. (T003)
Raymond Stewart BIDGOOD b.1901 and STEELE, Ettus Pearl b.1899 m.1917 Putnam Co., Indiana, USA (U)
Raymond Wilson BEDGGOOD b.1899 and FERGUSON, Eleanor b.1900 m.1922 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Reginald BEDGOOD b.1923 and MARRS, Mary b.1925 m. (U)
Reginald BIDGOOD b.1924 and MAJOR, Noelene Alice b.1935 m.1951 (T004)
Reginald BIDGOOD b.1922 and LEE, Edna b.1925 m. (T035)
Reginald Gordon BIDGOOD b.1905 and PENWARN, Jo b.1910 m.1978 (T010)
Reginald Gordon BIDGOOD b.1905 and PENWARN, Joan b. m.1930 (T010)
Reginald Gordon BIDGOOD b. and HART, Ivy Beatrice Alexandra b. m.1928 St Mark, Plymouth, Devon, England (U)
Remington BITGOOD b.1758 and HUMPHRIES OR HUMPHRY, Affa or Effie b.1763 m.1785 Rupert, Bennington Co., Vermont, USA (T005)
Remington BITGOOD b.1813 and ALLEN, Mary Frances b.1827 m.1845 (T005)
Remington (BIDGOOD) BITGOOD b.1833 and HAWKINS, Julia b.1837 m.1857 (T005)
Rex BEDGGOOD b.1916 and JONES, Gladys Marion Nora b.1915 m.1940 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Ric. BIDGOOD b. and NOWLES, Jane b. m.1624 Exeter, Devon, England (U)
Richard BEDGGOOD b.1856 and THORNBURY, Ellen Maria b.1853 m.1884 Glamorgan, Tasmania, Australia (T003)
Richard BEDGOOD b.1812 and WHITFIELD, Elizabeth D. b.1804 m.1833 Washington, Georgia, USA (T018)
Richard BEDGOOD b.1950 and BOOTH, Kay b.1950 m. (T069)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1707 and HURWOOD, Mary b.1737 m.1758 Halberton, Devon, England (T007)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1615 and OSMOND, Florence b.1621 m.1646 Halberton, Devon (T007)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1707 and COOK, Alice b.1728 m.1749 Burlescombe, Devonshire, England (T007)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1758 and LANE, Mary b.1770 m.1791 Halberton, Devon, England (T007)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1615 and GROSSE OR GROSSE, Wilmot b.1617 m.1638 Halberton, Devon, England (T007)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1871 and VINNICOMBE, Mary Jane b.1871 m.1893 St George, Tiverton, Devon, England (T007)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1849 and GOLDING, Esther M. b.1858 m.1875 Primitive Methodist Chapel, Red Hill, South Australia (T012)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1791 and BARRETT OR BARRET, Ann or Anne b.1780 m.1811 Axbridge, Somerset, England (T012)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1758 and WILKINS, Hester (Esther) Mary b.1762 m.1790 (T012)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1679 and ELLIOTT, ELLET OR ELIOTT, Sarah b.1682 m.1707 Falls M.M., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, USA (T013)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1679 and ROBERTS, Hannah b.1683 m.1733 New Jersey, USA (T013)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1865 and NEWTON, Mary H. b.1867 m.1891 Durham, England (T020)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1862 and COOK, Mary E. b.1864 m.1883 (T020)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1720 and AXON, Charity b.1720 m.1742 Cullompton, Devon, England (T042)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1750 and MAUNDER, Mary b. m.1773 Cullompton, Devon, England (T042)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1720 and ANDREW, Sarah b. m.1742 Cullompton, Devon, England (T042)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1690 and SCOTT, Mary b.1894 m.1715 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England (T080)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and KITCHEN, Esther b. m. (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and STARKY, Gillian b. m.1602 North Petherton, Somerset, England (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1940 and STEINER, Ann b.1940 m. (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and WEST, Hannah b. m.1802 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, USA (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and SANDFORD, Mary b. m.1738 St Columb Major, Cornwall, England (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1930 and STEINER, Ann b.1930 m. (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1671 and WOODBURY, Agnes b.1671 m. (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and FALDOE, Marie b. m.1626 Saint Gregory By Saint Paul, London, London, England (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and ANDREW, Katherine (Catherine) b. m.1697 Saint George, Exeter, Devon (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and WOODBURY, Agnes b. m.1696 Halberton, Devon, England (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and BENNETT, Catherine b. m.1890 Hay, New South Wales, Australia (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and ANDREW, Catherine b. m. (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and SHEPPERD, Mary b. m.1771 Chewton Mendip, Somerset, England (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1672 and ANDREW, Catherine b.1670 m. (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and BENNETT, Sarah b. m.1668 Halberton, Devonshire (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and HODDER, Susannah b. m.1767 Uplyme, Devon, England (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1682 and ROBERTS, Mary Hannah b.1683 m.1699 Pennsauken, New Jersey, USA (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and RICHMAN, Elizabeth b. m.1784 Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and LATIMER, Elizabeth b. m.1884 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1713 and THOMAS, Joan b.1713 m.1738 Halberton, Devon, England (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b. and APLIN, Alice b. m.1679 Uffculme, Devon, England (U)
Richard BIDGOOD b.1764 and LEWIS, Hester b.1764 m.1789 Tiverton, Devon, England (U)
Richard (BEDGOOD) BEDGGOOD b.1810 and DIDDEN, Harriett or Harriet b.1819 m.1835 Saint Giles Cripplegate, London (T003)
Richard (BIDGEGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and LANCASTER, Catherine b. m.1567 North Petherton, Somerset (U)
Richard (BIGGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and LAWRENCE, Izabelle b. m.1596 Stogumber, Somersetshire (U)
Richard (BISGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and CRIBBLE, Joan b. m.1620 Stogumber, Somersetshire (U)
Richard Arthur BIDGOOD b.1879 and COVENEY, Mary Caroline Ethel Lucretia b.1888 m.1909 Methodist manse, Morphett Street, Adelaide, South Australia (T012)
Richard Aubrey BIDGOOD b.1891 and WESTPHAL, Helena J. M. b.1889 m.1913 Sydney, Australia (T025)
Richard Aubrey BIDGOOD b.1914 and SANDRIDGE, Levena Dora b.1915 m.1941 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (T025)
Richard Coe BEDGOOD b.1947 and GILBERT, Diane b.1947 m.1986 (T018)
Richard Edward BIDGOOD b.1910 and JEFFERY, Jean b.1912 m.1936 Cong. memorial Church, Newland, Victoria Harbour, South Australia (T012)
Richard Henry BIDGOOD b.1866 and TOLLICK, Elizabeth Ann b.1874 m.1900 Registry Office, Exeter, Devon, England (T026)
Richard John BIDGOOD b.1859 and LATHAM, Elizabeth b.1863 m.1884 Sydney, Australia (T025)
Richard John BIDGOOD b.1957 and MOHN, Judy b.1960 m.1995 Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA (T032)
Richard Lafayette BEDGOOD b.1856 and MCCORMACK, Martha Elena b.1866 m.1880 Escambia, Alabama, USA (T016)
Richard Quick BIDGOOD b.1932 and GREENAWAY, Margaret A. b.1938 m.1965 Cornwall, England (T001)
Richard Wesley BEDGOOD b.1950 and BRANDON, Rebecca R. b.1950 m.1970 (T069)
Richard Wesley BEDGOOD b.1950 and HUTCHERSON, Sandra b.1950 m. (T069)
Richard West BIDGOOD b. and LANGTHORNE OR LANGHORNE, Patsy Holladay b.1813 m.1834 Indian Fields, Nansemond Co., Virginia, USA (U)
Richmon A. BEDGOOD b. and PITTS, Elizabeth J. b. m.1867 Dooly, Georgia, USA (U)
Richmond Ashley BEDGOOD b.1847 and BROWN, Elizabeth Jane b.1841 m. (T030)
