B__GOOD Letter #19


From New Zealand Elizabeth Lewis had reminded me that Bridgwater is in Somerset. Correcting my data I was surprised that there were many Unclassified BIDGOOD and variant entries for Bridgwater going back to the sixteenth century. A quick read on Wiki demonstrated that Bridgwater had a long history as a port and regional center, small wonder that it attracted B__GOODs. There is a need for more searching of the records to learn about these early families. Does anyone have a Bridgwater interest who would like to help with this?
Over Christmas Elizabeth shared with me her impressive photobook of her own family and ancestors. With the ability of the newer Family History programs to handle images this is perhaps a good time to digitize old photographs, so they can form a part of your Family History record in the future.

Alison Leedham wrote of her quest to find out what was a Trimming Seller  and a Manchester Warehouseman. She found that both were associated with the Manchester Cotton Trade. (T044).
Thank you Alison. It is difficult to realize that up to WW11 Manchester was the world leader for the manufacture of cotton goods and that thousands were employed in the city and the surrounding area. The raw cotton was imported from India and the USA, and the products exported world wide. After the war the new synthetics became the vogue and then the growing competition from India led to the virtual end of cotton manufacture in Manchester.

Colin Ward continued his in depth research into the musical BIDGOODs with information about the deaths of Anthony Bidgood, a son of Henry James Barnard (“Harry Bidgood aka Primo Scala”), and his wife Winifred. The information came from the recently opened Will & Probate UK Gov website. (T027)

This quarterly update has new additions to T001, T027 & T072.    There are no new Trees, all significant Trees are now published.

Did you miss the recent post that Findmypast was allowing free access to all historical records and newspaper articles from 6 – 9 March 2015? To avoid missing out on other time sensitive offers sign up in the right-hand column to receive a copy of each new post by E-mail. Also if you come across similar offers which may be of value to readers please share. Either Post the information on B__GOOD Notes or send me an Email.

The lists on the Places pages see little use by supporters or visitors. Updates will therefore be more infrequent in the future, and the Pages may be removed.


Where do we go from here?

The initial objective of publishing all the data from the B__GOOD One Name Study has been accomplished. However the Study is ongoing. As new information becomes available there will continue to be additions and corrections to the 84 existing trees, and even the addition of new Trees. The large amount of unsorted data published on WorldConnect and TribalPages will be reviewed.

B__GOOD Notes has been viewed over 23,000 times. Each visitor to the site looks at about three pages. Visitors were mainly from United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.  On the website B__GOOD Notes the lists on the Names and Marriages Pages are the most popular. The TribalPages site Bidgood Bedgood Bedggood and Bitgood has had over 750 visitors since Oct 2011, no information is available for WorldConnect. This suggests that the website and the data collected has continuing value to many people.

For a Family Historian the choice between  which of the various major sites to use is difficult. Each may offer access to a different range of data sources with the information presented in many different forms including transcripts, images, and lists. While it may be desirable to use more than one site the extended use of several pay sites like Findmypast is appreciable. There is also the problem of the time involved in learning to use a new site effectively. An additional difficulty is that most of these major sources use automated transcription methods which can and do results in undetected errors in the published data. In time these errors are slowly corrected using input from users who have the advantage of the knowledge that comes from an intensive study of a line. Meanwhile uncritical use of this defective data and its subsequent publication may cause difficulties for both the user and others.

B__GOOD Notes developed from my attempt to provide B__GOOD family history information which has the minimum of errors, by comparing data from different sources and wherever possible using the actual records or good quality micro film images. This is a fascinating, but laborious and slow process. More and more Family History data is becoming available on the Internet. Major sources such as ancestry.com, and Findmypast add new data at a rate which makes it impossible for any one person to keep up to date, especially for a One Name Study which is not limited to a single tree or branch.

With your help the B__GOOD work can continue and even expand. By adopting a tree or a branch you could keep an eye open for new information and assess its reliability before sharing your findings so they can be added to the B__GOOD data. The tree or branch you adopt might be your own line, or it might be a different line in perhaps in the same general location. Where two or more individuals are interested in adopting the same tree or branch there would be scope for collaboration. At present this is only an idea for the future but I would welcome your comments and suggestions.

Another objective for B__good Notes is to provide Posts with information, queries, comments and requests. This has partial success but more input from users would be very welcome.

Editor’s Notes:

My thanks to all who sent Christmas greetings and letters. I do enjoy reading them though it is not possible for me to reply personally to everyone.

The listed Supporters of B__GOOD Notes received advance warning of the problems reported with DNA in a special December Email update of B__GOOD News. If you would like to receive these occasional Email News Letters add your name to the circulation list by sending me: your Forename, Surname, Email Address, Country of Residence, Tree and Research Interest.

The next edition of B__GOOD News is scheduled for early in June 2015 along with the quarterly update of B__GOOD Notes and the published data on WorldConnect and TribalPages .

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