Help search for a USA cousin?

William BEDGOOD in Italy is interested in making contact with living BEDGOODs who are direct descendants of his Great Grandfather John Alvin BEDGOOD b. 16 Dec 1894, Arabi, Georgia, USA.

If you think you can help please leave a Comment to this Post.

2 Responses to Help search for a USA cousin?

  1. Aaron Charles Bedgood Sr says:

    Hi William,
    I’m Aaron Charles Bedgood Sr, Do you know who your GG Grandfather was.
    My father is Cornelius Albert, His father was Duran Albert, His father was William A,, His father was Charles Milton, his father was Cyrus Louis, His father was Samuel Franklin, whose father was John Bedgood from the Isle Of Wright, Virginia. John received a land grant here in Georgia for his serving in the Revolutionary War.
    My father has been to Arbia, Georgia to see the monument to your G Grandfather. Very nice! If you haven’t seen it, it is on the internet, Google “Bedgood” and look at the images.
    I know we are kin just can’t find the linage. Maybe we can help each other if you know some of your Great Grandfathers.
    Hope to here from you,

  2. Don Bidgood says:

    Aaron, your line is part of Tree 018, while William’s is part of Tree 030. To my knowledge it has not been established how these trees could link. The main difficulty is the parentage of Henry William BEDGOOD b. 1824 Washington Co., Georgia, USA. the root person for Tree 030.


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