Husband D – E

The Marriage listings below display the  name of the husband, birth year, marriage year and place together with the maiden name of the wife and her birth year and the Tree Code. This should help find the marriage information for B__GOOD husbands married to unknown non-B__GOOD wives. Details of all these marriages have been published on TribalPages and World Connect.

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For those with a Tree code e.g.(T001) go to Trees to link to the corresponding page where there is additional information including the Root Name, B__GOOD, Description, and Places.

Husband’s Given Name(s) beginning with D – E:

Daniel BEDGGOOD b.1815 and ROWE OR ROW, Eleanor or Ellen b.1811 m.1837 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England (T003)
Daniel Bradley BEDGOOD b.1973 and LITTLE, Shannon I. b.1970 m.1997 (T008)
Daniel Bruce BEDGGOOD b.1901 and KERR, Bonita Sarah Winfred b.1910 m.1933 St Marks C of E, Darling Point, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (U)
Daniel Thomas BEDGGOOD b.1871 and CRISPIN, Mary Lavinia b. m.1896 Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia (U)
Danny BEDGOOD b.1950 and REGAN, Jeam Elaine b.1951 m. (T018)
Danny James Davies BIDGOOD b.1946 and BROMMAGE, Barbara Rose b.1948 m. (T031)
Darius Bradford BITGOOD b.1818 and FLETCHER, Mary Ellen b.1833 m.1850 Voluntown, New London, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Darren Anthony BIDGOOD b.1968 and O’LEARY, Joanne b.1970 m.1990 (T031)
Darryl A. BIDGOOD b. and BIDGOOD, Jayne E. b. m. (U)
Darryl Evan BIDGOOD b.1951 and GRAMENZ, Grace Emma Charlotte b.1950 m.1974 (T004)
Daryl BEDGGOOD b.1950 and BRENT, Joan b.1950 m. (T003)
Daryl BEDGGOOD b.1957 and COOKE, Deborah b.1960 m. (T003)
David BEDGGOOD b.1842 and MCKENZIE, Susannah b.1855 m. (T003)
David BEDGOOD b.1900 and KING, Donna Lee b.1900 m. (U)
David BIDGOOD b.1953 and THOMPSON, Pauline Elizabeth b.1952 m.1972 Fielding, New Zealand (T009)
David BIDGOOD b.1887 and PALMER, Mary A. b.1892 m.1913 Bradford, Yorkshire, England (T031)
David BIDGOOD b.1819 and MELHUISH, Jane b.1823 m.1846 Halberton, Devon, England (T031)
David BIDGOOD b.1842 and MCKENZIE, Susanah b.1855 m. (U)
David BIDGOOD b. and PALMER, Mary A. b. m.1913 Yorkshire, England (U)
David BITGOOD b.1814 and HUNT, Margaret b.1817 m.1832 New York, USA (T005)
David Duane BEDGOOD b.1944 and KING, Donna Dee b.1945 m.1970 Texas, USA (T018)
David Edgar BIDGOOD b.1924 and JONES, Ruth b.1922 m. (T046)
David Graeme BEDGGOOD b.1966 and DAWSON, Sharon b.1965 m. (T003)
David James BIDGOOD b.1948 and GIBBS, Lynette Margaret b.1945 m. (T009)
David James BIDGOOD b.1948 and BARRINGTON, Darlene Karen Henry b.1965 m.1987 Howick, Auckland, New Zealand (T009)
David John BEDGGOOD b.1941 and BEALE, Cheryl Patricia b.1948 m.1973 New Zealnd (T003)
David John BIDGOOD b.1960 and ROTAR, Roxeena Ivana b.1962 m.1985 (T004)
David John BIDGOOD b.1958 and LEE, Sharon b.1959 m.1983 (T031)
David John BIDGOOD b. and RUFF, Barbara Sandra b. m.1964 Bathavon, Somersetshire, England (U)
David Richard BEDGGOOD b.1942 and ANDERSON, Janet Lindsay b.1942 m.1968 (T003)
David Richard BEDGOOD b.1946 and DUNKEL, Connie Elaine b.1953 m.1971 Grand Blane, Mississippi, USA (T016)
David Royal BITGOOD b.1940 and DRUM, Kathleen Clair b.1940 m. (T005)
David William Thomas BIDGOOD b.1908 and ROSS, Helen Christina b.1910 m. (T004)
