B__GOOD Letter #6

B__GOOD Letter

 Subscribers 144       Issue #6    31 Aug 2012

From Email

Thanks to the work of Elizabeth Lewis tree T001 has additions and corrections.

Marilyn Hamill has done the same for her line T018. She notes that Tribal Pages still does not show multiple Marriages in the correct sequence.

Marilyn and Don Bedgood checked out the Beta version of the B__GOOD Notes Survey. For the results see below.

Cecile Kennedy and Dee Notaro are researching the family of John BEDGOOD b. 1672 app., Georgia, USA. There is a possible link to Thomas BIDGOOD whose family of Wandsworth, London, England is part of awell established but unpublished line.

Your editor responded to a query on Rootsweb for the ancestors of Florence Harriett BIDGOOD (T001).

Jenny Hossack provided new information on Caroline BIDGOOD b. 1820 app. and her children (T010).


The August update is complete including the published information on Tribal Pages and World Connect. There is a further installment of Unpublished Names (U011).  See B__GOOD Notes “Site News” for more details.

Survey Results

Many thanks to the thirty nine people who completed the survey. Your input is a great help. Here are the results:

Question 01     When do you visit B–GOOD Notes? Please choose the nearest period

Every few months 12
Infrequently 11
Monthly 9
Weekly 6
Daily 0

Question 02     Which of the main Pages do you view?

Regularly Infrequently
Home 9 9
Site News 21 5
Newbies 8 6
Posts 10 11
Places 5 8
Names 14 6
Trees 15 9
Marriage’s – husband 6 10
Marriage’s – wife 5 10
Roots 9 7
Projects 4 10
Testing 2 10
One-Name Study 9 6
Contact 2 10
Help 1 10

Question 03          Where do you access the published data?

WorldConnect 17
TribalPages 15

Question 04     Your preferred update frequency for the published data

Every month 14
Every two months 10
Every three months 10

Some of the suggestions and comments about B__GOOD Notes and the Survey, together with the Editor’s responses.

(Publish) maybe every month during the school year, with June as the sole summer issue — people are doing many other things & don’t have leisure to spend hours indoors at the computer! 
Not advisable, as a number of subscribers are located in the Southern Hemisphere where the seasons are reversed.

I’d connect and use AND contribute a hundred folks if you were on Face Book. 
For Facebook users there is a group “You can call me BEDGOOD” at:
where you could post data, corrections etc. for B__GOOD Notes.  The Editor is a member of this group and is notified of any new posting. As you have a large amount of data to share please contact the Editor by Email to find a better way of doing this.

Expand the DNA page.   
Agreed, at present I know of one BIDGOOD and one BEDGOOD DNA result

The frequency should probably reduce as the site matures.
Agreed, Commencing now the site will be updated and B__GOOD  Letter published every second month.



B__GOOD Letter has moved to a private Page in B__GOOD Notes. This is to help the Editor who was experiencing lay out and other difficulties with the old system using the Email. It also allows the insertion of tables and links. A short Email with the URL of the page and the current password will still go out to all subscribers every second month.


B__GOOD Letter is a place for posting information about the B__GOOD Notes site and other Family History topics of B__GOOD interest. Subscribers are invited to contribute information about their own work and interests.                                                                                                     


Don – Editor                                      dbidgood@chebucto.ns.ca


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