Husband K – M

The Marriage listings below display the  name of the husband, birth year, marriage year and place together with the maiden name of the wife and her birth year and the Tree Code. This should help find the marriage information for B__GOOD husbands married to unknown non-B__GOOD wives. Details of all these marriages have been published on TribalPages and World Connect.

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For those with a Tree code e.g.(T001) go to Trees to link to the corresponding page where there is additional information including the Root Name, B__GOOD, Description, and Places.

Husband’s Given Name(s) beginning with K – M:

Karl BIDGOOD b.1970 and WHITTEN, Elizabeth b.1963 m.1989 Petty Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada (T006)
Keith BEDGGOOD b.1927 and CAMM, Mary Elaine b.1934 m.1954 (T003)
Keith BEDGGOOD b.1931 and GOMEZ, Delores b.1935 m. (T003)
Keith Kerr BEDGGOOD b.1939 and LAWSON, Lois Mary b.1936 m.1965 St John’s C of E, Canberra, Australia. (U)
Keith M. BIDGOOD b.1944 and ANNISS, Hazel Anne b. m.1966 Plymstock, Devon, England (U)
Keith Raymond BIDGOOD b.1926 and EASTWOOD, Sylvia b.1937 m.1956 Yorkshire, England (T022)
Kenneth BEDGGOOD b.1936 and GALVIN, Stephenie b.1939 m. (T003)
Kenneth Eric BIDGOOD b.1963 and GERAGHTY, Barbara Dawn b.1965 m.1995 (T004)
Kenneth George Willis BIDGOOD b.1933 and WOOD, Vera Ann b.1934 m.1954 Keene United Church, Keene, Ontario, Canada (T015)
Kenneth James BEDGGOOD b.1949 and WARREN, Maureen b.1951 m. (T003)
Kenneth Leo BEDGGOOD b.1919 and SMITH, Elizabeth b.1924 m. (T003)
Kenneth Leo BEDGGOOD b.1919 and CHENEY, Sarah Ann b.1920 m. (T003)
Kenneth Leslie BIDGOOD b.1921 and LIGHTFOOT, Edith b.1921 m.1963 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Kenneth Lester BEDGOOD b.1941 and RINER, Connie Diane b.1945 m. (T018)
Kenneth Lester BEDGOOD b.1941 and KNIGHT, Mary b.1945 m. (T018)
Kenneth Roy BEDGOOD b.1940 and DOWDEN, Lucille b.1945 m. (T024)
Kenneth W. BEDGOOD b.1959 and BEHAN, Phyllis M. b.1963 m.1978 Harrison Co., Texas, USA (U)
Kenny BITGOOD b.1925 and SKAGGS, Deborah A. b. m. (U)
Kevin BIDGOOD b.1965 and TOBIN, Sian b.1969 m. (U)
Kevin Ernest BIDGOOD b.1923 and SCHREYER, Melva Ruby b.1929 m.1946 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Kevin Jeffery BIDGOOD b.1959 and ASTON, Jacqui b.1960 m.1985 (T035)
Lafayette Jefferson BEDGOOD b.1880 and GUNTER, Rosa Lee, Rosilee, or Rosake b.1885 m.1903 Natchitoches, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Lance M BEDGOOD b.1941 and RAINES, Teddie L. b.1957 m.1975 (U)
Lance M. BEDGOOD b.1944 and BAILEY, Gladys B. b.1955 m.1970 Sabine Co., Texas, USA (U)
Lance M. BEDGOOD b.1944 and RAINES, Teddie L. b.1957 m.1975 Harris Co., Texas, USA (U)
Lance M. BEDGOOD b.1944 and HILL, Wanda L. b.1945 m.1987 Tyler Co., Texas, USA (U)
Lance Marshall BIDGOOD b.1944 and SCOTT, Sharon E. b.1945 m. (T016)
Larry Edward BEDGGOOD b.1956 and BAKER, Christine b.1960 m. (T003)
Larry Edward BEDGOOD b.1941 and HOGAN, Vickie Anne b.1942 m.1961 Linden, Mississippi, USA (T016)
Larry Scott BEDGOOD b.1962 and SIPES, Kelly Ann b.1965 m.1980 (T016)
Larry W. BEDGOOD b.1958 and KENNEDY, Cathy Lynette b.1960 m.1980 (U)
Laurence Cameron BEDGGOOD b.1901 and STANBRIDGE, Gladys b.1902 m.1940 (T003)
Laurence H. BITGOOD b.1925 and WILDOWSKY, Doris b.1925 m. (T005)
Lawrence BEDGOOD b.1890 and BIGG, Mildred Elizabeth b.1899 m. (U)
Lawrence Kirk BIDGOOD b.1971 and BIRCHALL, Tyree Joan b.1971 m.1995 Mt Pirongia, Hamilton, New Zealand (T009)