Dean BIDGOOD b.1969 and HAYWARD, Paula b.1960 m. (T006)
Delbert Jerome BIDGOOD b.1920 and BALK, Maria H. b.1911 m. (T067)
Delmar Henkle BIDGOOD b.1926 and TODD, Greta Deihl b.1925 m.1945 (T015)
Dennis Michael BEDGOOD b.1947 and GRAHAM, Deborah Jo b.1952 m.1971 Grand Blane, Mississippi, USA (T016)
Dennis Wayne BIDGOOD b.1947 and BRETT, Cheryl May b.1950 m.1968 Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Derek Martin BIDGOOD b.1930 and GOODYEAR, Audrey Miller b.1928 m.1953 Lincolnshire, England (T022)
Derek William BIDGOOD b.1934 and REYNOLDS, Joan b.1934 m.1956 Plymouth, Devon, England (T001)
Derick Wiremu BEDGGOOD b.1952 and ROSS, Pamela Jean b. m.1976 (T075)
Dexter Roy BEDGOOD b.1936 and WEST, Gloria Ann b.1950 m.1967 Evanston, Illinois, USA (U)
Donald BIDGOOD b.1930 and SMITH, Margery b.1930 m. (T021)
Donald Adrian BEDGGOOD b.1941 and MILLER, Brenda b.1945 m.1979 Warrow, England (T003)
Donald Arthur BIDGOOD b.1909 and CHARLES, Florence Mary b.1916 m.1940 Hove, W Sussex, England (T001)
Donald Edward Thomas BIDGOOD b.1932 and HANNAH, Dorothy Eleanor b.1933 m.1962 United Church, Halifax, C-anada (T002)
Donald Edward Thomas BIDGOOD b.1932 and ROGERS, JoAnn Faye b.1945 m.1973 Law Courts, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (T002)
Donald Edward Thomas BIDGOOD b.1932 and MILTON, Freda Mary b.1935 m.1960 Hartford, Huntingdon, England (T002)
Donald Franklin BEDGOOD b.1946 and ARNOLD, Carolyn Kay b.1948 m.1967 Lake City, Georgia, USA (T008)
Donald Harry BIDGOOD b.1893 and BUNYAN, Mary Elizabeth b.1896 m.1919 Middlesex, England (T035)
Donald W. BEDGOOD b.1952 and LOWE, Sylvia A. b.1952 m.1985 Harris Co., Texas, USA (U)
Douglas Owen BEDGGOOD b.1932 and FLETCHER, Ann Hilary b.1937 m.1958 (T003)
Duran Albert BEDGOOD b.1907 and BUFFORD, Effie Leola b.1913 m.1931 Thomaston, Upson, Georgia, USA (T018)
Ean Cornelius BIDGOOD b.1946 and COWARD, Elizabeth b.1950 m.1967 (T012)
Ean Cornelius BIDGOOD b.1946 and LI, Yang b. m.1989 (T012)
EARLE S BIDGOOD b.1911 and TUTTLE, Mildred b.1914 m. (U)
Ed Terrell BEDGOOD b.1917 and CARPENTER, Florene b.1919 m.1936 Winn, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Edgar Charnwood BEDGGOOD b.1911 and BRYANT, Marie Constance b.1915 m.1939 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Edgar Charnwood BEDGGOOD b.1911 and DRAPER, Faye Zelda b.1919 m. (T003)
Edgar Edison BEDGGOOD b.1912 and BENNY, Mary b.1915 m. (T003)
Edgar M. BEDGOOD b.1866 and LAMB, Theodosia Jane b.1872 m.1893 (T072)
Edgar O. BIDGOOD b.1945 and MULLINS, Audrey J. b.1950 m.1968 Bridgwater, Somersetshire, England (U)
Edgar Percy BIDGOOD b.1909 and SHEPPARD, Adeline b.1910 m. (U)
Edgar Thomas BIDGOOD b.1882 and GREER, Florence b.1885 m. (T025)
Edgar Thomas BIDGOOD b.1882 and GREER, Mary b.1885 m. (T025)
Edmund BIDGOOD b.1814 and FROST, Ann b.1821 m.1858 Burlescombe, Devonshire, England (T009)
Edmund BIDGOOD b.1814 and MARE, Agnes b.1820 m.1842 Morchard Bishop, Devon (T009)
Edmund BIDGOOD b.1819 and HILL, Mary Ann b.1830 m.1869 Bristol, Somersetshire, England (T012)
Edmund BIDGOOD b. and BODLEY, Ann b. m.1786 Crediton, Devon (U)
Edmund BIDGOOD b.1760 and FRANCIS, Ann b.1764 m.1785 Crediton, Dovon, England (U)
Edmund James BITGOOD b.1850 and LEWIS, Mary Jane b.1857 m.1879 Colchester, New London Co., Connecticut, USA (T005)