Richmond Ashley BEDGOOD b.1847 and CLEMENTS, Susan b.1850 m.1877 Dooly, Georgia, USA (T030)
Richmond Ashley Jr. BEDGOOD b.1887 and WILLIAMS, Lucille b.1894 m.1920 (T030)
Richmond Royal BEDGOOD b.1899 and DREW, Eula Estelle b.1904 m. (T030)
Robart BIDGOOD b. and GOSSA, Margarva b. m.1588 Bishops Nympton, Devon, England (U)
Robart (BYDGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and STOOKE, Avice b. m.1604 Huntsham, Devon, England (U)
Robert BEDGGOOD b.1790 and SMITH, Anne b.1790 m. (T003)
Robert BEDGGOOD b.1859 and DUFFIN, Henrietta b.1859 m.1886 West Nissouri, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada (T003)
Robert BEDGGOOD b.1956 and BARTLETT, Joyce b.1937 m. (T003)
Robert BEDGOOD b.1795 and BOWDEN, Mary b.1795 m.1824 Chudleigh, Devon, England (T007)
Robert BEDGOOD b.1939 and RAHN, Debra b.1940 m.1960 (U)
Robert BEDGOOD b. and SLIMBRIDG, Margaret b. m.1593 Thornbury, Gloucester, England (U)
Robert BEDGOOD b. and BIDGOOD, Elizabeth b. m. (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1820 and MORRISH, Jane b.1838 m.1886 Halberton, Devon, England (T007)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1874 and COGGINGS, Eliza Ann b.1875 m.1898 Devon, England (T007)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1820 and HURN, Sarah b.1817 m.1842 Tiverton, Devon, England (T007)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1776 and COOKE, Elizabeth b.1780 m.1807 Burrington, Devon, England (T009)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1831 and SAMS, Sarah Jane b.1835 m.1865 Clifton, Gloucestershire, England (T011)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1887 and COMER, Hilda May b.1898 m. (T031)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1790 and MERSON, Maria b.1791 m.1816 Sampford Peverell, Devon, England (T031)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1857 and MAINWARING, Ethel Eliza Ann b.1862 m.1884 Derby, Derbyshire, England (T038)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1690 and MELHUISH, Anne b. m.1737 Tiverton, Devon, England (T043)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and STEVENS, Elizabeth b. m.1719 Witheridge, Devon, England (T047)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1719 and REDFORD, Frances b. m.1744 Witheridge, Devon, England (T047)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and REEVES, Elizabeth b. m.1835 Saint Kerrian, Exeter, Devon, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and ARGUS, Thomasin b. m.1673 South Molton, Devon, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and REEVES, Elizabeth b. m.1759 Okehampton, Devon (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and TUCKER, Sarah b. m.1758 Thorverton, Devon, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and CHAPPINGTON, Elinor b. m.1668 South Molton, Devon, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and MANDERSON, Margaret b. m.1802 Plumstead, Kent (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1873 and COOK, Martha b.1873 m.1895 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1943 and BURT, Linda Cecilia Alexandra b.1949 m. (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1653 and KICH, Mary b.1650 m. (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and KICH, Maria. b. m.1674 Clyst St. George, Devon, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and JOHNS, Amy b. m.1718 Washfield, Devon, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and FARTHING, Ann b. m.1614 Huntsham, Devon, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and MILLER, Ann Margaret b. m.1958 St Michael, Twerton, Bath, Somersetshire, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1670 and BIDGOOD, Elizabeth b.1676 m. (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and GREGORY, Hannah b. m.1829 Saint James, Westminster, London, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and RANDALL, Rebeka b. m. (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b. and WHESTORN, Elizabeth b. m.1681 Morchard Bishop, Devon, England (U)
