Choosing a DNA company

October 31, 2014

Read Lorna Henderson’s  excellent review of how to select a company that can carry out DNA testing and provide meaningful results.

A must read in the DNA Testing Page.


Are you missing special offers?

August 8, 2013

If you only visit B__GOOD Notes infrequently you may be missing out on posts containing details of special limited time offers. Avoid this by signing up using the box in the right hand collumn to receive your own Email with details of the latest post.

Search Assistant

July 15, 2012

Let Google Notes alert you to posts, mails, news, books for your designated subject(s), e.g. Bidgood Genealogy.

Well worth a try at:


Matching your Tree

October 10, 2011

To view Trees similar to your own go to NAMES and search for a few individuals from your Tree chosen for known birth dates preferably spaced 50 – 100 years apart. Matches indicate a similar Tree is posted on either WorldConnect or TribalPages and can be accessed by a name search.