B__GOOD Letter #18



DNA Testing WARNINGS. Lorna Henderson and others have reported problems with some DNA test sites. See the page DNA Testing for her review and references to various sites giving informative information about DNA Testing and how to select the right type of test and organization to meet your needs.

Chic BIDGOOD is a retired Bush Pilot. A video with a song based on a poem he wrote and using video footage from his flights in the northern part of Canada is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvPHUJSonOs. He is a living member of Tree T011

Scott McGraw supplied information on the marriage in 1833 at Bridgwater, Gloucestershire of George BIDGOOD and Mary Brown. This resulted in an ongoing review of all BIDGOODs in my data files living in Bridgwater at that period. I also used the trial subscription to FindMyPast to see if they had additional Bridgwater BIDGOOD data for the period prior to 1835. At least for that area the coverage was sparse. Tree T051

Graham Porter supplied more information for my mother’s ancestry where my grandfather had musical interest and connections. Tree T002

Taking time off from holiday preparations Elizabeth Lewis responded to my request with copious information for the Ontario branch of Tree T001.

Responding to a request from me for help with the MASTERs family of Porlock, Devon, Alison Leedham also included details of BIDGOOD burials in the Abney Lane Cemetery, Stoke Newington, London. In this cemetery for dissenters from the established Church of England one burial was for Alexander Masters BIDGOOD (1799 – 1851) described as a “Trimmings Seller”. Tree T044.

Help Wanted.

Reviewing the Bridgwater BIDGOOD data I found that there were four separate families with children who were baptized in St. Marys Church between 1814 and 1838. It is possible that these families are related, so for convenience I have assumed that the four fathers are siblings.
I have not found confirmation of this in the form of birth/baptism records showing a common father. Please try a search in your favorite source and see if you can come up with anything for the parentage of:
Richard BIDGOOD (bef 1800) who married Elizabeth and had children Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Jane, Sarah Ann, and Thomas.

John BIDGOOD (bef. 1806) who married Ann and had children Thomas, Mary Ann, Eleanor, Eliza, George, and John William.

Joseph BIDGOOD (bef. 1817, Warminster, Wiltshire) who had children Henry, Alfred, George, Elizabeth, Edwin, Ellen, Jane, Joseph, and Susan.

Thomas BIDGOOD (bef. 1815) who married Mary and had children Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Jane, Sarah Ann, and Thomas.
My data for these families can be viewed in Tree T051 on Tribal Pages and World Connect. Please Email me with any additions and corrections.

Editor’s Notes.

DNA testing is very much in the news these days and there an increasing number of organizations offering testing services. At the same time there is a lack of standardization for the various tests offered so there are problems in determining which is the right test for your requirement and who to carry it out if you decide to go ahead. Not all tests or testers are equal so do check out available information. The DNA Testing page is a good starting point.

Supporters of B__GOOD Notes received advance warning of the problems reported with DNA in this edition. If you would like to receive these occasional News Letters add your name to the circulation list by sending me your Forename, Surname, Email Address, Country of Residence, Tree and Research Interest.


The next edition of B__GOOD Notes is scheduled for early in March 2015.


2 Responses to B__GOOD Letter #18

  1. Elizabeth Lewis says:

    Bridgwater is in Somerset not Gloucestershire. I lived in Bridgwater Somerset in the 1960’s and in Gloucestershire before that. I have lived in 6 English counties, as well as the above: Avon, Kent, Devon & Cornwall being the other 4. Elizabeth Lewis

    • Don Bidgood says:

      Thank you Elizabeth, I am relieved to find the published information on Tribal Pages and World Connect has Bridgwater in Somerset. B__GOOD Letter #18 is now correct.

      In the process of checking my Bridgwater data I am intrigued to find that I have BIDGOOD entries with some curious variant spellings going back to the sixteenth century. Most of these are “orphans” with no parents or children. But it does suggest that a search of the parish records and the Bishops transcripts for more early Bridgwater records could have interesting results. Don Bidgood.

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