B__GOOD Letter #7

B__GOOD Letter

Subscribers 144       Issue #7    11 Nov 2012

From Email

Jenny Kerr checked the proposed changes to T003 for Nicholas BEDGGOOD b. 1691 and family, she provided additional information on John BEDGGOOD b.1741

Elizabeth Lewis continues her work on T001 place names and indicated possible corrections to William EVANS and daughter Mary Louisa EVANS

Bob May shared his Tree for the descendants of James BEDGGOOD b. 1650 app which contained over 500 BEDGGOODs. These have been merged with the existing data for T003, resulting in new branches and twigs.

My thanks to you all.  You are helping to make the contents of the One-name Study more accurate and complete. Please keep up the good work.

I was able to responded to query from a Laura BEDGOOD as to probability that BEDGOODs are related to the BIGODs and the Carlovingian counts of Artois. In my view the French connection is unproven and unlikely.

B__GOOD Notes

In the bi-monthly update new Tree Pages have been added, and there are corresponding additions to World Connect and Tribal pages. There is a new addition to the Unpublished data section. See Site News for more details.

With over sixty Trees published, there still remain a large number of small Trees (Branches, Twigs) which lack any known connection to the larger Trees.  These will be published at intervals of about two months starting with those which have the most individuals. Readers are asked to view these new entries from time to time to see if they can add to the published information, especially with new ancestors.

Name                                  Published                                 Unpublished
BIDGOOD                          2900                                          9100

BEDGOOD                         1300                                           1600

BEDGGOOD                      1100                                            400

BITGOOD                          300                                             200

Much of this unpublished information is for isolated individuals with no known parents or children, or for small families with no ancestors. I would welcome comments and suggestions about how to handle the problem of publishing this type of fragmentary data.

Some queries:

Is it useful to publish this type of data?

If it is useful, what is a good way of publishing?

Where should it be published?


The move of B__GOOD Letter to a private Page in B__GOOD Notes did not arouse adverse comments, so it is retained. A short Email with the URL of the page and the current password will still go out to all subscribers every second month.

The summer months were notable for various web sites offering free access to data for limited periods. Some of these were posted in B__GOOD Notes but I am sure there were others which I missed. Please help by either sending me an Email when you find one of these offers, or better still post the information yourself in B__GOOD Notes. To do this open B__GOOD Notes, click on the Posts tab, and enter your new information in the “Comment” box at the bottom of the page.

As a new member of the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia I enjoyed a summer outing when two bus loads of members and friends visited several museums with archives of Family History interest. Short lectures were given by four speakers during the time on the road. The day culminated with an enjoyable meal in the timbered dining room of Pictou Lodge, a Nova Scotia Resort on the shores of the St Lawrence.


B__GOOD Letter is a place for posting information about the B__GOOD Notes site and other Family History topics of B__GOOD interest. Subscribers are invited to contribute information about their own work and interests.

                  Editor: Don Bidgood                    dbidgood@chebucto.ns.ca


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