BEDGGOOD additions

From Wendy Naylor.

Eric Leslie Bedggood was born Cambrian Hill in 1913 and died ( aged 89) on 25th January 2002 and was buried on 29th January at Cambrian Hill in the Buninyong cemetery near Ballarat.( There are 22 Bedggood’s buried in the Bunionyong Cemetery, which makes it the cemetery that is most populated by Bedggood’s anywhere in Australia., I think)
I just met his son, Terry Bedggood last Saturday for the first time, I didn’t know he even existed! Eric Leslie’s father Ernest George, who was also from Cambrian Hill, was born in 1887 and was buried on the 3rd February 1971 ( I don’t know exact date of death)

Edith Maud Bedggood’s maiden name was Falls (and her parents names were John and Sarah Falls )and her husband’s name was Robert Thomas Edward Bedgood. I see he is down on your list twice, once as “Robert Thomas Edward Bedggood 1891 to 1967 Stratford ” and also as “Thomas Edward Bedggood 1891 to 1967 Perry Bridge”
These are one and the same person, you see Bobby ( my grandfather, Robert Thomas Edward Bedggood) dad didn’t want him to be called Robert, but his mother DID, so because Charles Henry bedggood, the father was the one who went to register the birth, he put Thomas Edward, but his mother , Rhoda Dorothy Bedggood, wanted the name “Robert”, Robert he WAS all his life! This caused my parents no end of trouble when they were doing all the family history. (My mother was Lillian Betty Bedggood.)
So, Robert Thomas Edward Bedggood, ( aka “Bobby”) Bedggood was born on the 3rd March 1891 in Perry Bridge, and died on the 12th February 1967 at Point Lonsdale, Victoria.

We have two roads in Victoria that are named for the Bedggoods , one in Point Lonsdale and one in Cambrian Hill , both in Victoria.

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