B__GOOD Letter #9

Subscribers 142       Issue #9     3 Mar 2013

From the Mailbag.

Lorna Henderson mentioned that The Master Genealogist (TMG) does allow error checking of GEDCOM data in a manner similar to BONKERS. Her website is well worth a visit for an idea of her many interests:  http://lornahen.blogspot.com/

Tracey Bidgood is seeking help in tracing George Herbert Bidgood born 23 Oct 1890 in Somerset, UK who died in Pennsylvania USA 22 Nov 1956. A search of the entire B__GOOD data found a probable match with Herbert George Bidgood b. Q4 1890, Clutton, 5c 489 in T032. It seems that he emigrated to the USA soon after the end of WW1 in which he served in the Merchant Navy.

Tracey also gave an interesting account of her life long problem of getting others to pronounce her surname as BIDGOOD and not BITGOOD. Especially in the NE USA where a “G” is often spoken as “T”. This may well have been the situation in the past since the variant BITGOOD seems to have originated in that area and then spread to other parts of the country.

Dee Notaro found a number of BIDGOODs in the cemetery records at Clinton, Clinton County, New York, USA: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~frgen/clinton/clinton/frontier.htm/.  A search on BIDGOOD found 10 references, there were no other B__GOOD names.Dee in working on her MARSHALL line has found they married into the BIGOD family in the twelth century. An example of the conquering Normans linking with the exisiting Anglo Saxon families. William MARSHALL born 1144 later went on to become 4th. Earl of Pembrokeshire with extensive land holdings in South Wales. Whether the BIGODs had B__GOOD descendants has not been established.

Erin Creswell in New Zealand provided information on Elizabeth Bidgood who married Thomas Chesswell 1798 in Bath, Somerset, UK. linking her to parents a William Bidgood and Jane Yeoland, and her siblings, all from the Plympton, Devon area. These individuals are in my data as unpublished names, can anyone help link them to an existing Tree?


In the bi-monthly update new Tree Pages have been added, and there are corresponding additions to World Connect and Tribal pages. There is also an addition to the Unpublished data section. See Site News for more details.

The recent Post “How DNA helped.” contains an interesting account of how DNA work helped solve an adoption problem in another line. A good example of how the use of DNA results are becoming increasingly valued in Genealogy.


B__GOOD Letter is a place for posting information about the B__GOOD Notes site and other Family History topics of B__GOOD interest. Subscribers are invited to contribute information about their own work and interests. To become a Subscriber send me an Email with your name, and a short description of your B__GOOD interests.

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