B__GOOD Letter #10

Subscribers 150      Issue #10     30 Apr 2013

From Email

Colin Ward supplied a wealth of well documented data for the line containing Thomas BIDGOOD (1858 – 1925). In his day Thomas was a well known composer, conductor and music teacher. Among his compositions is the march “Sons of the Brave” which was very popular in the early 1900’s. Later in life he emigrated to New Zealand where for many years he was a cinema manager. This interesting individual is in  Tree T027.

David Edward’s family came to Ontario, Canada in the early 1820s from England together with his wife Hester nee BEDGGOOD. Born in Tytherington, Gloucestershire in 1818 she is part of the large and well researched T003 Tree.

Don Bidgood found a cousin through GenesReunited. A sometime subscriber, he was embarrassed to find that several hundred messages had accumulated over the years.  While deleting these, his eye caught a reference from two years ago to a known relative, to which he had responded with promise of sending a GEDCOM of his Tree (T002). Having no recollection of doing this, he followed up and as a result is now in contact with the lady who has an active interest in her Family History.


The April update is complete including the published information on Tribal Pages and World Connect. There is a further installment of Unpublished Names (U015).  See B__GOOD Notes “Site News” for more details.

Sites visits to B__GOOD Notes are now over 14,000 for the past 22 months. That is an average of about 20 a day.


From time to time the Posts in B__GOOD Notes contains information on special offers of free access to data on some of the major websites. Two recent examples were: “Find My Past Free Search” which celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and “Free Search Origins.net” which for two days gave free access to London and Irish Burial records.

These offers are often for a limited period of time, which may vary from a few days to a few weeks. If you only read the Posts once every two months or more you will miss out on these often valuable offers.

Help is at hand: a new feature in the right hand margin of any Page in B__GOOD Notes allows you to get an instant Email with details of a new Post. Try it out, it works.

If you come across advance warning of offers of this type please consider sharing it by either Posting the information yourself in B__GOOD Notes or send it me by Email.


B__GOOD Letter is a place for posting information about the B__GOOD Notes site and other Family History topics of B__GOOD interest. You are invited to contribute information about your own work and interests.                                                                                                     


Don – Editor                                      dbidgood@chebucto.ns.ca


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