B__GOOD Letter #20


Responding to an Email query from Russell Hughes concerning his ancestors Fred Bidgood and Charlie & Mona Bidgood from New Salem, Indiana some detective work eventually identified them as Fred Ainsworth BIDGOOD (1898 – 1951), Charles Ainsworth BEDGOOD (1870 – 1946) and LeMona Belle LAMB (1878 – 1960). (T072).

Elizabeth Lewes has continued to supply new information for the BIDGOODs of Bridgwater. See below for more on this project.
She has helped with tracing back the BIDGOOD families of Newfoundland to a family in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England through Benjamin John BIDGOOD (1710? – 1759). He progressed from being an apprentice cooper to becoming a sucessful merchant who settled in Newfoundland.(T006)
Trish Willis going on holiday to Newfoundland is hoping to check on local sources for details of the Family History of the Newfoundland BIDGOODs.

AmberJane Bidgood in New Zealand received help with her own ancestry and added new information to Tree (T009)

Jan Kokrda in Nebraska, USA is looking for the parents of Elizabeth BIDGOOD who married James PRING in Cullompton 18 Dec 1809. A search of my data for an Cullompton Elizabeth b. about 1790 found at least three matches each with a different father in Trees (T042, T052, U).

Shannon Carpenter has shared the results of her research into the descendants of James BEDGOOD (1788? South Carolina – 1870? Alabama) who married ? PHENALY. Comparing and merging this data with Tree  was a formidable but rewarding task. (T024)

Cecile Bedgood in USA was asked for help in updating the family of John BEDGOOD (1852? – ) who married Martha (1852? – ) in Washington Co. (T030).

Diane Carmichael sent in an alternative spelling of a forename of Henry Cook(e) Bidgood (1805 – 1891). (T012)

Colin Ward found information about William John BIDGOOD (1848 – 1916) at the Freemason archive – London Museum. William John was the organist and musical director of the Freemason Nelson Lodge 700. Yet another musician in this family! (T027).

Barry Ewell’s March Newsletter has excellent aids for anyone researching American military records. To receive his free News letters sign up at: http://barrysblog.mygenshare.com/

My thanks to Elizabeth Lewis and Cecile Bedgood for their help in testing a possible Resource Survey of B-GOOD Notes supporters.

Terry Bidgood supplied corrections and additional information for Frank Alexander BIDGOOD father and son. (T004)


A Newfoundland – UK BIDGOOD connection.
New information for Benjamin John BIDGOOD (1710? – 1759) shows he was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England and apprenticed as a cooper, subsequently taking partnership shares in trade ventures with the Newfoundland fisheries. Some of these must have been successful for he later moved to Newfoundland establishing himself as cooper and merchant. . In 1741 he married Grace Tucker of West Teignmouth, Devonshire, England and had two sons who remained in England and one son Phillip who moved to Newfoundland and was later successfully involved with the fisheries.  Some of Phillip’s descendants moved into Canada and the USA, while others remain in St Johns to this day. (T006)
There is need for more detailed research on this interesting family both in Newfoundland but also for the English ancestors.

Bridgwater BIDGOOD families.
Reviewing the information on the Bridgwater BIDGOOD families I realized that while George BIDGOOD (1814? – 1883?), John BIDGOOD (1802? – 1876), and Thomas BIDGOOD (1807? – 1849?) are all recorded as born in Bridgwater; Joseph BIDGOOD (1811? – ) was born in Warminster, Wiltshire. This raises doubts as to whether they shared the same father. Lacking confirmation I have split the original (T051) into four parts: George BIDGOOD (T051), John Bidgood (T087), Thomas BIDGOOD (T086), and Joseph BIDGOOD (T062). A possible but unconfirmed father for some of these individuals is Richard BIDGOOD (1780? – 1839) who died in Bridgwater (U).
Other data has BIDGOODs living in Bridgwater before 1800. For example there is a 1557 will for a John BIDGOOD (BIGGOOD) of Bridgwater.
The next step would be a search of the Parish Records/Bishop’s Transcripts. If you have access to these please contact me.

Help Wanted.

Who was the father of Henry BIDGOOD (1804 – 1891) a cooper of Tiverton, Devon, England who married Maria VICARY (VICERY) in 1830? There are numerous Tiverton BIDGOOD families to choose from. (T085)

Ihaka Huirua BEDGGOOD (1930? – ) of New Zealand married Rahira (Raewyn) Murley FRANCIS in 1950. Who was Ihaka’s father? (T075)

Joseph Wesley BEDGOOD (1930 – 1993) of Halifax Co., North Carolina, USA married M. Ruth POTEAT can anyone supply information about his ancestors and descendants? (T069)

Add your requests for help by Emailing them to me at:
dbidgood @ chebucto.ns.ca (omit spaces)

Editor’s Notes.

The past three months have been busy not only with Family History but other unrelated things like laying a new vinyl tile floor in the kitchen. A needed complete update of B_GOOD Notes took longer than expected, but will result in updating being quicker in the future. So hopefully future updates will be more timely.

I have been using ancestry.com for work on the Bridgwater families but also for the maternal WILLIAMS side of my own line. Initially I took out a one month trial which soon extended itself. I was impressed by the complete coverage of the UK Census (1841 – 1910) with the data available either as transcripts or images. The transcripts appeared to be reasonably accurate, and the images could always be accessed to verify. For the modest cost of the one month subscription this was a bargain compared with other pay sources. I was less impressed with the B/M/D data which is similar to that available of the FreeBMD site though perhaps more complete. UK church records were limited in geographic coverage. Data for other countries appeared limited in amount and global coverage. I found the Search procedure unfamiliar and difficult to master.

If you would like to receive an Email notice of publication of these occasional News Letters and updating of B_GOOD Notes add your name to the circulation list by sending me: your Forename, Surname, Email Address, Country of Residence, Tree and Research Interest.

The next edition of B__GOOD Notes is scheduled for early in August 2015.


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    Dear Don,
    If you are getting into UK records, the free Lost Cousins website http://www.lostcousins.com has an excellent free newsletter with lots of tips!!

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