B__GOOD Letter #15


I want to add a new page to B__GOOD Notes with the URLs for other B__GOOD sites and a brief description of their B__GOOD content.
If you think this is a good idea just send me an Email with your recommendations for sites to be included.  For example:

A new site for free UK Parish and Non Conformist Register searches.


Lois Bedggood reported that Ada Victoria Bedggood (1872 – 1874) (Tree T003) was very unlikely to be the wife of George James Bidgood. As a result George James is now  married to Elizabeth James in Q2 1892, Tiverton, 5b 756 (Tree T042)

David Edward’s ancestor Henry F. Edwards (1827 – 1906) came to Ontario, Canada in the early 1820s from England together with his wife Hester nee BEDGGOOD who was born in Tytherington, Gloucestershire in 1818. They are part of the large and well researched T003 Tree. David has found additional information about a granddaughter  Flossy EDWARDS (1898 – ?) who is now in Tree T003.

Editors Notes

Your Editor regrets the delay in getting out this edition of B__GOOD Notes and the associated updates.  Several competing demands on his time in the last few weeks were the cause.

An especial apology to Colin Ward for the delay in adding to B__GOOD Notes his very readable story of “THOMAS BIDGOOD and his MUSICAL GENES which can be found in the Histories section of T027. His Great Grandfather Thomas BIDGOOD (1858 – 1925) was a well known composer, conductor and teacher of music. Among his compositions is the march “Sons of the Brave”. As a result of his extended searches Colin has pieced together some fascinating information about this colourful character including a foiled attempted robbery and a bigamous relationship. Thomas BIDGOOD’s musical abilities were passed down to his sons, and appear to continue in their children.
In addition to Colin Ward’s History there is one by Don Bedgood in the Histories section of  T008. Don’s ancestors were associated with the early settlement along the Ohio River in southern USA.

Why not try writing an account of some of the interesting things you have found researching your ancestors and send it to me to add to B__GOOD Notes.

Are you running out of steam with your Family History research? Perhaps you are stalled by a brickwall, or have followed up all the more obvious branches in your Tree. For a change try exploring in greater depth an unusual occupation. For example one of my ancestors Humphrey Bedgood  (1793? – 1881) in T002 was a horsehair weaver working in his own home and walking 10 miles to a neighbouring town Castle Cary, Dorset to sell his wares to a wholesaler. Later he became a foreman in a factory established there using steam powered looms to weave horsehair. Horsehair was used for making wear resistant upholstery fabric. The hair came from the tails of horses, which were commonly used at the time for hauling carts, coaches and even early buses.  The factory still exists today.

The pending demise of WINXP is upon us. After April 8th Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for WINXP. This will result in an increasing the risk of attack by hackers. My server is threatening to cut off service if my continued use of WINXP allows malaware access. They have offered suggestions for alternative operating systems.. Their suggestions include WIN 7 and WIN 8 and the free open Operating System Ubuntu Linux.  http://www.ubuntu.com/desktopMaking the right choice may be a challenge if you want to ensure compatibility with your favorite Family History software. They also strongly recommend stopping the use of the Internet Explorer web browser after April 2014 when updates will cease.

Moving to a new system is quite a challenge and can be very time consuming since it involves re-installation of all the programs you use together with the associated data files. There is also the time it takes to become familiar with the operation of the new system. It helps to have two separate computer systems: one for day to day use with the existing system, while the other is having the new system installed and programs added.  Be sure to back up all data files before starting a system change, even better is to make a Mirror copy of your existing system with all files so that if necessary you can reinstall the system.  A suitable program is Macrium Reflect.     http://www.macrium.com


B__GOOD News is a place for posting information about the B__GOOD Notes site and other Family History topics of B__GOOD interest. You are invited to contribute information about your own work and interests by posting a comment below or sending me an Email.


Don Bidgood – Editor                                      dbidgood@chebucto.ns.ca


2 Responses to B__GOOD Letter #15

  1. Lois Bedggood says:

    Hi Don. I have moved to WIN7 and have had very few difficulties so far. I was advised against WIN8 as it has had extreme problems.
    Just thought I would let you know as all my family history programmes are working well (crossing fingers and etc.).
    Thank you for the latest newsletter and hope you are well.
    Regards Lois Bedggood in still very warm Australia

  2. Don Bidgood says:

    Thank you Lois. I am also moving to WIN7 from WINXP. So far without major problems, though it will take time to get used to the look and feel and there are still many programs to instal.
    Please keep me posted if you encounter any difficulties.
    Don in Dartmouth where winter is in retreat.

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