Ann(e) BEDGGOOD 1805 – 1871

Irene Stingers says:
My name is Irene and this is my first post here so I hope I have composed this post correctly.
My Great grandmother was Ann Bedggood her father was James Bedggood (1745-1815) who married Ann Smith and they had a son Josiah.
The help I need is information on the Father and Mother of James (birth dates etc).
Thanks in advance (from Australia)

Don Bidgood says:
Good to hear from you.  You can find the parents of James BEDGGOOD (1745 – 1815) on TribalPages at:
They are part of a well researched line Tree T003.  There is more information about this Tree at:

Don Bidgood says:
A query: Could I please have the dates for your Great grandmother Ann Bedggood. I do not have an Ann in the children of James BEDGGOOD and Ann SMITH, but she might be a grandchild.

Irene Stingers says:
My Ann/e Bedggood is the daughter of Josiah Bedggood Birth 11 Mar 1783 in Thornbury, Gloucester, England Death 16 Jan 1857 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England who married Hannah Margaret Packer in 1804 in Rangeworthy, Gloucestershire, England. His parents were James Bedggood and Ann Smith.

Irene Stingers says:
Ann Bedggood (8 Dec.1805- 29 Jan 1871) was the daughter of Joshiah Bedggood (1783-1857) and Hannah Parker (1780-1864) she was born in Rangworthy, Glouchestershire.

I seemed to have missed a great which makes Ann my G-G grandmother.
Thank you for that information it was very helpful, now all I have to do is get past all these James.

Alan Bedggood says:
Irene, I am keen to learn of your Ann Bedggood – John Stone connection with Australia. I am aware that 7 of her siblings came to Australia, a cousin went to a New Zealand as a missionary (Bay of Islands) and this cousin’s brother went to Tasmania. I am descended from Ann’s younger brother George and also live in Victoria. It would be great to get in touch.

Irene Stingers says:
Ann Bedggood married John Stone in 1829 2 Feb Age: 23 in Rangeworthy, Gloucestershire, England.they had ten children one of which was my great grandfather William Bedggood Stone (he is my paternal great grandfather). Birth 1845 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. Arrival Sydney, New South Wales 5 Jun 1870 Age: 25.
Ann Bedggood is my second great grandmother on my paternal side.
What I find amazing is the next twist in this story, my fathers’ family (Stones) have never been to Victoria but my mothers’ family (Mcgraths) have lived in the Ballarat area (Newtown/Scarsdale) since the 1850s and I moved to Snake Valley (Ballarat area) in 1994, where I now live. When my father died I had his ashes brought here and he is now in the wall at Ballarat (New) Cemetery.
I would love to get in touch with you as I have only just found out about this side of my family. The Bedggood family are a blank canvas that I would dearly love to colour in. I’m not sure if my email address shows here or not it is .please feel free to email me.

2 Responses to Ann(e) BEDGGOOD 1805 – 1871

  1. Julie Salerno says:

    Hello I am also from the Stone – Bedggood line happy to give you my line, I come from John Stone and Ann Bedggood there son Charles Stone (who came out with the Bedggoods) and he Married Susan Emily Devine.

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