B__GOOD Letter #8

B__GOOD Letter

Subscribers 127       Issue #8      8 Jan 2013

2012 in Review

Interest in B__GOOD Notes continued with a total of over 6500 visits during the year, an average of 18 a day.  Home, Trees, T006, Site News and Names were the the most popular Pages. While most visitors were from USA, U.K and Australia were not far behind, and there were over 50 countries in all. This information is from a colorful and more detailed WordPress Annual Report

A usage survey of registered subscribers to B__GOOD Letter was made in the Spring. As a result publication of B__GOOD Notes is now once every two months with corresponding  updating of the data published on Tribal pages and World Connect.

From Email

Wendy Naylor who has BEDGGOOD interests and is now back in Australia. Her query about information on the “Washington Irving” an immigrant ship turned up new information. She also drew my attention to a site for information about Pioneer Settlers in Victoria, Australia.

To make contact with Wendy or any other person mentioned in these Letters send me a short Email describing your mutual interests. On receipt I will forward your Email.

Error Checking

Trying to keep errors from corrupting our data is an ongoing challenge. Some come from our own faulty transcription, and some from flawed data from other sources and while our software may try and alert us to an error it is easy to overlook or even disregard the message.

Let BONKERS help. This improbably named free facility accepts GEDCOM input and scans for a wide variety of possible errors chosen from a selectable list. The result is a printable list of errors by category e.g.

Persons Born After They Were Baptized

[I11631] George BEDGGOOD [1843-1913]

[I3596] Emmanuel BEDGOOD, (BIDGOOD) (1826-)

I ran BONKERS on my main data set of about 12,500 published Names with the following results:

Error Type                                                                           Total

Persons Born After They Were Baptized                       37

Persons Born After They Were Married                        30

Persons Born After Their Children                                47

Persons Born After They Died                                         14

Persons Born After Being Buried                                    5

Persons Born After They Were Baptized                       37

Persons Born After One Of Their Parents Died            101

Persons Born After One Of Their Parents Buried         43

Persons Baptized After Being Buried                               4

Persons Baptized After Being Married                             8

Persons Married After Being Buried                                4

Persons Baptized After They Died                                    4

Persons Married After They Died                                     18

Persons After Being Buried                                                18

Allowing for the same error appearing in more than one category this is an error rate of about 1 – 2%. This is not unexpected but does reveal the need for the type of checking that BONKERS provides. Using this information I have now commenced determining the source and where possible correcting each error. The corrected errors will appear in future updates of the published data. 

Last or Strayed

I have lost contact with the following people who have been registered subscribers to this Letter. If they read this or if you have had a recent contact with any of them please Email me with their Email address:

Bidgood , Bob
Dorr , Lorna
Bedgood , Carolyn
Dodge , Geoff
Freerfree , Tim
Gill , Caryl
Hills , Sara
Kerr , Jenny
Loughlin , Jim
Matherne , Carolyn
Mitchell , Joanathan
Pollard , Elaine
Rummy , A.C.
Russell , Sharon
Smith , Sue
Bullen Morten
Feldhahn Annette

B__GOOD Notes

In the bi-monthly update new Tree Pages have been added, and there are corresponding additions to World Connect and Tribal pages. There is a new addition to the Unpublished data section. See Site News for more details.

With over sixty six Trees published, there still remain a large number of small Trees (Branches, Twigs) which lack any known connection to the larger Trees.  These will be published at intervals of about two months starting with those which have the most individuals. Readers are asked to view these new entries from time to time to see if they can add to the published information, especially with new ancestors.


All good wishes for 2013 and how about making one of your New Year’s resolutions to run your own data through BONKERS.


B__GOOD Letter is a place for posting information about the B__GOOD Notes site and other Family History topics of B__GOOD interest. Subscribers are invited to contribute information about their own work and interests. To become a Subscriber send me an Email with your name, a short description of your B__GOOD interests.

                  Editor: Don Bidgood                    dbidgood@chebucto.ns.ca


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