B__GOOD Letter #21

Project News     (For more details use the Tree link.)

Bridgewater updated. (T087)  
Newfoundland. (T006)  
Exeter – Rockbeare (T033)  
The BEDFORD branch (T034)
Cullompton families (T080)

Help Wanted

Who was the father of Henry BIDGOOD (1804 – 1891) a cooper of Tiverton, Devon, England who married Maria VICARY (VICERY) in 1830? There are numerous Tiverton BIDGOOD families to choose from. (T085)

Ihaka Huirua BEDGGOOD (1930? – ) of New Zealand married Rahira (Raewyn) Murley FRANCIS in 1950. Who was Ihaka’s father? (T075)

Joseph Wesley BEDGOOD (1930 – 1993) of Halifax Co., North Carolina, USA married M. Ruth POTEAT can anyone supply information about his ancestors and descendants? (T069)

Elizabeth BIDGOOD married James PRING in Cullompton, Devon, England 18 Dec 1809 can anyone supply information about her ancestors and descendants? (Unsorted data)

Add your requests for help by Emailing them to me at dbidgood @ chebucto.ns.ca (omit spaces)

Don Speak

What is the future for B_GOOD Notes? The site continues to attract about 300 viewers a month of whom some 100 will visit one or more of the pages. The most popular of these are Trees, Home, name & Names.

This suggests that people are finding ongoing value. Therefore new data in the One-Name will continue to be published from time to time, but the emphasis will shift to using the existing data to tackle specific projects either in collaboration with others or by myself. Some of these projects may arise from Email requests for help, but most will reflect ongoing research which I think will make best use of the available resources.

Updates will be published at intervals anticipated to be about every six months. B_GOOD News will provide notice of an update.

The past five months have been busy not only with Family History but other unrelated things like laying a new vinyl tile floor in the kitchen. A needed update of B_GOOD Notes took longer than expected.

I have been using findmypast for work on the Bridgwater families and for the maternal WILLIAMS side of my own line. Initially I took out a one month trial which soon extended itself. I was impressed by the complete coverage of the UK Census (1841 – 1910) with the data available either as transcripts or images. The transcripts appeared to be reasonably accurate, and the images could always be accessed to verify. For the modest cost of the one month subscription this was a bargain compared with other census pay sources. I was less impressed with the B/M/D data which is similar to that available of the FreeBMD site though perhaps more complete. UK church records were limited in geographic coverage. Data for other countries appeared limited in amount and global coverage. I found the Search procedure unfamiliar and difficult to master.

TribalPages have made some changes, one of which means that a search from their Home page does not locate any B_GOOD names! The same applies to a search from the Family Trees page. Only when you have navigated to the actual B_GOOD site BIDGOOD BEDGOOD BEDGGOOD and BITGOOD is the data available. They have been asked to correct this which is very unhelpful for a new user. Using the links in the various pages of B_GOOD Notes to Tribal Pages overcome this unwelcome problem.

WorldConnect’s search continues to find B_GOOD data.

My thanks to Ray BEDGOOD who found his surname featured on a street sign in Arabia, Georgia, USA:

If you would like to receive an Email notice of publication of these occasional News Letters and updating of B_GOOD Notes add your name to the circulation list by sending me your:
Forename, Surname, Email Address, Country of Residence, Tree and Research Interest.

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