Lawson Young BEDGOOD b.1889 and HASTINGS, Mary Elafare b.1891 m.1925 Alabama, USA (T018)
Lee BEDGOOD b.1897 and BIDDINGER, Emma b.1900 m.1922 Bartholomew, Indiana, USA (U)
Lee BIDGOOD b.1884 and SMITH, Emily b.1885 m.1914 (U)
Leo Richard BEDGGOOD b.1910 and CAMPBELL, Winifred Joy b.1918 m.1941 (T003)
Leon Edgar BEDGOOD b.1894 and HALL, Mary Will b.1894 m.1915 Washington, Georgia, USA (T018)
Leonard Ashley BIDGOOD b.1920 and KNUTH, Dorothy b. m. (T004)
Leonard Edward BIDGOOD b.1909 and NUTTER, Majorie b.1918 m.1946 Whitegatre Baptis Church, Blackpool, Lancashire, England (T022)
Leonard Edward BIDGOOD b.1909 and LEE, Barbara b.1910 m. (T022)
Leonard J. BIDGOOD b.1941 and JOHNSON, Angela C. b.1947 m.1966 (T001)
LeRoy Dale BIDGOOD b.1932 and TOMFOHRDE, Verna Joyce b.1935 m.1958 1st Presbyterian Ch., Arpin, Wood Co., Wisconsin, USA (T005)
Leroy E. Franklin BEDGOOD b.1904 and PARKER, Euel Gertrude b.1906 m.1924 McLeod, Cass, Texas, USA (T018)
Leslie (Les) BEDGGOOD b.1930 and SCHMITT, Kath b.1934 m. (T003)
Leslie George BEDGGOOD b.1908 and JUDE, Edith b.1910 m.1934 (T003)
Leslie George BEDGGOOD b.1908 and WICKAM, Mary Isabelle b.1910 m.1976 (T003)
Leslie Gordon BEDGGOOD b.1898 and BELL, Betty b.1900 m.1935 Fulham, England (T003)
Leslie Russell BIDGOOD b.1957 and MILLS, Carol b.1959 m.1976 (T004)
Leslie Thomas BIDGOOD b.1917 and ROWE, Vera Grace b.1920 m.1936 St Thomas, Plymouth, Devon, England (U)
Leslie W. BEDGOOD b.1944 and PARKS, Suzanne b.1946 m.1981 Harris Co., Texas, USA (U)
Leslie W. BEDGOOD b.1944 and MYERS, Lavera K. b.1950 m.1985 Collin Co., Texas, USA (U)
Lester W. BITGOOD b.1915 and PARFETT, Florence Veronica b.1896 m. (T005)
Levi BIDGOOD b.1867 and BLATCHFORD, Amelia Grace b.1863 m.1890 Bodmin, Cornwall, England (T001)
Levi Zephaniah BEDGOOD b.1895 and ROBINSON, Beatrice Juanita b.1897 m.1915 Alabama, USA (T016)
Levi Zephniagh BEDGOOD b.1918 and PETERSON, Mary b.1935 m.1957 Carlton, Minnesota, USA (T016)
Levi Zephniagh BEDGOOD b.1918 and NOLAN OR NOLEN, Helen Valentine b.1920 m.1940 (T016)
Levi Zephniagh BEDGOOD b. and OLSON, Orraine Carol b. m.1967 Hennepin, Minnesota, USA (U)
Levi Zephniagh BEDGOOD b. and KELLY, Bridget M. b. m.1952 St Louis, Minnesota, USA (U)
Lewes BIDGOOD b. and LUCKIS OR LUCKYS, Ann b. m.1689 Cutcombe, Somersetshire, England (U)
Lewis BIDGOOD b.1800 and CRAWFORD, Eliza b.1800 m.1844 Ordinary’s Court, Washington Co., Georgia, USA (U)
Lewis Alfred BIDGOOD b.1876 and BEAVIS, Mary Eva b.1880 m.1901 Devon, England (T001)
Lindsay Cyril BIDGOOD b.1924 and MCNEILL, Norma b.1925 m. (T007)
Lindsay Walter BIDGOOD b.1959 and SCHEUERLE, Carolyn b.1961 m.1981 (T004)
Lionel F. M. BIDGOOD b.1916 and SANDERS, Merielle C. E. b.1919 m.1959 Devon, England (T001)
Lonnie Lafate BEDGOOD b.1936 and PELOTTO, Ruth b.1930 m.1954 Louisiana, USA (T024)
Lorenza W. BIDGOOD b.1957 and WILSON, Hellen R. b.1956 m.1986 Brazos Co., Texas, USA (U)
Lorenzo Dow BEDGOOD b.1820 and REDDICK, Sarah Ann b.1820 m.1840 Perquimans, North Carolina, USA (T072)
Lorenzo Dow BEDGOOD b.1820 and JOLLIFFE, Sarah C. b.1842 m.1858 Hancock, Indiana, USA (T072)
Louis BIDGOOD b.1879 and MOORE, Annie b.1891 m.1911 Res. James MOORE, Kersbrook, S. Australia (U)
Louis C. BEDGOOD b.1927 and WILKERSON, Faye D. b.1944 m.1974 Harrison Co., Texas, USA (U)
Louis Chester BEDGOOD b.1926 and STEWART, Marie b.1930 m.1947 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Louis Kendrick BEDGOOD b.1899 and COX, Sarah Elizabeth b.1900 m.1921 Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Alabama, USA (T017)
