FindmyPast and LostCousins temporary free access.

March 7, 2015

From noon (London time) on Friday 6th March until the same time on Monday 9th March you can access ALL of the historical records and newspaper articles at – whether they’re British, Irish, American, Canadian, or Australasian! A great opportunity to search for information from  specific sources. Access is free but you will have to register, no credit card needed. is also freely available from March 6 to midnight March 10. A good opportunity to see what this site can offer.

UK Wills and Probate Information- new service.

December 13, 2014

The new free UK Government website at:

allows year by year searching of the Index of Wills and Probate Records. Each record has the Probate date and location and the Death Date. A separate index for Soldier’s Wills has  the Regimental Number and Death Date. In either search an entry with surname only brings up all records with that name for the chosen year.

US Census Help

December 11, 2014

Barry Ewell  has an excellent series of Tutorials on using the US Census returns 1790 – 1940. Whether you are a Newbie or a more experienced researcher he has something for everyone.

Sampling the 17900 Tutorial I was intrigued at the USA map showing the location and population size of the main cities. Comparing it with the map for the 1870 Census really brought home the westward expansion.

Access these Tutorials at:

UK WW1 Service Records

December 5, 2014

A release of the Index of Records held by the Ministry of Defence (UK) contains eight large spreadsheets listing the Name, Service Number and Birth date for each service man born before 1901. They appear to be in order of birth date, so that finding B__GOOD entries involves resorting on the name field before scrolling down.

The eight spreadsheets start with: Attachment 1: service personnel indexed data for those with a date of birth date prior to 1901 and follow with Attachment 2 – 8 at:

FindMyPast Special Offer

November 17, 2014

Until midnight (local time) on Wednesday 19th November you can buy a 1 month Local subscription for just £1, $1, or 1€ – that’s a saving of about 90% on the usual price! You don’t need a discount code – just click the appropriate link below to jump to the relevant offer page:



US & Canada

Australia & New Zealand

Each local subscription covers all the records on FindMyPast for that area.

This news by courtesy of LostCousins who have a very informative news letter.

Genealogy Immigration/Migration: English Immigration

November 4, 2014

For an example of the excellent articles that Barry Ewell has on his website view:

The whole site is well worth exploring: he has something for everyone interested in Genealogy.

Choosing a DNA company

October 31, 2014

Read Lorna Henderson’s  excellent review of how to select a company that can carry out DNA testing and provide meaningful results.

A must read in the DNA Testing Page.


Family Tree Now

October 1, 2014

This new free site may be useful to anyone searching for  recent B__GOOD data in the USA. Despite the claim on the home page a quick search did not come up with many results before the 1940 Census. Searching was quick and could be restricted to a single state. To check it out go to:

Descendants wanted

September 5, 2014

Descendants of Abraham BIDGOOD & Joan DAWE:
I am interested in hearing from any descendants of Abraham BIDGOOD or Turner and Joan DAWE (

My particular interest, in addition to “meeting” relations, is to hear from any who may be interested enough in their ancestry to consider undertaking autosomal dna testing in the form of a FamilyFinder test from FamilyTree DNA.
A subsidy/free kit is available to a suitable candidate, where “suitable” is defined as someone who can prove their descent from Abraham and Joan (DAWE) BIDGOOD, and is in one of the older generations.
Although this is a BIDGOOD project, my interest is actually in the DAWE side, but our interests intersect at this family, and both the BIDGOOD and DAWE researchers can learn from such a test as each test adds information into the wonderful jigsaw of dna knowledge.

I’m trying to add more data to the picture of the DAWE segments of DNA on my DAWE page,
As you can see we already have a number of participants where matches have been detected between descendants of Joan’s siblings Isaac and William. Data from Joan would add to this picture.

FamilyFinder is a great DNA test when looking for relations within the last 4-6 generations max (although many have confirmed relationships detected back beyond 6 generations).
It tests the autosomal DNA (atDNA) we all inherit, randomly, from all of our ancestors.
This is unlike the specific Y-DNA tests which only males can take to learn about their direct male line only, ie father’s father’s father etc, or the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) that we all hold, but is only passed on by mothers to their children and tells you only about the direct maternal line, mother’s mother’s mother etc.
Those are only two of your many lines of inheritance. What about all the rest? Which is where atDNA comes in.

Because the inheritance pattern is random as to which bits of which ancestor makes it down the generations, once you get back to say 4th cousins, there’s only a 50% chance that a specific ancestor’s dna will have survived for comparison, so it’s the luck of the draw that a match can be detected via this means in distant cousins.

These sorts of dna tests are painless (no blood involved), done in your own home, may be as private as you wish (although too private negates the reason for testing, comparison with others to mutually explore shared ancestry), and have nothing to do with forensic or medical testing. There are a useful set of Q & As on the FamilyTree DNA FAQ pages (

To order without a subsidy, simply join the DAWE dna project by following this link
Contact me for further details,
Lorna Henderson
New Zealand


Forgot to add a link to the descendants of Abraham and Joan (DAWE) BIDGOOD that I know about:

UK Census on line.

July 16, 2014

GenesReunited have the Census returns 1841 – 2011 available at:

A search of the 1911 Census (England and Wales only) gave results:

BIDGOOD    784

BEDGOOD      48


BITGOOD        0