B__GOOD Letter #12

Issue #12     3 Aug 2013

From Email

Nancy Silikin continuing her work with the Ontario Bedggood Records has supplied contact information for living Ontario BEDGGOODs (T003). She is now trying to locate a family bible which contains valuable information on the Family History of her ancestors.

Cecile Kennedy added a Post-em to correct the World Connect entry for Lennie BEDGOOD who married Tillman MOSELY and Jonie Elzie BEDGOOD who married Florrie NEW (T018). These changes have now been made in my master file and in the current updates for WorldConnect and Tribal Pages . Thank you Cecile.

Jenny Hossack has provided new information on the BIDGOODs of Padstow in Cornwall, England (T010) and their possible relationship with those of Cullompton, Devon. Cornwall in the nineteenth century was thriving, with mining for metals, shipbuilding and the fisheries, so that a number of BIDGOODs from Devon worked and in some cases settled there. Padstow at that time was a home port for the Newfoundland fishery.

Colin Ward is continuing his in depth research into his musician ancestor Thomas BIDGOOD who early in his career was a trumpeter in the prize winning band of the 4th Battalion of the Essex Volunteer Regiment which was recruited from the Beckton Gas, Light  & Coke Company where Thomas was employed (T027). These works brass bands were very popular at the time and they competed at the regional and national levels dressed in colourful and distinctive uniforms.

A query from Scott McGraw about the reliability of data of the FamilySearch site prompted the Editor to take a closer look. He was impressed by the display of the data which resulted from digital scanning of the original microfilm records, and the wealth of information in the Research Wiki.

Contact was restored with a distant cousin Carol Richardson resulting in the exchange of data (T002).

Donna Kerns is trying to find the father of William Boston BEDGOOD b. 1816 (U), can anyone help?.


Changes to B__GOOD Notes include a new page Names which brings together information on the place names for all the published Trees. The various U Pages have gone since all U(sorted) data is now available on WorldConnect and Tribal Pages. The August update is complete including the published information on Tribal Pages and World Connect.   See B__GOOD Notes Site News for more details.

No new Trees have been published since those that remain only contains smaller groups of families with common ancestry. These hardly rate as Trees, or even Branches, Twigs or Leaves might be a better description.


This is the second anniversary of the publication of B__good Notes. The two years have seen changes including those in the present edition. Perhaps the biggest change is that what started off as a blog is now a website.

The main aims of B__good Notes is to help people find and use the information from my One Name Study that is published on Tribal Pages and World Connect. The complete publication has taken two years. It started with individual trees which now total  eighty three and most recently with a large grab bag of material U(nsorted). Word of this has spread resulting in Views  by people in some sixty countries.

A second objective for B__good notes is to supply various tools which will help people use the published data in their family history research. The latest of these is the addition of a new page Places. This brings together place names from the published trees. Having the information on a single page makes it easier to search for a particular locality.

Another aim for the site has been to develop an up-to-date list of contacts for people with an active interest in the various B__ good names. This Supporters list has steadily expanded over the two years so that there are now some 160 entries. The contact information is verified every two months when the list is used to send out B__good Notes.

B__GOOD Notes tries to encourage collaborative research. To date this is mainly taken the form of one of the Supporters and your Editor working together on a project related to the interest of the Supporter. The number of these projects active at any one time has been increasing to the extent that Don is beginning to wonder how many balls he can keep juggled in the air. Ideally he would like to see his role concentrate on the publication of results rather than active research.

A One-Name Study should be as complete and accurate as is possible. By definition the study can never be complete, there will always be new births deaths and marriages to be recorded for living families, and new sources of data will become available, so it must be regarded as an ongoing and unending project.

Accuracy is a major challenge. Errors may be introduced at every level ranging from entering a date or name incorrectly in an official document such as a birth certificate, through transcription errors when days are from say a birth certificate is added to a birth index, and most recently when documents are scanned electronically and the results used to develop computable data files. Inevitably a One-Name Study will contain errors and omissions. It is therefore important that when you access the results for your own research in a particular data area and you come across errors or omissions please share your concerns with the editor so the corrections can be made.

The Posts in B__GOOD Notes record news of recent developments for our names. You can help make this more complete by sending information for new items either as Comment in the Post page, or in an Email to the Editor. Also please help the Editor by telling him if you find time limited items which are past their closing date.

Looking ahead a year, one thing is certain, there will be further changes to B__GOOD Notes.  Some of these are already at the planning stage, but new ideas are always welcome. Please help your Editor in any way you can, just as some of you have done in the past.



B__GOOD News is a place for posting information about the B__GOOD Notes site and other Family History topics of B__GOOD interest. You are invited to contribute information about your own work and interests by posting a comment below or sending me an Email.


Don Bidgood – Editor                                      dbidgood@chebucto.ns.ca

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