Lucius Taylor BITGOOD b.1848 and HAMBLEY, Helen A. b.1859 m.1883 Rhode Island, USA (T005)
Lucius Taylor BITGOOD b.1848 and NICHOLS, Henrietta Elizabeth b.1850 m.1876 Rhode Island, USA (T005)
Lucius Taylor BITGOOD b.1848 and BROWN, Sarah Ann b.1855 m.1878 (T005)
Luke BIDGOOD b.1843 and LEE, Elizabeth b.1848 m.1870 Petty Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada (T006)
Luke BIDGOOD b.1926 and CHAFE, Stella b.1931 m.1961 (T006)
Malcolm BIDGOOD b.1927 and FITCH, Daphne b.1930 m. (T042)
Marcus Douglas BEDGOOD b.1950 and MCLAMB, Rhonda b.1950 m.1976 (T069)
Marcus Lafayette BITGOOD b.1805 and EMERY OR EMORY, Almira or Elmira b.1809 m.1832 (T005)
Marcus Lafayette BITGOOD b.1835 and RABISTOW, Martha b.1845 m.1861 (T005)
Mark Alexander BIDGOOD b.1975 and CROFT, Jenny b.1975 m. (T001)
Mark D. BIDGOOD b. and IVENS, Jane b. m. (U)
Mark John BIDGOOD b.1962 and FOSTER, Tracey b. m.1996 Southdown Methodist Church, The Hollow, Bath, Somersetshire (U)
Mark John BIDGOOD b.1962 and MILLS, Caroline Anne b.1961 m. (U)
Mark W. BEDGOOD b.1956 and ALLEN, Tracey E. b.1958 m.1983 Dallas Co., Texas, USA (U)
Marshal Dillard BEDGOOD b.1907 and GUNTER, Cecile Leola b.1913 m.1929 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Martin BIDGOOD b.1608 and BURGE, Jane b. m.1632 Holcombe Rogus, Devon (T077)
Martin Arthur BIDGOOD b. and PICKERING, Caroline Jayne b. m.1984 Plymstock, Devon, England (U)
Martin B. or Martyn B. BIDGOOD b.1670 and SUTTON, Amy b. m.1696 (T070)
Martin Hinkley BITGOOD b.1816 and FLETCHER, Eliza Jane b.1836 m.1862 Voluntown, Windham Co., Connecticut, USA (T005)
Martin Paul BIDGOOD b.1955 and MARSHALL, Janet Lockhart b.1953 m. (T046)
Martyn James BIDGOOD b.1951 and JAMIESON, Margaret b.1945 m.1977 (T004)
Marvyn Virgil BIDGOOD b.1906 and RUTLEDGE, Vela Virgina b.1906 m. (T056)
Matine Joseph BEDGOOD b. and MORAN, Mary b. m. (U)
Matthew Henry BEDGOOD b.1850 and JOHNSON, Hannah b.1855 m.1883 St Clements, Salford, E Lancashire (T029)
Matthew Henry BEDGOOD b.1850 and BIGGS, Rhoda b.1862 m. (T029)
Maurice Albert BEDGGOOD b.1916 and BORCHARDT, Marjori b.1920 m. (T003)
Maurice Tijon BEDGGOOD b.1875 and JONES, Jane Ellen b.1883 m.1907 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Maurice Waddell BEDGOOD b.1921 and HARRIS, Walterine b.1925 m.1943 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Maxwell Gregory BIDGOOD b.1944 and MASON, Viviene Dorothy b.1946 m.1968 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Meldrum Howell BEDGOOD b.1884 and UNKNOWN, Cassie b.1895 m. (T018)
Melvin BEDGOOD b.1890 and EDGE, Katherine Elizabeth b.1895 m. (T065)
Melvyn James BIDGOOD b.1941 and THOMAS, Mary Hannah b.1943 m.1969 (T004)
Mervyn Graeme BEDGGOOD b.1948 and HALL, Valda b.1949 m. (T003)
Mervyn Leslie BIDGOOD b.1953 and CORNFORD, Patricia Colleen b.1955 m.1975 (T004)
Michael Charles BIDGOOD b.1954 and DAVIDSON, Paula b.1965 m.1991 Denton Co., Texas, USA (U)
Michael Charles BITGOOD b.1940 and KRESS, Joan F. b.1940 m. (T005)
Michael John BIDGOOD b.1948 and PAYNE, Linda b.1951 m.1972 Streatham, Surrey, England (T001)
Michael Joseph BITGOOD b.1956 and LECUNA, Maria Luisa b.1977 m.1998 (T005)
Michael Joseph BITGOOD b.1956 and EVANGELISTI, Carol A. b.1958 m.1984 Harris, Texas, USA (T005)
Michael Robert BIDGOOD b.1948 and RICHARDS, Rita b.1959 m. (T031)
Myles Edward BEDGGOOD b.1950 and BUCKNELL, Sarah Eleanor b.1950 m.1972 (T003)
Myron Warren BEDGOOD b.1926 and CLEARE, Carla Jean b.1931 m. (T017)


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