B__GOOD Letter #11

Issue #11     28 Jun 2013

From Email

Colin WARD supplied well documented corrections and additions to Thomas BIDGOOD (1858 – 1932) and his family, together with other parts of Tree T027. His efforts have revealed an intriguing story of a relationship between Thomas who was married using the assumed name of Thomas BARNARD  and a married woman Rosetta Ann CASSELDEN. This continued for several years and resulted in two sons registered at birth as BARNARD. Eventually the family changed to using BIDGOOD. Thomas BIDGOOD was a talented musician and composer who directed several different light orchestras, and composed many popular pieces which are still available today. His musical talents passed to his sons and continue in later generations.

A restored contact with Donna KERNS has resulted in finding new information about William Boston BEDGOOD (1816 – 1895?)  and his family. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, USA he latter moved to Missouri, and eventually to Kansas. He has a possible Pre-Revolutionary War ancestor in Cpt. Jeffery BEDGOOD  (1677 – 1757) a seafarer, merchant and committee man in Boston, who acted as one of the local Pilots for the ill fated 1711 Expedition to expel the French from Canada. This is unpublished work in progress, anyone interested in participating please contact me.

Donna also helped establish that an orphan John Charles BIDGOOD  (1854 – ) was identical with the same named person on T022 and that his wife was Caroline Sarah ISOM (1857? – )

Nancy SINYKIN queried  the relationship of Howard McKenzie BEDGGOOD (1885 -) and Georgianna BEDGGOOD (1882 -), they are cousins in Tree T003.   She has supplied new information about the early BEDGGOOD settlers in Ontario Canada from a publication “West Nissouri Township – 1818 – 2000, Our Heritage” by the West Nissouri Historical Society.

From Australia it was good to hear from Alan BEDGGOOD again after a period of several years when he was away from Family History. He is now anxious to catch up and would welcome contacts with others interested in his line.  You can contact him by sending a short Email through me.

He has already supplied information from his previous research, which has helped correct and add to this extensive Tree – T003.  He is now updating his elderly computer and software so he can better share information.


There have been extensive additions, and corrections to many published families in several Trees during the past two months past two months. Information on updates and changes to the various Trees is posted in Site News.

You may have noticed that the size of the newly published Trees is shrinking. This is the result of choosing to publish the larger trees first as found by Mud Creek’s GenViewer program. With about half the data published, the remaining unpublished data only contains smaller groups of families with common ancestry. These hardly rate as Trees, or even Branches, Twigs or Leaves might be a better description.
With time as more data is found it may be possible to unite these twigs with one or more of the main Trees. I would encourage anyone who is interested to see if their own line can be linked. A good way to start is to look at other Trees with your B__GOOD name present in the same time period and place as some of your ancestors. Please share your progress with us.

The June update is complete including the published information on Tribal Pages and World Connect. There is a further installment of Unpublished Names (U016).  See B__GOOD Notes “Site News” for more details.


A cautionary tale.

My second computer crashed and in the process played havoc with the external hard drive with both the last mirror back up and the previous one! The use of these would have allowed complete restoration in a matter of minutes.
As a result I had no choice but to go back to the WINXP SP2 on the original installation CD. Then router access had to be restored allowing update to full SP3 standard – a slow process. Programs were downloaded from their original sources and the  printer and scanner connections restored. Fortunately data files were intact as they are stored in the cloud with Dropbox. Even so this took several days to complete
My mirror back up procedure is now changed so that the latest mirror file is preserved on one external drive, and the previous mirror file is on a second external drive. So that in the event of a similar crash involving a computer and an external hard drive, the other external drive is available to restore the computer completely to the earlier state. This takes about 30 mins.
Fortunately my main computer was not effected and helped me deal with the regular flow of Emails, though adding and correcting B__GOOD Notes files with new information was delayed. Things are now more or less back to normal in time for this update.


B__GOOD Letter is a place for posting information about the B__GOOD Notes site and other Family History topics of B__GOOD interest. You are invited to contribute information about your own work and interests by posting a comment below or sending me an Email.


Don – Editor                                      dbidgood@chebucto.ns.ca


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