Who was Helen BEDGGOOD?

Jenny Kerrsays:

Hi Don
I am hoping you can put up the following post. Perhaps one of your readers may be able to enlighten me.
Kind regards
Jenny Kerr
from a soggy Australia

Mystery Mrs. Helen Bedggood, Zeehan, Tasmania 1902/4
While following up clues (various family stories which may or may not contain a kernel of truth) as to what happened to my great grandmother Elizabeth MARSHALL (nee THORNBURY) after she separated from her husband James MARSHALL who was in the Zeehan / Queenstown district in the early 1890s I came upon the following article from The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 – 1954) Monday 22 September 1902.

[By Electric Telegraph.]
ZEEHAN, September 21.
A four-roomed house, weatherboard, owned by Mrs. Bedggood, and occupied by Mr. Henry Marshall and family, in King street, was destroyed by fire last night about 11 o’clock. A small portion of the furniture was saved. The property is insured in the Phoenix Office. It is believed the fire was caused by clothes drying in front of the fire catching.”

I do not know if the Marshall in the story is related (Elizabeth’s eldest son was named Henry born 1875) but what also caught my attention was the reference to Mrs BEDGGOOD.

I am also descended from Joseph BEDGGOOD through my grandmother Edith Marshall (nee Gillies, granddaughter of Joseph Bedggood). Edith moved from the East Coast to the West Coast in the early 1890’s with her sisters and cousin Ellen THORNBURY (nee BEDGGOOD ). All other BEDGGOOD s descended from Joseph were living on the East Coast at this time. The only other Mrs. BEDGGOOD I am aware of in Tasmania at the time was Mary BEDGGOOD, widow of Edward Lovey BEDGGOOD (of the Bedggood Shoe Company died 1875) who lived in Hobart.

With the help of a correspondent I was able to ascertain that Mrs. Helen BEDGGOOD was the only BEDGGOOD in Zeehan at the time. Mrs Bedggood was also featured in ads in1904 selling a property “Queen Tram” in Zeehan.
I am hoping someone may have some idea who this mystery Mrs. Helen BEDGGOOD was.

  • Jenny,

    It may just be a coincidence but James Brown GILLIES (1835? – 1925) married Martha BEDGGOOD (1844? – 1902).
    They had daughters:
    Helen Margaret (1870 – 1944) married James Arthur WILLS (1867 – 1944)
    Edith Mary Ann (1882 – 1911) married Clarence Wilmot MARSHALL (1882 – 1911).

    I have no record of Helen Margaret marrying a BEDGGOOD but it is just possible that she did before the fire date of 1902.

    The above are all part of T003.

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