Robert BIDGOOD b.1930 and LEVINWORTH, Mary b.1930 m. (U)
Robert (BEDGOOD) BIDGOOD b.1821 and DRAKE, Mary Ann b.1822 m.1846 Willand, Devon, England (T031)
Robert (BIDGOOD) BEDGOOD b.1824 and DENTEY OR DENBY, Dorcas b.1825 m.1845 Parish Church Haselbury Plucknett, Somersetshire (T002)
Robert (BIDJOOD) BIDGOOD b. and PERCIVAL, Elsey b. m.1840 London, Ontario, Canada (U)
Robert (BYDGOOD) BIDGOOD b. and FARTHINGE OR FFARTHINGS, Alice b. m.1614 Huntsham, Devon (U)
Robert A. BEDGOOD b.1961 and BAMBURG, Janice F. b.1962 m.1981 Angelina Co., Texas, USA (U)
Robert Amos Treat BITGOOD b.1876 and PRENTIS, Grace Robinson b.1885 m.1907 New London, New London Co., Connecticut, USA (T005)
Robert C. BEDGOOD b.1951 and BEDGOOD, Betty J. b.1935 m.1973 Harrison, Texas, USA (U)
Robert Carl BEDGOOD b.1951 and AYERS, Laura Ellen b.1957 m.1980 New Braunfels, Texas, USA (U)
Robert Carl BEDGOOD b.1951 and LAVIGNE, Elizabeth A. b.1953 m.1973 Travis Co., Texas, USA (U)
Robert Charles BIDGOOD b.1883 and PIKE, Mildred Mary b.1893 m.1920 Devon, England (T001)
Robert Charles BIDGOOD b.1862 and BROWN, Mary Ann b.1863 m.1883 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T031)
Robert Charles BIDGOOD b. and HAYWOOD, Marjorie Lydia M. b. m.1956 St Paul, Forebridge, Stafford, Staffordshire, England (U)
Robert Deemer BEDGOOD b.1889 and HUSTON, Mamie P. b.1889 m.1910 Clay Co., Missouri, USA (T008)
Robert E. BITGOOD b. and DE SEVE, Marie M. b.1932 m. (U)
Robert E. BITGOOD b.1940 and KOVACIK, Helen b.1940 m. (T005)
Robert Edison BEDGGOOD b.1943 and AVERY, Sandra b.1945 m. (T003)
Robert Ellsworth BITGOOD b.1911 and GRIGGS, Gladys b.1915 m.1935 (T005)
Robert Ellsworth BITGOOD b.1911 and BURTON, Ruth b.1912 m.1935 (T005)
Robert Emmett BEDGOOD b.1917 and DEANGELES, Lena b.1916 m.1940 (T008)
Robert Floyd BIDGOOD b.1985 and DENOMME, Jeanette M. b.1985 m. (T005)
Robert Francis BEDGOOD b.1909 and BETHEA, Evelyn Lucille b.1909 m.1928 Magnolia, Pike Co., Mississippi, USA (T008)
Robert Franklin BIDGOOD b.1920 and HEINSKES, Jeanne Alice b.1925 m.1949 Hennepin, Minnesota, USA (U)
Robert Graham BIDGOOD b.1953 and DAVIES, Judith Eirfron b.1952 m.1972 Pontypridd, Glamorgan, S Wales (T031)
Robert Graham BIDGOOD b.1953 and REID, Catherine Donovan b.1950 m. (T031)
Robert Henry BIDGOOD b.1871 and BAKER, Isabelle Ellen b.1871 m.1895 Bethnal Green, London, England (T001)
Robert Henry BIDGOOD b.1845 and MILLER, Hannah b.1848 m.1871 London, England (T009)
Robert J. BEDGOOD b.1956 and JOHNSON, Cindy b.1954 m.1985 Harris Co., Texas, USA (U)
Robert Kenneth BIDGOOD b.1914 and ROY, Marie Madeline Blanche b.1917 m. (T011)
Robert Lee BEDGOOD b.1891 and LEE, Emma b.1896 m. (T030)
Robert Leonard BIDGOOD b.1901 and BREWSTER, Maisie C b.1905 m.1929 Hendon, Middlesex, England (T038)
Robert Milton BEDGOOD b.1965 and SMITH, Carron b.1970 m. (T008)
Robert Milton BIDGOOD b.1922 and VAN DER MOLEN, Florence Gertrude b.1921 m.1949 Cook, Illinois, USA (T072)
Robert Stewart BIDGOOD b.1928 and MORRIS, Emma Jean b.1968 m. (T072)
Robert T. BITGOOD b.1962 and STACK, Margaret Frances b.1956 m. (U)
Robert Thomas Edward BEDGGOOD b.1891 and FALLS, Edith Maude b.1897 m.1918 (T003)
Robert William BIDGOOD b.1904 and MAYNARD, Cecilia b.1910 m.1937 (T009)
Robert William BIDGOOD b.1904 and WHEELER, Helena Alice b.1903 m.1929 London, England (T009)
Robertus BIDGOOD b. and THOMAS, Elizabetha b. m.1618 Burlescombe, Devon (U)
Rodney BEDGGOOD b. and UNKNOWN, Stephanie b. m. (T003)
Rodney Charles BIDGOOD b.1949 and DUNN, Beverley May b.1952 m.1971 (T004)
Rodney Keith BEDGGOOD b.1965 and BURTON, Lisa Jane b.1968 m.1990 Heyfield, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Rodney Thomas BEDGGOOD b.2003 and UNKNOWN, Vivian b. m. (T003)
Roger BEDGOOD b.1963 and DUNN, Cynthia Lee b.1963 m. (T018)
Roger BIDGOOD b.1922 and WALSH, Jennie b.1925 m.1947 (T006)
