B__GOOD Letter #14


Family Tree Analyzer free software will check a GEDCOM for errors and also can display many different types of information, including maps.



Elizabeth Lewis has shared her Trees for John (Jack) Bidgood and Charles Eli Bidgood,.including new information from the 1921 Canadian census. The Trees are branches to North America from the main Tree with its origin in Kenton, Devon, England. (T001)

Cecile Bedgood  continues to supply  corrections and additional information for the Bedgoods of Georgia, USA. (T030). Does anyone know of a possible link to T018?

Colin Ward has found more information about the musician Albert Thomas Bidgood. He has shared data from the New Zealand Marriage and Death Certificates, and from a newspaper clipping  describing the opening of a new cinema in Christchurch New Zealand in 1915 with Albert conducting the orchestra. (T027)

Charles Bedgood shared data on recent Georgia Bedgoods. (T018).

Julie Salerno helped correct the records for Ann(e) Bedggood (1805-1871) and family. (T003)

Ken Cresswell has provided corrections and additions for the family of his Greatgrandfather Thomas Richard Marshall Cresswell whose Mother Elizabeth Bidgood was married to Thomas Cresswell 3 Feb 1798 in Bath, Somerset, England. So far Elizabeth’s ancestors are unknown, can anyone help? (U)

Lorna Henderson has a supplied additions and corrections for several Sarah Bidgood and Bedgood all without known ancestors. (U)

Laura Bedgood provided details of the recent descendants of James Bedggood (1868-1946) (T018)


Carol Loveday is seeking information about Elizabeth Bidgood who married Thomas Gamlin on 8 June 1785 at Tiverton, Devon. At present I have no  relatives for either Elizabeth or Thomas. For Elizabeth the main problem is that there were numerous Bidgood families in the Tiverton area at that time and Elizabeth is a common forename. If anyone has information that would help please share so that I can pass it on to Carol and add to the main data files.

BBC Radio Cornwall posted a comment seeking information for a Bidgood who died in WW1 on “RMS Royal Edward”. https://bandgood.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/ancestors-in-cornwall/#comment-304

If you want to contact any of the researchers

Editors Notes


This update of B__good Notes marks a change to publication every three months. So that the next edition will be published about 1 February 2014. The display on Tribal Pages and World Connect of the data is complete except for ongoing changes and omissions, so that there is less need for frequent publication. This will allow your editor more time to work on adding new data both from his own research and working with the increasing number of you who are willing to share your results.

New Posts will still be added to B__good Notes as they develop and those of you who have signed up for automatic e-mail notification will continue to be able to read these without waiting three months. This is essential if you wish to take advantage of some of the time limited offers.

Please help your editor to respond efficiently to queries by making sure that each name mentioned is given in full with the birth date and if known the birth place.

J. BLOGGS 1924?                                       Help

J. S. BLOGGS 1924                                    Good

John S. BLOGGS 2 May 1924                     Better

John S. BLOGGS 2 May 1924 New York    Best

Show if a baptismal (bap) date is used instead of the birth date, since the actual birth date may be weeks, months or in extreme cases years earlier.

Arthur ROBERTS 5 Jun 1863 (bap)

For married women please include their birth name if this is known since this is how they are record in my data.

Wilhelmina (BAKER) Bidgood 1824 (app).

All  good wishes for the holidays whether it is Summer for those in New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the Southern Hemisphere and for Winter for those of us in Europe, North America and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere.

Be with you again in Fenruary 2014.

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