Edmund Leigh BIDGOOD b.1903 and HARTY, Beryl Hamilton b.1911 m.1935 St Luke’s, Earls Court, London, England (T009)
Edward BEDGGOOD b.1935 and TULLOCK, Valerie b.1935 m. (T003)
Edward BEDGOOD b.1831 and STUART, Mary b.1839 m.1871 All Souls Ch., Kensington, Middlesex (T002)
Edward BEDGOOD b.1823 and MCNUFF OR MCNIFF OR MCANUFF, Bridget Badelia b.1820 m.1847 Scots Presbyterian Church, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (T002)
Edward BIDGOOD b.1957 and DEFILBY, Jaqueline b.1956 m. (T022)
Edward BIDGOOD b.1646 and ARELAND, Marian b. m.1676 Holcombe Rogus, Devon (T054)
Edward BIDGOOD b.1608 and TOMS, Elizabeth b.1610 m.1641 Wandsworth Common, Surrey, England (T081)
Edward BIDGOOD b. and BODLEY, Kateren b. m.1603 Saint Martin, Exeter, Devon, England (U)
Edward BIDGOOD b. and EADS, Sarah b. m.1709 Fitzhead, Somerset, England (U)
Edward BIDGOOD b. and DAGWORTHY, Mary b. m.1712 Woodbury, Devon, England (U)
Edward Allen BITGOOD b.1941 and GUSKO, Inge b.1945 m.1975 Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, USA (T005)
Edward Bertie BEDGGOOD b.1892 and MAXWELL, Clarice Ivy b.1896 m.1924 Sale, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Edward Charles BIDGOOD b.1929 and WESTWOO, Rita b.1934 m. (T021)
Edward Charles BIDGOOD b.1888 and PYETT, Florence Mary b.1888 m.1909 Lambeth, S London, England (T022)
Edward George BIDGOOD b.1909 and SANDFORD, Winifred May b.1909 m.1931 Exeter, Devon, England (T001)
Edward James F. BIDGOOD b.1866 and WATTS, Carrie b.1867 m.1896 Plymouth, Devon, England (T001)
Edward John Andrew BIDGOOD b.1903 and CORNISH, Ivy May Selina b.1903 m.1928 St Paul’s, Bluetown, Sheerness, I of Sheppey, Kent, England (T021)
Edward Leslie BIDGOOD b.1927 and LOWIEN, Betty Edith b.1938 m.1958 Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Edward Lovey (Ted) BEDGGOOD b.1899 and CRAIGIE, Vera b.1899 m.1922 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (U)
Edward Lovey, Lovers or Loney BEDGGOOD b.1845 and ARNOLD, Mary b. m.1875 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (T003)
Edward Samuel BEDGOOD b.1930 and BULLOCK, Ruby Marie b.1935 m.1978 Jonesboro, Jackson, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Edward Samuel BEDGOOD b.1930 and MCLEAN, Joyce b.1935 m. (T024)
Edward Shackell BEDGOOD b.1858 and MAHON, Julia A. b.1860 m.1880 St Kilius RC Church, Sandhurst, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia (T002)
Edward William BEDGOOD b.1886 and DOBBLE OR DOBBIE, Margaret Ruby b.1890 m.1907 Hawthorne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (T002)
Edwin BEDGGOOD b.1930 and FILBEY, Colleen b. m. (T003)
Edwin BIDGOOD b.1839 and HOWARD, Harriett b.1840 m.1859 Bradninch, Devon, England (T050)
Edwin Burnside BITGOOD b.1862 and LARKIN, Mary A. b.1873 m.1891 Rhode Island, USA (T005)
Edwin C. BEDGOOD b.1918 and JONES, Mildred b.1920 m. (T030)
Edwin George BEDGGOOD b.1910 and NEVILLE, Stella Amelia b.1916 m.1940 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Eli BEDGOOD b.1790 and POWELL, Mary b.1799 m.1819 Georgia, USA (T018)
Eli BEDGOOD b. and SHIRY, Sallie b. m.1884 Washington, Georgia, USA (U)
Eli BEDGOOD b. and WATSON, Martha Ann b. m.1893 Newton, Texas, USA (U)
Eli BIDGOOD b.1861 and HANDFORD, Julia Helen b.1869 m.1891 (T001)
Eli BIDGOOD b.1861 and WARD, Florence Harriet b.1867 m.1888 Fulham, W London, England (T001)
Eli Cyrus BEDGOOD b.1818 and JOINER, Elizabeth J. b.1819 m.1844 Riddleville, Washington Co., Georgia, USA (T018)