Roger BIDGOOD b. and CERSE OR CARSE, Mary b. m.1671 Dulverton, Somersetshire, England (U)
Roger BIDGOOD b. and REED, Joane b. m.1655 Newton Saint Cyres, Devon, England (U)
Roger BIDGOOD b. and BOUDEN OR BOWDEN, Sara b. m.1634 South Molton, Devon, England (U)
Roger BIDGOOD b. and HARISH, Joan b. m.1663 North Petherton, Somerset, England (U)
Roger BIDGOOD b. and HALL, Mary b. m.1701 Saint Sidwell, Exeter, Devon, England (U)
Roger BIDGOOD b. and HOBS, Hellen b. m.1640 South Molton, Devon, England (U)
Roger E.H. BIDGOOD b.1930 and PENHALE, Kathleen F.J. b.1926 m.1950 Eton, Buckinghamshire, England (U)
Roger Edward BIDGOOD b.1939 and MOUNTJOY, Jane Kathleen Lilian b.1937 m.1960 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T001)
Roger Glenn BEDGOOD b.1955 and BEAL, Lori b.1958 m. (T024)
Roland BIDGOOD b.1889 and NORMAN, Alice K. b.1901 m.1912 England (T004)
Roland BIDGOOD b. and WILLIAMSON, Mary b. m. (U)
Roland Aubrey BIDGOOD b.1905 and WAGNER, Norah b.1910 m.1955 St Clement, Chorton, Lancashire, England (T020)
Roland William BIDGOOD b.1922 and MITCHELL, Phyllis E. G. b.1930 m.1952 Devon, England (T001)
Ron BIDGOOD b.1956 and TUBMAN, Julie b.1956 m. (T001)
Ronald Alan BIDGOOD b.1923 and MARKS, Elizabeth b.1929 m.1953 Yorkshire, England (T022)
Ronald Bruce BEDGGOOD b.1956 and FAITHFULL, Jennifer b.1960 m. (T003)
Ronald Colin BIDGOOD b.1930 and REIS, Dorothy Josephine b.1929 m.1956 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Ronald Delmar BIDGOOD b. and GRIFFIN, Nancy Marie b. m.1969 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (T015)
Ronald Earl BEDGOOD b.1961 and GRIMES, Laurie A. b.1961 m.1981 Tarrant Co., Texas, USA (U)
Ronald Franklin BEDGGOOD b.1945 and DOERR, Susan b.1945 m. (T003)
Ronald George BEDGOOD b.1922 and LOVETT, Edna Francis b.1925 m. (T014)
Ronald George BEDGOOD b.1922 and YOUNG, Lucille b.1925 m. (T014)
Ronald Henry BIDGOOD b.1920 and O’CONNOR, Gertrude May b.1923 m.1954 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T009)
Ronald W. BEDGOOD b.1960 and APPLEGATE, Cheryl Denise b.1961 m. (U)
Ronald Wayne BEDGOOD b.1964 and SANSOM, Michelle S b.1962 m.1988 Anderson Co., Texas, USA (U)
Ronnie BEDGOOD b.1961 and BEARD, Laura b.1965 m.1987 (T018)
Ronnie BEDGOOD b.1961 and WILKERSON, Betty Jane b.1957 m. (T018)
Ronnie BEDGOOD b.1983 and BYRD, Jamie b.1985 m. (T018)
Ross BIDGOOD b.1950 and KENDALL, Christine Bernadette b.1954 m. (T007)
Ross Anthony BIDGOOD b.1959 and ASHER, Susanne Lee b.1961 m. (T004)
Roston LeRoy BEDGOOD b.1878 and ANDERSON, Willie Mae b.1880 m.1900 Texas, USA (T018)
Roy BEDGGOOD b.1903 and HARRISON, Ethel May b.1905 m.1926 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Roy BEDGGOOD b.1903 and WISHART, Eileen b.1928 m.1947 (T003)
Royal Earl BITGOOD b.1912 and MINSON, Frances Allen b.1915 m.1937 First Baptist Church, New London, New London, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Rufus BEDGOOD b. and EDGE, Frances Emily b.1886 m.1903 Montgomery, Georgia, USA (T018)
Rufus BEDGOOD b.1882 and UNKNOWN, Frances E. b.1886 m.1904 Montgomery, Georgia, USA (T018)
Russell BIDGOOD b.1910 and MCCUBBIN, Sarah M. YOUNG b.1910 m.1938 (T001)
Russell Charles BIDGOOD b.1931 and CRANDELL, Margaret Dawn b.1934 m. (T004)
Russell Francis BEDGGOOD b.1946 and WOODILL, Lynette b.1952 m. (T003)
Russell Francis BEDGGOOD b.1946 and TIMMERMAN, Brenda b.1950 m. (T003)
Russell Francis BEDGGOOD b.1946 and WOODILL, Lynett b. m. (T003)
Russell Kinney or Kenneth BEDGOOD b.1867 and CURTIS, Caroline B. b.1870 m.1917 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (T008)
Russell L. BIDGOOD b.1902 and SMITH, Bessie Ann b.1902 m. (T072)
Russell Lester BIDGOOD b.1900 and SMITH, Bessie Ann b.1902 m. (U)
Russell Trevor BEDGGOOD b.1965 and POWELL, Stephanie Lee b.1968 m.1989 (U)
Rycharde BIDGOOD b. and SAUNDERS, Elyzabeth b. m.1629 Feniton, Devon, England (U)

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