Waimate, New Zealand early settler’s names – a problem.

Some time ago, Don Bedgood who has been helping me with B__GOOD Notes sent me an Email mentioning that he had found a Bedgood reference in Kaitaia, North Island, New Zealand.
In my recollection there were BEDGGOODs but not BEDGOOD at that location, checking my data confirmed this. On the other hand Google Maps found and located a BEDGOOD Park in that town.

Intrigued I sent off an Email to Elizabeth Freebairn asking her to do a quick search of the NZ records. She replied with three significant sources:
These show:  1839         Bedgood John         (Ship) “Patriot”         (Residence) Bay of Islands.

A search on Bedgood Waimate turned up a number of references. John T. Bedgood (1820 – 1900) came with his missionary father in 1836 to Bay of Islands. Also a reference to Martha E. Bedgood 1837 – 1907 born Waimate North Mission.
The above seems to prove that there were Bedgoods in Waimate North which is located about 40 kms. from Kaitaia.

A search for Bedgood births found Albert Henry Bedgood Registration Number 1874/1469 and Eliza Ann Bedgood 1871/1200. Without obtaining the birth records the parentage in unknown.

There is also information at:
Where we find a John BEDGGOOD died 1900, with a daughter Eliza Ann born 1871 died 1947 buried Waimate North.

It seems that there is a possibility that this John Bedggood and his daughter are in fact both of Bedgood surname, and that the Bedgood Park is so named in honour of either John or his missionary father.

I would welcome comments on the above, it raises some interesting questions.

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