Eli George BIDGOOD b.1917 and HILL, Patricia Edith b.1924 m.1944 Chiseldon, Wiltshire, England (T001)
Eli George BIDGOOD b.1917 and MAGYAR, Roberta Ann b.1920 m. (T001)
Eli or Ely BEDGOOD b.1873 and HILL, Martha Ann b.1872 m.1893 Vernon, Louisiana, USA (T018)
Elias BEDGOOD b.1831 and LOVELOCK, Mary Jane b. m.1872 Queensland, Australia (T002)
Elias BEDGOOD b.1831 and BISHOP, Hannah b.1831 m.1852 Registry Office, Chard, Somersetshire (T002)
Elisha BITGOOD b.1801 and CHURCH, Betsey b.1805 m. (T005)
Elisha Rockwell BITGOOD b.1879 and CLARKE, Sarah Joanna b.1890 m. (T005)
Elisha Rockwell BITGOOD b.1879 and GIBSON, Blanche E. b.1892 m.1909 Voluntown, New London Co., Connecticut, USA (T005)
Ellsworth Marshall BITGOOD b.1880 and COLES, Daisy Lou b.1884 m.1903 Mystic, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Elmer BEDGGOOD b.1890 and QUARRINGTON, Edith b. m. (T003)
Elmer BEDGOOD b.1936 and NEWELL, Mickey N. b.1931 m.1988 Harrison Co., Texas, USA (U)
Emery BIDGOOD b.1849 and CLAY, Amy b.1851 m.1875 Ludlow Twp., Windsor Co., Vermont, USA (T005)
Ephinetus D BITGOOD b.1841 and OSGOOD, Harriet E. b.1845 m.1865 Orangeville, Barry Co., Michigan, USA (T005)
Eric Jesse BEDGGOOD b.1912 and ABRAHAM, Gertrude Ethel b.1920 m.1945 (T003)
Eric John BEDGGOOD b.1907 and MATTHEWS, Annie Gertrude b.1909 m.1930 (T003)
Eric John BEDGGOOD b.1865 and MATTHEWS, Living b.1900 m. (U)
Eric Leslie BEDGGOOD b.1912 and BRAY, Ivy Rosilda b. m.1938 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Eric Raymond BEDGGOOD b.1904 and CHAMBERS, Olive Susannah b.1907 m.1928 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Eric W.J. BIDGOOD b.1916 and WOLLEN, Betty Emily b.1919 m.1943 (T031)
Ernest BIDGOOD b.1890 and WILLIAMS, Eliza b.1892 m.1911 Devon, England (T007)
Ernest BIDGOOD b. and RIPPIN, Isabella Evelyn May b.1889 m.1914 New Zealand (U)
Ernest Albert BIDGOOD b.1877 and WHITE, Aurelia Margaret b.1878 m.1902 W London, England (U)
Ernest Alfred BIDGOOD b.1922 and FOLEY, Maureen Josephine b.1900 m. (T004)
Ernest Alfred BIDGOOD b.1863 and WILLIAMS, Alice b.1863 m.1892 West Ham, Essex, England (T028)
Ernest Arthur BIDGOOD b.1888 and LIVERTON, Ruby b.1890 m.1922 Barnstaple, Devon, England (T021)
Ernest Bob BIDGOOD b. and GREGORY, Alice Louisa May b. m.1935 Registry Office, Bath, Somersetshire, England (U)
Ernest Clement S. BEDGOOD b.1871 and WALKER, Catherine Bain b.1872 m.1898 Renfrew, Renfrewshire, Scotland (T002)
Ernest Eugene BEDGOOD b.1889 and POTTS, Ora Dell b.1899 m. (T008)
Ernest Eugene BEDGOOD b.1889 and STRUZICK, Bernice b.1888 m. (T008)
Ernest George BEDGGOOD b.1887 and BRAY, Mary Elizabeth b.1888 m.1908 Cambrian Hill, Victoria, Australia (T003)
Ernest Leslie BIDGOOD b.1907 and CHILDS, Hazel b.1911 m.1932 Gladstone, Queensland, Australia (T004)
Ernest William BEDGGOOD b.1876 and SMITH, Ethel May b.1888 m.1926 Victoria, Australia (T003)
Eugene H. BIDGOOD b.1881 and ALLEN, Sadie b.1888 m. (T005)
Eugene Worden BITGOOD b.1870 and KNIGHT, Martha C. b.1876 m.1891 Voluntown, Windham, Connecticut, USA (T005)
Everette Washington BEDGOOD b.1919 and BEAIRD, Margaret Lucille b.1918 m.1949 Delhi, Richland, Louisiana, USA (T024)
Evus R. BEDGOOD b.1910 and BEDGOOD, Agnes Wilcher b.1914 m. (T018)
Ezra BIDGOOD b.1695 and SHARLAND, Elizabeth b.1695 m.1718 (T009)


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