B__GOOD Letter #16


Your Emails. 

Stan ANNISS updated T020 with information on Eileen Mary Bidgood (1917 – 2013) and her family.

An inquiry from Jay BENOIT for a distant relative of his wife resulted in a search on World Connect. This provided new information which together with existing data allowed the creation of a new tree (T084). The root person is Charles Ainsworth Bidgood (1870 – 1946) of Indiana, USA. Can anyone help establish a link from this new tree to any of the existing trees which feature Indiana, USA? 

From the Ontario birth registration list David EDWARDS supplied information on Florence Hester EDWARDS (1898 – ) a Canadian branch on Tree (T003). 

Still in Canada through the good offices of the Guild of One Name Study an obit reference in the Times colonist of Victoria British Columbia contained information on Jean Marie WOOD (1927 – ) a previously unknown sister of Sheila Nancy BIDGOOD (1 Dec 1922).  (T022) 

Continuing her well documented researches of the GULLY family Elizabeth LEWIS has provided verification and additions to the Canadian branch of Tree (T001). 

William Yotog BEDGOOD (1832? – 1866)  in Tree T018 is a distant ancestor of  Anna ROBINSON  who is seeking a source for possible “Melungeon” genes.  This could be the case if William Yotog or his ancestors were land owners  using slave labour to work the cotton  fields and assist in the house. Sex between master and slave was not unknown, any children resulting would be give the BEDGOOD surname. Genetic studies now indicate that  Melungeons include those with ancestors from Africa, the Mediterranean, South America and native American Indians. 

Corrections and additions were supplied from Ken CRESSWELL’S work on his own family and the related BIDGOODs of Plymouth, Devon, England. The root person is William BIDGOOD (1746? – 1798?). Uncategorized data (U). Can anyone help establish a link from this line to any of the existing trees which feature Devon or adjacent parts of England? 


 The use of gene analysis to determine ancestors’  geographic distribution is featured in a short video at: 


 N.B. This is a very long URL use copy/paste.

 Editor’s Notes

 The last three months have seen relatively little family history activity. It was only at the end of May that your editor became aware of one reason for this: a critical link to B__GOOD Letter #15 was missing in B__GOOD NOTES. The letter was actually published but was probably inaccessible to most of you. I wonder how many people spotted this omission? 

As requested the entries in the updated Marriages – Husband Pages  now start with the Wife’s given name and surname followed by birth date. This is similar to the sequence in Marriages – Wife Pages. 

The total number of views of B__GOOD Notes has now passed the 20, 000 mark. More significantly there are about 170 people with known B__GOOD interests in the Supporters List who receive Email notification of changes, updates and other site news. If you do not receive the Email edition of B__GOOD News and would like to be added to the list send me:

Surname,  Given name, Email address, and a brief description of your B__GOOD interests.

B__GOOD Letter is a place for posting information about the B__GOOD Notes site and other Family History topics of B__GOOD interest. You are invited to contribute information about your own work and interests by posting a comment below or sending me an Email.


Don – Editor                                      dbidgood@chebucto.ns.ca



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